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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hump day premieres

So Happy Town premiered on ABC last night, looked stupid...didn't watch it!  What I did watch though was the 2 episode premiere of Sunset Daze on We & I loved it!!  Sunset Daze is about a bunch of folks in a retirement community in Arizona.  Some are single & looking to mingle, some are married and happy.  There is one woman who used to be a nun & then she bailed once she realized that she was missing out on too much life so now she's going through her bucket list with her husband.  Last night we saw her go skydiving & next week she's driving a race car!  Last night we got to see quite a bit of Sandy who is one of the single gals & she had dates with two different guys one of which wasn't so good & the other was great in fact that she had him over for dinner a couple nights later.  

This is definitely a show I will be watching...the folks on there are priceless, like the woman with the gay son who does her hair every Saturday and is also a cowboy & works at a gay rodeo.  I can't remember her name but she's a trip, she has Tracy Turnblad hair but it's red & she's an entertainer & is currently working with a local theater group directing a play they are doing.  

The place they live looks amazing & honestly I wouldn't mind living there right now, driving around in golf carts all day & hanging out with the other fun folks doing whatever the hell I want is highly ideal.  I totally recommend this show to women, men would likely find it stupid as they do most reality TV.
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Hills & The City

So last night was the premiere of the new seasons of The Hills & The City & I of course tuned in.  So on The Hills everyone went to Miami for the Super Bowl...the guys & the girls except they didn't go to the game, just all of the parties.  Kristin is still all BFF with that Stacie girl which I still don't understand, Stephanie Pratt is on her second DUI & is hitting up AA meetings.  Not sure if she was drinking in Miami or not because they never really showed her so I'd assume that yes she was.  Now, Kristin had a major party weekend while the other girls only tore it up one night.  The first night Kristin said she got in around 5 am (the other girls were appalled by this) and the next night she got in before the sun came up but the girls were afraid she was on drugs because of this.  Judging by her appearance, attitude, and cocktail of choice (something with orange juice) I'd say she was on ecstasy all weekend, not cocaine.  

Brody was hitting on Audrina who was flirting back but claiming she wasn't interested so that makes her a big old tease.  Lo was responsible Lo as always & personally I thought she was a bit pushy with Kristin.  

While all of this was going on Heidi & Holly were in Colorado visiting the family.  I don't know how in the hell anyone could live where they do, I'm really curious as to how much time they spend doing snow removal.  Anyway, Heidi's mom basically told her she was ugly now and couldn't believe how much work she had done & then during dinner she proceeded to make fun of her through most of it because of her face which looks 10 times worse than it used to not to mention she looks much older & her face looks fatter now with that wide jaw.  Due to her jaw she couldn't hardly chew at dinner which I'm sure she was aware of yet she ordered a burger so not only is she obnoxious she's also stupid.  She honestly blamed L.A. for her changes to her appearance as well.  That bitch is crazy!  It looks like Spencer is flying off the handle on this season & Audrina (as we all know) will be hooking up with Ryan Cabrerra & Kristin is getting back on the Brody path.

On to The City.  Whitney had her first show & who knew that she can't sew?  She was having her clothing made my 2 cute Asian women in a factory & I thought that was strange but found out that a lot of designers can't sew which means...I'm now a designer!  No, seriously, her line was pretty but not really my style as it incorporated a lot of lace and frilly shit & I can't dress like that day to day.  The only hang up she had in the show was Roxy...surprise!  That stupid girl couldn't find the next model in line so instead of sending out the next one she just started screaming for the missing girl & there was like a 30 second lull in the procession of the models.  The show went well & Kelly was very proud of proud that she cried & she didn't go outside!  I have to say that my favorite person from The City is Kelly, not Whitney so if Kelly leaves the show I'm out.  This season looks pretty interesting where Olivia is concerned, she's a bitch still & her & Erin agreed to a truce last night but I don't think it will last.
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

47 Days until True Blood returns

And thanks to we can get a first glimpse at the Season 3 cast photo!!  Looks like all of the usual suspects are back & it also looks like maybe the Sam & Tara thing might be getting back on...maybe?  I also read in the article that Lafayette is getting a love interest this season which I think is awesome, he's one of my favorite characters on the show.  I also read a while back that True Blood was getting a werewolf and it's being played by Theo Alexander but now that I'm doing research it appears that we have that guy, Joe Manganiello (pictured), and Patrick Swayze's black brother (sorry, had to point it out) who will be running a competing bar to

