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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nurse Jackie

We are only 2 episodes in & I'm in love with this season.  Eddie is a freaking nut job & I'm really curious to see how him BFFing Jackie's husband Kevin will turn out.  O'Hara coming in to work high on X was priceless as was seeing goody two shoes Zoey making a walk of shame in to work!

Having Arjun back makes me kind of nervous because drug people can smell their own & he's totally on to Jackie in a big way.  Between him & Coop Jackie is bound to have a freak out & some information of some kind is going to leak the fact that she's married with kids.  I still find it very odd that nobody in the hospital aside from O'Hara knows that Jackie has a family & why does she keep it a secret?  Her husband or kids never call her or come in to her work to visit?  What if something happened to one of her kids & they were brought in to the hospital, would she own up to it then & how can Akalitus not know I mean wouldn't HR have record of her being married?  I'm sure we'll find out why she keeps it secret sooner or later because I know it's not just because of Eddie.

Aside from the fake eye I really like Thor but with him and all that cake & diabetes I worry that something will happen to him & I don't want him to go away.  I really enjoy Peter Facinelli in this role because as a vampire doctor he looks like an idiot so I prefer the pervy twitter doctor & I will admit that I enjoy the way Jackie treats him.  He really has no bedside manner whatsoever & doesn't pay attention to anything half the time.  I also feel about Grace & all of her worries all of the time so I hope they are able to get her some help before she grows up all effed up. 

I can't wait to see next week's episode with Eddie being at the house it's going to be crazy to see how Jackie handles that one!

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The Douchebag Matchmaker?

Dudes, can we please discuss this season of Millionaire Matchmaker?  What has been up with all of these effing pricks that have been on?  I know Patti is always saying that she wants to include these douches to try to help them see the error of their ways & turn them from douches to gentleman and I totally get it but these poor girls that go out with these guys probably don't appreciate it.  For example, last night was choc full of douchebag action with Justin & Kevin, both of which were movie producers.  So Justin is 40 but acts like he's about 18 & he's not attractive in the least.  Kevin is probably in his 40's as well & ok looking but a major self indulged 50's ideals kind of guy.  I think he actually said in the episode that he just wanted a woman to cook for him while he's watching the game like a woman should.  He did ask a group of ladies at the mixer if they could cook & nobody even responded!  

So anyway, the poor girls that Patti invited to this mixer had no idea what they were getting into, Patti kept saying "you guys are perfect for each other" and didn't at all say what freaking pricks these guys were or what a waste of time the dates would actually be.  That's what bothers me most about Patti, yes she will send the guys to therapists or other professionals to help them realize that they aren't all they think they are but the girls are not warned as to what they are getting into.  If she called & told me she had someone perfect for me & I met either one of these guys I'd feel like I got dressed for no reason.

When it came down to it both guys picked the same girl after their mini dates so the girl (we'll call her Kim because I can't remember her name) got to choose which guy she went out with.  As she was trying to decide both of the guys said she was taking too long & they wanted to pick new girls, girls they didn't pick!  Patti told them that no, they can't pick a new one or contact the other ones either, it's against the rules. 

Kevin took his date to a spa, they shared a bath (first date) then had treatments & then went to a hotel suite for dinner.  The dinner was set up next to the bed which was covered in rose petals which isn't the least bit romantic on the first date.  At the end of the date he actually asked the poor girl if she wanted to stay the night so he didn't have to sleep alone.  Really?  The worst part about this whole situation was that the girl went out with him again!  She really shouldn't have even gone out with him the first time, their mini date was terrible & they had nothing in common.  After the date when Patti spoke with him he said that yes he did ask her to spend the night because he was trying to be more romantic, he was actually proud of himself!

Justin took Kim out (she picked him) to a store & she was able to pick out a dress & jewelry for dinner.  She obviously was having a great time, a very Pretty Woman moment & then he said he had a surprise & in walks the girl he didn't pick from the mixer.  He told her to pick out a dress & jewelry & he took them both to dinner & didn't see anything wrong with it!  If I were Kim I would have called Patti right then, I wouldn't have even gone to dinner, I would have walked right out of that store & that would have been that.  Needless to say Justin was booted from the club once Patti found out what happened but I just really felt really bad for all of the girls, except from the blonde girl because she claimed that she didn't mind being out with both of them & was having a lot of fun.  The girl was really stupid & honestly I think it may have been a set up but who knows & if she is that stupid then they are made for each other.
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Humpty viewing

Yay, we made it to the middle of the week & there is only one premiere tonight which is In Plain Sight which premieres at 10:00 PM on USA.

