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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to premiere as planned!!

I don't know about you guys but I was kind of pissed when I heard that Bravo was considering postponing the second season premiere of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because Taylor's ex husband had killed himself.  In my opinion, he agreed & was paid to do the show so blaming Bravo for his suicide is just ridiculous!  The man had 2 previous failed marriages, had anger issues, and from what I hear his business was also failing so whether or not being involved with the show had anything to do with his death, sure, it might have played a small role but it can't take all the blame.  It isn't like Andy Cohen killed Russel, he killed himself & honestly, I'd like to see the season & see just what was going on with him to lead to this.

This cast is my favorite so when I read this press release on PINTB today I was very pleased to learn that the season will premiere as scheduled on September 5th but PSA's on suicide will be running during the show which makes sense.  I just don't think it's right for people to think that Bravo is trying to capitalize on this man's suicide, the bottom line is that they filmed a show & they paid the people to be on it & it's going to air, period!  I also kind of felt that if they chose to postpone or cancel it that they would have been admitting some sort of blame or guilt when they shouldn't have to.  People kill themselves everyday but work & life go on without them...they didn't cancel SNL after Phil Hartman killed himself did they?  I'm just saying.
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It's Horoscope Day!!

Come on over to the Real Detroit Horoscopes & see what's in the stars for you!!
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Hot in Cleveland finale & more!

9:00 - Royal Pains, season finale (USA)
10:00 - Dark Matters, season premiere (Science)
           The Franchise, season finale (Showtime)
           Hot in Cleveland, season finale (TVLand)
           South Beach Tow, season finale (TruTV)
11:00 - Rake, season finale (DirecTV)

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pretty Little Finale

Tonight at 8:00 is the season 2 summer finale of Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family & I'm very excited.  Honestly though, I'm really getting sick of this whole A plot & what not...I would like for the girls to get on to a new mystery in the next season but I assume that's not going to happen.

There are some premieres on tonight as well & they are:

10:00 - Big Sexy, TLC 
           Chopped, Food Network
           Quirky, Sundance
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Monday, August 29, 2011

All of these premieres & I don't watch any of them?

8:00 - Basketball Wives LA, VH1
8:30 - Crave, Food Network
          Hoarders, A&E (finale)
          RuPaul's Drag U, Logo (finale)
10:00 - Carfellas, Discovery
           Design on a Dime, HGTV
           Ridiculousness, MTV
10:30 - Death Valley, MTV
11:00 - Cuff'd, MTV
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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Tonight, tune in to MTV at 9:00 for the 2011 Video Music Awards, hosted by nobody with all kinds of special guests like Jonah Hill & Seth Rogen & performances by Lady Gaga, Adele, Bruno Mars & a bunch of other people too. From 8 to 9 there is also a preshow red carpet whatever also on MTV that you can check out.

I'll be busy with True Blood & RHONJ so I'll have to DVR the awards to see a couple performances but that's about all I plan to watch of the show.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Almost cried watching Big Brother last night

So...did you guys see the double eviction episode of Big Brother last night?  I knew as soon as Jordan blew the HOH  competition that Jeff was a goner but it still upset me.  I really wanted Jeff to win this season, he's one of the best players the show has ever had & when he didn't win that POV I knew he was screwed.  I really hope that Jordan or Rachel win the next HOH & send Kalia home because I'm sick of looking at her. I'm sick of looking at Rachel & Porsche too but Kalia has just been getting on my nerves ever since she jumped on Daniele's coat tails.  You know who else needs to go?  Adam...he hasn't done a damn thing all season, he won 1 competition that he only won because Jeff threw it!  Anyway, I'm curious to see what last night's After Dark will bring to the ladies & Adam...I can't wait to get home & fire up the DVR!! 
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2 Finales tonight!

9:00 - Man vs. Wild season finale on Discovery
10:00 - Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings on IFC & Surviving the Cut on Discovery
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Real Detroit Horoscopes!!

It is that time of week for the kick ass Real Detroit Horoscopes...enjoy!!
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Just Desserts is back!!