Merlotte's I guess.  Grant Bowler formerly of Ugly Betty is also joining the cast...not sure if he will be a werewolf or a vampire or just some dude so I guess we'll all just have to tune in on June 13th to find out!!  I really hope that HBO shows last seasons finale before they show the season premiere because I don't really remember it all that well.  Well, I remember the take down of crazy bitch by the white buffalo and the proposal but something happened to Bill right?  Did we know what/who it was?  I remember thinking "shut up, that's it?" so I know it was a good cliffhanger I just don't actually remember it.  Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait it out.
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The Hills final season premieres tonight

Ok ladies & gays, the final season of The Hills premieres tonight at 10 PM on MTV.  I will admit that I have watched this show from day one but I'm very happy it's ending...once Kristin came on the show went even more downhill than it was already headed.  Lauren was always a voice of reason & now there no longer is one on the show.  It's just a bunch of sluts, douche bags, and Lo hanging out & fighting all the time & that is NOT entertaining.  

I'm very much looking forward to the episode where Heidi's mom Darlene basically tells her that she looks like shit since she's had her surgery done.  I also can't wait to see her attempt to maneuver around LA with new her big fake ass hills on her chest, isn't she top heavy?  I wonder how much more difficult it is to walk on her 5 inch stilettos with those humongous jugs!  Look at the photo of her below...I wonder if she is aware that one side of her face is about 1/2 and inch lower than the other side?

Oh and The City is back for season 3 at 10:30 also on MTV and honestly...the only reason I watch this show is Kelly Cutrone & I really hope that Whitney's stupid friend/actually an actress isn't on this season.  It's not necessary for Whitney to have a roommate on the show so she just needs to be eliminated.  I like Whitney and all but she allows the people around her to influence her poorly & that's not the best quality to have.
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Hey there tweens & Stephanie...

One Tree Hill returns tonight on CW at 8 PM.  I believe that Gossip Girl is back as well (at 9, also on CW) after being gone for a week for no reason in my opinion!

I'll also be tuning in to U.S. of Tara & Nurse Jackie on Showtime tonight starting at 10.  I will also note that the CBS comedies are reruns tonight but there is a new episode of Romantically Challenged on at 9:30 on ABC.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big night on my TV!

Don't forget to tune into FOX at 8:59 for the Madonnarific episode of Glee!
I'll also be recording the Millionaire Matchmaker reunion at 9 on Bravo!
Up at 10 I have Parenthood on NBC.

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So last night I watched Sunday's Ruby with the "gentle eating" and I don't have food issues but there is no way I could eat like that.  It took about 45 minutes for them to eat a plate of food & they couldn't speak or drink during the meal.  If I can't drink during a meal I'd probably only get about 5 bites in & have to give mouth gets way too dry when I eat to not be able to wash my food down with something.

Then during her "hacky Thanksgiving" dinner she had healthy & fattening food & if I were her I would have told my friends & family that if they wanted to eat the fattening food they could have their own dinner the next night but if they wanted to share the holiday with me it would be healthy food only.  I mean, talk about enabling!  Jeff & Georgia say they don't enable her & then they deep fry a turkey & make all the fattening sides like stuffing & mashed potatoes & expect her not to eat any of it?  Putting the food on her table is enabling & they don't see it that way but then again, enablers rarely think that they are enabling.  Ruby did try to get everyone to try gentle eating and they basically laughed at her & I would have too...a holiday is not the time to try an experiment.

There is just something about Georgia that I don't all honesty I don't think she wants Ruby to lose all of the weight.  I think having Ruby around and all big & fat makes her feel better about herself & if Ruby does lose all of that weight then she'll have to find her own self confidence & I don't think she has any.  I feel like she doesn't have the best control of her son (who either has Aspberger's or Autism) and she enables him constantly just to keep him quiet.  I think if she doesn't have Ruby to "take care of" then she'll be forced to see the damage she is causing in her own life but so long as Ruby "needs her" then she doesn't have to worry about herself or her problems.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Boring week for TV

Tonight at 10:00 is the season finale of Damages on FX & I will be recording it since I have yet to watch last weeks which means that tomorrow I can go home & watch both eps back to back.

