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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nip Tuck this week!

OMG, I was so grossed out I almost puked when Sean's daughter, who I'm actually surprised is being played by the same kid since she's been absent forever, was discovered with wad of hair inside her that had to be removed. Seriously, your daughter is pulling out & eating her own hair & you are just going to wait for mom to come to take action...she needs intensive therapy.

Well, after being thoroughly disguted by this I will say that seeing Dr. Mike in his female bondage gear was quite funny & definitely settled my stomach. It was really bizarre for me to get up this morning & see A.C. Slater in his workout pants & tank top when I just looking at him in a leather bustier & high heels.

You think Liz is going to look into Teddy now? I sure do & I really wish they would have shown the cross dressing guy with his mask on but I assume there is a reason they didn't & maybe we'll find out next week.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Jeff Dunham Show

Are you all familiar with Jeff Dunham?  If not, you really should be.  He's the guy with all the puppets including Peanut, Walter & Jalapeno on a Stick!  Well the reason I ask is that he has his own show on Comedy Central where we get to see a day in the life of Jeff as well as all the puppets & the premiere episode was last week & I thought it was hilarious.  Walter & Jeff went to a couples counselor, Peanut had a date with Brooke Hogan, and Bubba J made a new friend who also enjoyed guns & beers.  I thought the show was hilarious & am very much looking forward to what the rest of the season has to offer so if you didn't get a chance to check it out you need to get on it ASAP & don't forget to check out new episodes Thursdays at 9 on Comedy Central.  You can also make yourself into one of the puppets using the widget below, I made myself into Bubba J & it's pretty damn funny!

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Honest to Blog: Bea Arthur's Final Interview

I posted this on my other blog but wanted to be sure to share it with all of you as well!!

Honest to Blog: Bea Arthur's Final Interview

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Monday, October 26, 2009


So I was watching Brothers & Sisters today & noticed that there was a girl on there who looked very familiar & then I realized it was Roxy from The City so I get on IMDB & there she is.  She's been on 6 episodes since 2007 & is the daughter of Ken Olin & Patricia Wettig (also on Bros & Sis) but my point here is, if she's on a drama series why the hell is she on a "reality" series & "working" for Kelly Cutrone?  More importantly, why the hell would she need t stay with Whitney?  Oh that's right, because it makes for better TV & that's what all these "reality" shows are about.  I'm sorry, I'm a fan of the show but I'm effing calling shenanigans because nothing was ever mentioned about her being an actress at all & obviously she is, she was doing that before she got a desk job at People's Revolution!  Ugh, I'm so annoyed right now...if you want to see for yourself then click here.
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9 Hour DVR Roundup!

Ok people, I spent all weekend watching the 9 hours worth of TV that was piled up on my DVR from last week.  Some of it I need to comment on, some of it was obviously not that great because I have no comment.  Speaking of stuff being not that great I really wonder why I bother with 90210, Melrose Place, and Glee.  Now the difference between Glee & the other two is that it's a good show & I enjoy it but I wish it were just a half hour...I don't think they have enough entertainment value to fill a whole hour & they could certainly cut out a couple story lines to make it shorter.  The knocked up cheerleader & the guidance counselor w/the football coach are both useless stories in my opinion & I think the focus of the show should be Glee & the Cheerios & that's it.  90210 isn't so bad aside from the fact that is extremely predictable & half of the actors aren't very good.  Melrose would be better if it replaced about 50% of it's cast & I'm sorry but the blond chick is one of the worst actors ever, could she be any more over exaggerated?

Ok, on to the good stuff!  Nip Tuck is having another crazy season & it makes me very sad that it's the last one but can I please ask why the hell do Sean or Christian even have kids?  None of the kids are ever on the show, not even Matt lately (other than his miming robberies) so I'm super confused.  I feel like they are just throwing all this stuff into this season since it's the last & it's hard to keep up with but I'm still totally intrigued.  I totally think shit is going to go down with Mike & Kimber & I certainly don't blame her & love the fact that the heat he is packing is way larger than Christian's!  Looks like things are going to get more crazy next week with Teddy & Sean & I'm wondering if crazy fork girl will be back, I guess we shall see.