I will be watching the ABC sitcoms (if they aren't reruns) and then Being Erica at 10:00 on SoapNet.  I will admittedly be recording America's Next Top Model & I basically record it to watch over the weekend since there's nothing ever on, and I can FF through all the girls talking & the stuff going on in the house & just watch the photo shoot & the elimination.  If I have time I will also be watching Damages which I recorded on Monday & then I picked up the first half of season one of 30 Rock while at Blockbuster yesterday so I will likely try to squeeze in an episode or 2 if I have time as well.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

V is Back Again

Tonight at 8 PM V returns to ABC and the premiere of Law & Order: CI will be on USA at 10:00 PM.  

I think I'm going to hit up Blockbuster tonight & rent a movie since everything I watch on Tuesday is a rerun this week except Millionaire Matchmaker which I will watch on Bravo! at 10.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

2 Premieres

Tonight at 8 pm on ABC Family is the return of 10 Things I Hate About You and then at 10 pm is the premiere of the final season of Saving Grace on TNT.

I'll be tuning in for Gossip Girl at 9 on the CW & then Nurse Jackie at 10 and U.S. of Tara at 10:30 on Showtime.  I will be recording Damages at 10 pm on FX and Kell on Earth at 11 on Bravo! to watch tomorrow after work.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday viewing

Don't forget that tonight is the actual premiere of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution from 8-10 on ABC & I'll be tuned in for sure!!

At 9 pm on SyFy we have the spring finale of Caprica...I don't watch this, or any show on SyFy for that matter so I have no idea what it's about but people say it's awesome. 

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Modern Family kills me!

This show is exactly what I've been missing from my comedies lately, it's freaking hysterical.  Every week I think I know who my favorite family is & then poof, maybe it's another one.  I love Cam & Mitchell, I think they are my favorite but then Phil & Claire show up & I find myself second guessing my choice & then something goes down with Manny & Gloria & I'm back at square one.  Jay is probably the only character that really doesn't do much for me & it's probably because I don't care for Ed O'Neill so that's likely has something to do with it.  

My favorite part about last night's episode was the whole "Columbia moment" and you can see the clip of it in that link.  Poor Cam talking about Brown people & the damn Columbians, LOL, I was dying laughing and didn't think the episode could get any better & then Phil & Claire show up.  When their daughter Alex was reading the signs for ADHD in reference to her brother Luke & we were watching Phil who was matching all said signs I was seriously laughing out loud.  Their son Luke thinking that when he put noise canceling headphones on that nobody could hear him...genius.  Luke is so messed up, the faces he makes, the crap that he says...I find it highly amusing!

And then, we get back to Cam & Gloria, in the "your people" restaurant & him sweating his skin right off from the spicy food, I again was laughing out loud & I had to rewind because I couldn't hear the show over my giggles.  

I was less impressed with the Jay, Manny, Mitchell segment though I will say that Mitchell getting skunked & wearing a dress was quite humorous but we didn't get classic Manny & I like him when he's in some sort of predicament because he turns into a 40 year old in a boys body.  I'm sure this constant battle with myself will go on every single episode but I enjoy it, it keeps me on my toes & gives me a reason to keep coming back!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ruby Speak

So I like to watch Ruby on occasion & I've been watching it a little more lately on reruns & have picked up on more & more things that she says that drive me crazy!  I've decided to make a little Ruby to English list here for you just in case you have no idea what the eff she's talking about.

First one up is Christmas, now when Ruby mentions her Christmas she means her vag, she explained in an episode that her lady bits are a gift, the best gift she could give someone so she refers to her vag as Christmas.

Next we have Bertha...Bertha is her ass.

Humidified doesn't mean damp or not dry, it's a combination of humiliated & mortified.  In a recent episode she was attempting to do some go cart racing & as she was getting in the car she mention how humidifying it was squeezing herself inside the car.  She says this often so I know it wasn't a "grool" moment like in Mean Girls.