There is nothing else of note on this week until Thursday when Party Down premieres on Starz at 10 and Gravity premieres also on Starz at 10:30.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tonight is pretty lame...

There's a Saturday Night Live in the 2000's special on at 9 PM on NBC that I won't be watching as I think the 2000's were the worst decade of SNL so far, aside from Tina Fey & Amy Poehler anyway!  

At 10 PM on Lifetime we have part 1 of the season finale for Project Runway which I will be tuning in for especially since every other show I watch on Thursday is a rerun except for Real Housewives of NYC which I will DVR.  Tonight is the fashion show episode with Ramona making an absolute fool of herself on the runway, can't wait for that one!!

Last night was the series finale of Ugly Betty & I don't watch the show but somehow I'm assuming that maybe at the end she wasn't ugly anymore?  Anyway, if you missed it I'm sure you can catch it OnDemand or online.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's back!

The geek crew & Cheerios coach Sue Sylvester finally return tonight on Glee!!  Tune in to FOX at 9:28 PM to see what the second half of the season has in store...I can't wait.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Woot woot, Conan is coming to TBS!!

I'm so excited...not only that Conan is coming back to late night but he's also taking over the 11:00 time slot on TBS which means that he's bumping George Lopez to Midnight.  George is happy about this so don't feel sorry for him, Conan wouldn't do it to Fallon nor would he do it to Lopez.  There's just something awesome about a man who stands up for others who aren't funny but still have a show like Fallon & Lopez, it's all about integrity man & Conan has plenty.  All I have to say is that I'm thrilled that I will no longer have to see or hear George Lopez on TBS at 11!!  Oh yeah, I'm excited to have Conan back too & if he's on at 11:00 I'll actually get to see about half of the show most nights.  For the full story click here.

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Life Unexpected, unexpectedly saved?

Hey there Life Unexpected appears that this show just might get to return for another season.  The season (not series) finale airs tonight at 8:00 on CW.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Weekend viewing

Tonight we have one of my favorite shows so I wanted to be sure to remind everyone to tune in for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution at 9 PM on ABC.
Tomorrow night we have Tina Fey on SNL with Justin Bieber at 11:30 PM (is he allowed to stay up that late?) on NBC.

Sunday there are a few cable premieres.  Army Wives at 10 PM on Lifetime, the final season of The Tudors also premieres at 10 PM on Showtime and then finally we have a new drama series called Treme which also premieres at 10 PM on HBO.  "From the creator of The Wire, Treme explores the lives of several struggling musicians and other New Orleans locals in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina."

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A premiere I'm looking forward to!

Tonight at 10 PM on Bravo! is the premiere of the new season of Top Chef Masters & I can't wait to see who they have this season.  Oh yeah, Accidentally on Purpose returns to CBS at 8:30 as well.

Sorry I haven't posted anything yet this week but the site I get all of my premiere info didn't have the April calendar posted on time.  Here's what has happened since the first that we all missed:

Thursday the 1st: Bones & Fringe returned to FOX
Friday the 2nd: Smallville returned to CW, Stargate SGU and Merlin returned to SyFy and then Miami Medical premiered on CBS.
Sunday the 4th: Deadliest Catch new season premiered on Discovery
Monday the 5th: Tori & Dean's new season premiered on Oxygen

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Contact Discovery to stop Sarah Palin's Alaska

If you find the letter below difficult to read please click on it to enlarge but don't forget to come back & access the link to sign the petition!

Unfortunately I had to upload this as a photo & none of the links are active so please click here to sign this very important petition!

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Not much tonight you April Fool!

We have 2 hours of The Office reruns on NBC starting at 9 pm so I won't likely be tuning in for that as I've already seen them.  I actually hoped it was an April Fools joke but tells me that it's true.  So that means that of the shows I watch only 2 are new this week, Private Practice & Real Housewives of New York so I will be watching more of the first episodes of Season 1 of 30 Rock that I rented and then the Housewives & then to bed early!  

If any of your shows are new tonight I hope you enjoy them!

Update! I just found out that Fringe returns tonight at 9 on FOX.

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