Brothers & Sisters is a show I was going to drop this season because I'm so sick of every single episode containing a family dinner that involves basically a brawl but I'm really curious to see if Kitty is going to die so I'm watching but I haven't seen last night's yet.

Private Practice is interesting so far and even if it were the worst show on TV I would still support it because I'm totally in love with Taye Diggs.  I'm interested to see if Violet will ever feel that attachment to the baby without feeling the complete & total resentment toward it & this week's episode looks really good with the trial or whatever the hell is going on with the crazy lady who stole Violet's baby.

The season finale of Atlanta Housewives was a good one & I feel really bad that NeNe's husband won't support her wanting to find out if that guy is her dad.  I was surprised by how much I really liked Sheree's clothing line...I don't like Sheree but her clothes looked great, thanks to Dwight!  Kim's a drunk & Lisa is really fake & thinks a lot of herself.

Modern Family & Cougartown were full of laughs as always but I will say that Modern Family is definitely a better show & the gay couple make it.

NBC Thursday...2 thumbs up!  A decent episode of The Office, a deal breaking episode of 30 rock & a pit filling episode of Parks were a total ace with me but that brings me to the other show that I think I'm going to drop...Community.  I love Joel McHale & Chevy Chase & the show has a lot of potential but it's just not reaching it & I don't have the time to keep waiting.

Oh, I almost forgot Top Model...yes I watch it & I would probably like it a lot more if Tyra weren't on it but I'm rooting for the chick with the southern accent!!

I will have to post a totally separate run down for last night's Dexter, I'm still in shock!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Lack of updates

Hey all, sorry I haven't discussed any shows this week but I haven't been feeling the best & will be watching many hours of recorded shows on my DVR all weekend.  I will be sure to stop by and note any interesting or pointless viewing as I lounge on my couch in my pj's and let the world of Television rot my brain!!
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Freaking Dexter!!

Can we discuss last night's episode of Dexter please?  WTF?  There were numerous points during that episode last night that I stopped breathing because they were so intense.  For the first time I was actually worried that he might not get his kill on but thankfully he did because that woman was a crazy bitch & would have taken him out had he not been the genius that he is.  I mean, the glove...what are the chances that years later there would still be a piece left inside the disposal?  Obviously pretty good.  My confusion was whether or not she had remarried & had another daughter or did she still have the room decorated from her daughter that she killed?  Hadn't it been a few years since the murders or was I just not paying attention?  How in the hell could someone do that to their own husband & daughter & not feel any remorse...wouldn't' have asking for a divorce just been easier?  Regardless of how long it had been I'm glad Dex was able to take her out. 

Now, I want to kill Deb myself for choosing Lundy over Anton, I mean I know that she was all gaga for him when they were having their thing a couple seasons ago but he just up & ditched her & she's gonna take his sorry ass back?  What is wrong with women...why do they always choose to give the prick a second chance instead of sticking with the man who loves them & treats them right?  Anyway, I'm off topic.  So when Deb & Lundy were standing in the parking lot talking I knew that one or both of them was going to be attacked or killed, not sure why but I knew it was coming.  I actually said out loud "check your surroundings it's pretty obvious that you two are sitting ducks" and then bam the shots rang out.  I'm going to assume for now that Lundy is dead given all the blood he was losing & the dead look on his face & I'll also assume that Deb will survive because she's a main character though I also thought that about Doakes & look what happened there.

So the big question is do we think the Trinity Killer shot Lundy & Deb?  Why did Trinity do the "bump in" outside that building?  Do you think the dropping of the keys had something to do with the kill?  I would assume that Trinity wanted to be caught he seemed pretty happy when he saw Lundy & then he made contact with him as well but he's a freaking weirdo too.  I mean, what's with having a drink with air pretending it's the next victim & why did he get into that fight with that guy outside the bar...for some sort of revenge bludgeoning?  I mean, what if the guy doesn't frequent that bar?  I just have so many questions becasue usually this much isn't going on this early into the season.