I'm so excited for tonight's premiere of Top Chef: Just Desserts at 10:00 on Bravo!  My fat ass is super excited too :)
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Friday, August 19, 2011

And the HOH is...(spoiler alert)

Well, I was very happy with the outcome of Big Brother last night...obviously, thank God Brendan is gone, next step, Rachel though I'm worried that she won't get put out this week because, Jeff won HOH & he's not sure who to side with.  I assume he will put up Porsche & Adam but I could totally be wrong.  I know he wants to get rid of Rachel but I know he also wants to get rid of floaters & Khalia, Adam, and Porsche are all floaters who have just been riding on coat tails all season long & Porsche is by far the worst of them all.  She hasn't won anything, she hasn't attempted to win anything, all she does is eat, gain weight & host competitions & I'm sick of looking at her, I'd like to see her leave this week if Rachel doesn't.  

Can I just say how cute Shelly's daughter is?  I loved watching her get that call from home, and you could tell she couldn't have been more thrilled to receive it either.  I have to say also that her speech before voting was excellent, she is totally the mama figure in the house & I hope she stays a little longer...even though she has been playing all sides I think she needs to settle with Jeff & Jordan (not that she really has much of a choice now) & ride it out until she can't any longer.  Personally, I'd like the final 3 to be Jeff, Shelly & Daniele...Jeff is too cute not to make it to the end, Shelly is too caring to get the boot, and Daniele has really played the game well this season & even fixed her own mistakes so she deserves to be there for sure.

I'll be watching some BB After Dark this weekend so I can't wait to see what Jeff is thinking!
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

OK, if Brendon doesn't leave tonight I honestly WILL stop watching!

So, I already knew who was holding what when last night's Big Brother started but it was still a good episode.  I was very happy to see Shelly get a call from home because she really deserved it & the fact that Jordan gave it to her was too sweet.  Jordan in her humilitard is priceless, she actually looks adorable in it!

Now, if the house doesn't vote Brendon out I will lose my shit.Him & Rachel need to be separated, we all saw how horribly she plays the game alone so she would be pretty easy to pick off quickly as well but she's not a threat at all.  My only concern is that the number 1 threat this coming week will be Jeff & I don't want him to go home...ever, I need my eye candy & I enjoy his personality too but everyone else in the game is just a weak player.  I mean, Adam was so proud of himself but I'm sure if Jeff had wanted to win that cornhole game he could have but he was a nice guy & let Adam take it & he got 5K out of the deal too, whoop!

Speaking of Jeff, what the hell was with Rachel trying to get Daniele to back door Jeff?  Did she honestly think Dani would do that over putting her man up on the block?  As if!

We will find out the case tonight kids & I'm about 99% sure that Brendon is out of there & I hope Jeff or Jordan win HOH to keep Jeff safe, Jordan can go...she already won Big Brother.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DVR Slave & more?

Since I spend way more time writing for this blog than I do my other one I'm thinking about merging them together which means that this blog won't be 100% about TV...I will also post about celebrities lives (some of who star in TV shows) as well as about movies (with actors who may have been on TV shows) and I will post the Real Detroit Horoscopes weekly which have nothing to do with TV but happen to be some of the best horoscopes around!!  I hope you keep reading & enjoy what I'm sharing!!  You readers rock :)
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Say what you want, I'll always love me some Harold & Kumar!!

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Finales & premieres tonight

9:00 - Animals Say the Wildest Things premieres on Nat Geo Wild & Ton of Cash premieres on VH1
9:30 - State of Georgia season finale airs on ABC Family
10:00 - Legend Quest season finale on SyFy, Love in the Wild finale on NBC, Outrageous Kids Parties season premiere on TLC, Rocco's Dinner Party season finale in honor of Liza Minelli's 65th birthday on Bravo!
10:30 - Happily Divorced season finale on TVLand
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Monday, August 15, 2011

It's singles night on Bravo!

Tonight at 9 is the season premiere of Millionaire Matchmaker followed by the series premiere of Most Eligible Dallas, both on Bravo!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sex And The City back on the small screen?