Oh, I also hope that Angel & LaGuerta go public, they are cute.
photo courtesy dexterwiki

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New Celebrity Apprentice Cast

I don't watch this show, I watched the first season of the regular one & that was that, the novelty had worn off for me but I know plenty of people who watch it.  Honestly I might be more inclined to watch if I didn't have to look at Donald Trump's face or hair.  Anyway, I know a lot of people watch it so I figured I'd post the new cast of the 2nd installment of Celebrity Apprentice which to me looks like a bad VH1 show so I may have to check out a few episodes just for pure entertainment value.  This seasons cast includes some interesting & not so interesting peeps & most of them enjoyed the height of their career in the 80's which I find odd.

Cyndi Lauper (love her),Bret Michaels, Sharon Osbourne, Sinbad (can't stand him), Holly Robinson-Peete, Darryl Strawberry, Summer Sanders, Curtis Stone, Carol Leifer, Bill Goldberg, Maria Kanellis, and Rod Blagojevich are the only ones named thus far but I would expect 3 or 4 more as well.
photos courtesy of various websites via google image search

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekend Premiere's & Specials

Tonight we have the season premieres of Ugly Betty (ABC) at 8 pm and White Collar (USA) at 10 pm.  Sunday we have this year's Treehouse of Horror (#20) at I assume 8:00 on FOX of course.  Happy viewing this weekend folks.  Oh, just a warning...Elisabeth Hasselbeck returns to The View on Monday so you might want to find a new morning show to watch.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nip to the Tuck

So, I was a little disappointed in last night's episode of Nip Tuck only because the first ep of the season is usually so good & this one was a little slow & in some cases confusing.  First of all I'd like to welcome Rose McGowan to the cast but say that last season's Teddy was blond so they could have at least had Rose blond at the beginning of the episode because I was extremely confused for like 5 minutes.  My biggest complaint was that we went an entire hour with no sex...WTF is that all about?  Christian is single again & isn't banging every woman in sight?  I really want to welcome Mario Lopez & his hot ass body back to the show as well, it totally made my night.

I really think Liz is smart for trying to take Christian for anything she can including the "les boat"!  My only complaint about Liz (that I've had from day one) is why in the hell do they not wax her lip? Just because she's a lesbian doesn't mean it's ok for her to have a mustache! 

I can't wait to see how this season unfolds & as much as I'm looking forward to the outcome I'm dreading the final episode :(

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30 Rock Arrives!!

So, looks like NBC is securing Thursdays as the place to be if you want to laugh.  With Parks & Rec, Community, The Office & finally the season premiere of 30 Rock (at 9:30) we can all kick back at 8:00 and be satisfied until 10!!  30 Rock always starts later than the rest of the shows & that annoys me but it does give me something to look forward to so it's not all bad.  Apparently the show is feeling the crunch of the economy, Jenna gets a makeover, Liz & Pete look for new talent, Tracy reaches out to the community & Steve Buscemi is back as Jack's private eye! 
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Finally Here!!!!

The premiere of the final season of Nip Tuck is upon us tonight at 10 pm on FX, I will definitely be discussing this tomorrow!!  I'm so effing excited I could scream.

I don't remember much of last season other than it ended with Christian not having cancer, him being married to Liz, and Sean taking an interest in anesthetic because of the crazy organ harvester who I think he was still kind of seeing but I'm not sure.  Anyway, I'm sure they will do a recap before it starts since they always do but I really hope this season kicks ass since it's the last!!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gone Too Far...

I just finished watching Gone Too Far and it was very reminiscent of Intervention (which I love) except that Adam (DJ AM) was a mentor to Amy who is the subject of the first episode.  Through the whole episode I was just drawn to Adam and heard every word he said & most of them made me think "should have taken his own advice" but that's not what I think.  I certainly don't think of him as a hypocrite though I'm sure others do, I just think that an addict is an addict & they can relapse at any time even if they've been clean for 30 years.  Personally I think he did kill himself because"acute intoxication" sounds like he took too many drugs & considering that they said he had an Oxy in his mouth undissolved and had taken like 6 more & that my friend is not an accidental overdose!  It totally broke my heart to watch him learn all about this girl & connect with her & help her get her life back as well as the family's life knowing that even though he did something wonderful for them he wont be around to see her still (hopefully) sober 5 years down the road.  He said he didn't get clean until he was 25 so he had been sober for 11 years & still fell off that horse & lost his life. I really hope that people do see him as being a life saver rather than a hypocrite & they see the good he does for these addicts & most of all I hope the addicts learn something from his death.  R.I.P DJ AM & thanks for making a difference in the short amount of time you spent on this earth.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Two premieres tonight!

Tonight is the premiere of the highly anticipated Gone Too Far docu-series which was created by Adam Goldstein "DJ AM" in which he works with young kids with addiction problems to help them through the process to get & stay clean.  Using his own life experience as an example and an empathetic role model he hopes to change their lives for the better.  Unfortunately he didn't have the same luck when he lost his life to addiction recently.  MTV is hoping that airing this show will help prove that addiction isn't something to to brush off & also help these kids (and viewers) realize how fragile life is & take a cue from Goldstein and choose not to continue on the path they are currently on & turn their lives around for the better.

Also premiering tonight is the new season of Million Dollar Listing which follows a prick, a douchebag, and a polyamorous guy (all in their 20's) through their ups and downs handling very high end Real Estate in California.  Given the bottoming out of the market I have a feeling this season should be quite interesting.  Last season was a trip watching these young guys sell multimillion dollar homes & drive fancy cars & spend thousands on a pair of jeans and obviously thinking their lives were going to be just like that forever.  I'll be very curious to see how they have had to adjust to their smaller income & changed the way they do business to adapt to the shitty market.  I don't know what it is but I always get a little happy inside when I watch people undeserving of great fortune lose a lot of it...karma is a bitch & I love watching her in action!!

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Friday, October 9, 2009

The Wedding!!!

So, Jam said I do finally & I loved it, I thought it was super sweet that they took off & got married at the Falls instead of in front of everyone & I also loved Jim's speech at the dinner.  All the sweet aside, there were so many things I found hilarious:

Kevin being confused as being Oscar's partner & Oscar freaking out
Kevin's toupee
Dwight's T-shirt with the wolves on it
Dwight's gift of turtle cooking accessories complete with live turtles
Meredith outside smoking her cigar at the church
Everyone puking in the office as Creed ate his pasta
Andy tearing his scrotum
Kevin shoving his feet in the ice machine in the vending room
Kevin's Kleenex shoes that he had to wear because his smelled so bad the hotel threw them away
Phyllis's hat & her comment to Stanley about his wife liking it
Michael's speech at the rehearsal dinner was both funny & uncomfortable, I was laughing & cringing
Everyone doing the dance at the wedding was priceless as well & if you didn't get to see it it's posted below so check it out!

I totally knew that something was going to happen with Michael & Pam's mom so I can't wait for next week when Pam finds out!!

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy With Top Chef!

So I was surprised that Ashley got kicked off but I was happy, I didn't really have anything against her but was sick of looking at her & listening to her complain about how so many things are unfair.  With the wedding episode she was so pissed because she's gay & can't get married...well, newsflash girlie, chefs make a lot of money catering for weddings so you might want to jump on the band wagon & go ahead & start making cash off of breeders all over the country!  Due to her hair & eyebrows (yes I'm being that judgmental) I'm happy to see her go, it has nothing to do with her ability to cook because anyone who knows me knows that I love me some gnocchi & that bitch can cook it!

It has taken quite a while but I've picked my favorite, I'm rooting for Kevin mostly because he is a great chef, he wins a lot, and he's very cheerful & chill.  I'm also a fan of Bryan, because he's cute & I'd totally do him :)  I did learn from Ashley's exit video that much like Big Brother the kicked off contestants are held in another location until the season is over so when they have to pack up their knives & leave they just get sent somewhere else in the area.  Anyway, that's my thoughts on this season so far & next week I would like to see Robin leave just basically because she never shuts up!!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Hills of The City

OMG so I think The Hills is cooking up to be a good season & here's my thoughts on last night's episode.  I don't like kids but Speidi's neighbor is really cute & I'd hang out with him though for once I agree with Spencer "Douchebag" Pratt in the fact that they don't need to be having a kid any time soon.  Stephanie is orange & looks like an oompa loompa.  Audrina is dumb.  Lo does a really good job of playing both sides. Justin Bobby is gross & always looks dirty.  Kristin is a total bitch & I love it & am looking forward to her being treated poorly by JB next week.  Also, Jayde has to go, she is way to fake for me & by fake I don't mean her personality, I mean her face!  I also need to ask, how in the hell are Kristin & Stacie BFF's?