According to this article on IMDB we are hearing words that Sex & The City might return to TV for a seventh season. SJP wants to produce this due to the mild response to the 2nd movie. This change would mean tossing the prequel movie that was in the works which I thought was a bad idea to begin with. Fingers crossed we'll get our ladies back for more TV fun!!

Tina Fey has another girl!

The adorable & very funny Tina Fey gave birth to her second daughter whom her & her husband Jeffrey named Penelope Athena. Penelope joins her 5 year old sister Alice as part of the Fay-Richmond family! Click here for the full article

Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm disappointed in Americans! Big Brother spoilers included.

Did you catch Big Brother last night?  I did & now...I hate this show!  I'm so pissed that America voted for freaking Brendan to get back in the house, why in the hell would he get votes from anyone but his family & friends?  Him & Rachel are a powerhouse & now are back together to take over the house again & I'm sure that Daniele was regretting her choice last night but not now because she's HOH so hopefully she can right some wrongs & won't team up with Rachel & Brendon now.  I can't stand Rachel & all of her crocodile tears nor can I stand how Brendon treats her like the 10 year old she behaves like & coddles her all the time because that just promotes the behavior.

I loved seeing Ragan & Matt last night but I have to say that I was a little disgusted that Ragan is friends with Rachel in real life now because he really dished it out to her last season & I loved it!  I recorded After Dark last night but won't get to watch it until Sunday which stinks because I want to know what the HOH competition was.  Today they have their have/have not competition & nominations so by tomorrow we'll have a clue about what Daniele is thinking this week.

If Rachel or Brendon win this game I might not be able to watch next season because this is starting to feel a bit scripted to me. Lawon did a terrible job with the soccer balls & I felt like it was on purpose & Rachel sitting there like a blow up doll with her mouth wide open it seemed so fake to me, like she knew he was coming back & then when Brendon won everyone was just real chill about it.  Nobody looked excited or pissed so I feel like the producers are the ones who sent Brendon back, not America & the house guests already knew it.  I don't trust "reality" TV now that I know someone who has been on's kind of real but "coming home from work" like 5 different times so they could get the shot right?  That my friends, is not reality & neither is America voting for Brendon.
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Louie has a new time & Russian Dolls premieres

First up at 8:00 tonight on ESPN is the Monday Night Football preseason game, Seattle vs. San Francisco.  Yes, today is Thursday.  At 10:30 on Lifetime is the series premiere of Russian Dolls & then over at FX Louie will be moving to 11:00.  

Tonight is the live eviction/HOH episode of Big Brother for the week & I can't wait to see what this twist brings, I just hope it isn't Brendon.

Happy viewing everyone!!
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Don't forget America's Vote!!

I created 2 accounts with 2 of my email addresses & voted for Cassi a total of 20 long as Brendon doesn't get an option to come back I'll be thrilled but Cassi deserves a chance to play!!  Don't forget to get your vote on too.  The info is below & you can click here to be taken to the voting page.

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Toddlers & Tiaras finale, tonight!

Tonight at 10 on TLC is the season finale of Toddlers & Tiaras...I won't be watching, if there's one thing I can't stand more than these kids, it's their obnoxious insecure stage moms!!
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

If Brendon doesn't go so help me....

I am so sick of Brenchal & their crocodile tears it just makes me sick.  Rachel is the most insecure woman I've ever seen, she needs constant babying & Brendon is right there to give it to her.  They make my stomach turn so if for some weird ass reason Jordan goes home I will fly out there & slap everyone in that house myself!
How bummed were you when Jeff missed that challenge by like 2 seconds?  I already knew who won it but I was still on the edge of my seat hoping the information I had received was wrong.

I don't know if you guys have been watching After Dark at all but this season they sure are talking way more game at night than in past seasons.  Before you would watch it & learn things about these people & their lives & where they are from but this season it's mostly game talk with personal stuff splashed in & it kind of bugs me...I'm not invested in anyone because I don't know anything about any of them.  Well, I do know that Jeff is hot & I guess that's all I need to know.

In case anyone missed it, or wants to watch it on a loop here is the video of Rachel tripping & biting it while jogging in the back yard.
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