And for The City it's slowly heating up but still not that exciting.  Roxy is like a mini Kelly & obviously her idea was good but as Whitney said she should have run it by Kelly first.  I enjoyed the fact that Kelly went over all the good & bad info about the shoot in front of everyone, that was fun.  For someone who works in fashion & is designing their own line Whitney's style has gone down the shitter...what was with that red dress & bike short deal she had on at the shoot?  It was totally a Donna Martin 90210 circa 92 getup & not cool at all.  It looks like Whitney is going to step all over Kelly's toes after taking some advice from Roxy next week & that should be exciting.  I totally loved Olivia making the deal for the fake bags, it was like watching a drug deal go down but that girl really needs to watch her mouth.  I agree with Erin that Olivia is useless & the fact that Erin's boss said he thought she did a good job, well that always happens...they only see a portion of a job done & rarely see the whole process which is what reveals the lack of capability.  She was asked to pick up tons of bags & accessories & she only brought back 4 accessories, are you kidding?  You are in NY sister, there are knock off accessories everywhere!!!
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hilary Duff is now on Gossip Girl...

So Hilary Duff is now on Gossip Girl as famous actress Olivia Wilde & Dan's new love interest which I don't get, this is his 2nd love interest in what 4 episodes?  Dan, really?  Anyway, she's not as annoying as I thought she'd be but I will definitely say that Tyra shouldn't quit her day job as she can't act, her hair looked positively hideous & she is lookin old too.  Some things have not changed though...Blair is starting a new society at NYU so she can still be a queen, Chuck is playing mind games, and Serena still refuses to wear any type of bottoms & Jenny is now following her lead. 

Next week is the wedding of Lily & Rufus & it looks like there is going to be some good drama, like I think Scott is going to be forced to come clean to the couple about him being their son due to one of Georgina's threats.  We shall see!!

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Just The One

Tonight there is only one premiere & it is Sherri which is premiering on Lifetime at 7 pm.  I won't be watching but I'm looking forward to Gossip Girl.
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Certainly not Chuck Bass!!

I thought Californication was quite enjoyable this week, primarily because Marci aka Cougar Smurf was back & in full effect!  She went out on a date with a very built black man & then brought him home to play out a "rape" fantasy which Charlie mistook for the real thing & busted in & ruined the fun for them.  Charlie really wants Marci back but she really seems to not be the least bit interested & seems pretty annoyed by the fact that he's staying in the house during the divorce.  He decided to try to help her out with her fantasy & she was not happy at all waking up to him on top of her going at it with one of her thigh highs over his face.

Now Hank is teaching at the University after the issue with the "tuck & model" guy last week.  Ed is one of his students (I already forgot his character name) and he's nothing like Chuck Bass, mainly because he's gay & after Hank tells him he can't write he tries to kill himself & ends up in the hospital.  His roommate who is also in the writing class is Susan Sarandon's daughter & I think her character name is Sue but I could be totally wrong...anyway, she's a student by day & stripper by night & she has huge tits.  All in all it was a great episode & it ended with quite the arguement between Hank & Becca who both said they hated the other one but Hank did call her a bitch on top of it so that's worse.  Next week looks good too, can't wait!!
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Ed Westwick is going to be on Californication

Sad but true...I had no idea Ed Westwick was British & I have to say that he does an amazing American accent, I'm looking forward to watching him on Californication tonight.  I'm used to him on Gossip Girl where he's from New York & on this he's from California so that should be an interesting change of character but with Hank Moody being involved there could certainly be some similarities.
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Friday, October 2, 2009

This weekend's premieres!

Friday: 8:00 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars (CN), 8:30 - Til Death (FOX), 9:00 - Stargate Universe (SyFy)
Sunday: 9:00 - Three Rivers

Happy weekend watching guys!

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tonight's Premieres

The premiere season hasn't ended yet folks, tonight we have: Private Practice (ABC) at 10:00 & that's it!!  I watch this one, mainly because Taye Diggs is on it & I think he is super dreamy :)
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