Hacky...believe it or not this means happy.  I have no freaking clue why someone would say "I'm so hacky" when they are happy, honestly there's no correlation, not like her use of humidified you can't combine happy with another word that means happy to come up with hacky.  This is another word that she uses often.

Next up is Paget, which is pageant.  For some reason she just leaves out the N & was helping a girl participate in a plus size paget.

Ruby is a good Christian & she won't say "hell" so she says "helicopter" this is not a joke.  She will say "I'm mad as helicopter" really Ruby?  Christian or not you can say the word hell, it's a real place in MI so go ahead, just claim you are referencing Hell, MI.

When Ruby gets excited she says "I'm so essited ya'll" and why she replaces the x with a "ssss" sound I have no freaking clue.

There is something else she says that is similar to humidified but I can't think of it at the moment but once I do I will add it to the post.  So there you go, if you happened to tune in to a random episode and had no idea what was going on hopefully this little conversion list will help!  I would like to know why nobody around her ever corrects her or asks why she says the stuff she does because if I were her friend it would drive me crazy.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

There was a sneak peak of this show on last night & I watched it & was completely disgusted by the food that kids are eating at school.  I was already fully aware of the pure disgusting shit that people eat every day but at school...the kind of crap these little kids were eating wasn't available to us until Jr. High School.  I totally agreed with Jamie when he asked the lunch ladies if they were grossed out by the ingredients in some of the foods & Alice (the tough cookie) grabbed the burger box & said "first ingredient, ground beef" but she didn't notice the next 3 ingredients were all some form of salt/sodium!  Don't these people realize that a frozen beef patty should have one ingredient "beef" not a list a mile long of other nasty shit that's in there.

I was shocked first to find out that kids are being served breakfast at school, why the eff do kids need breakfast at school?  Can their parents not pour a bowl of cereal?  So the kid goes to school & gets breakfast pizza that wasn't your typical breakfast pizza with eggs & what not or worse they grab a container of sugary cereal & then pour chocolate milk over it & eat it.  Really?

When I was in elementary school I brought my lunch every day except chicken nugget day & I knew the nuggets weren't healthy but one day a week is fine, however if those mashed potatoes also came from pellets I'm pretty grossed out right now!  We didn't get flavored milk, once in a while there would be a straggling one in the crate but I had white milk daily.  We had ice cream on Wednesdays only, cheese & crackers daily & that was it...we didn't have pizza, breakfast, junk food, chips...nothing extra was offered so if you wanted junk you had to bring it from home.  I also went home every night to a meat & potatoes meal with veggies & salad & while it probably wasn't all that healthy it was a Lean Cuisine compared to the shit these kids are eating at school.

What is wrong with parents to not at least make sure their kids have a healthy meal for dinner?  So many kids said they had chicken nuggets or pizza for dinner the night before & they were eating the same thing for lunch the next day!  Why not pack a lunch for your kid?  Why not make sure they get breakfast before they go off to school?  Why not care about your kids enough to find out what they are eating & stop the bad behavior before they have an obese teenager & all of those medical bills to worry about?  I'll tell you's because parents are too busy to set the time aside to make a nice dinner, or it's just easier to stop & grab something after picking the kids up from soccer & that might  be true but healthy choices can be made when it comes to quick meals.  Take the kids to Subway instead of McDonald's, get them a salad instead of a burger, shit, making a grilled cheese at home is more healthy than what they eat at school but until you introduce healthy foods to the kids they won't want to eat it.  I'm not a parent (and never plan to be) but I am a very picky eater & it can take a long time to get used to eating certain foods so why not start early with the kids?  Give them veggies more than meat, always include a salad, give them a lot of lean chicken fish and turkey, and for God sakes if they say they are full don't make them finish what's on the plate because overeating will only make them fat.  Most important is to keep an eye on the candy & junk...I would only allow it on the weekends & in small amounts & make sure they get exercise on a daily basis.

I'm all about Jamie's Food Revolution & can't wait for the full premiere on Friday at 8 on ABC.

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Big premiere Monday!

Tonight we have all kinds of fun TV starting!  First up at 8:00 we have the new season of Dancing With The Stars (DWTS to fans).  This new season will include the following contestants:

Aiden Turner from All My Children
Buzz Aldrin, Astronaut, the second man to set foot on the moon
Chad Ochocino, Cincinnati Bengals
Erin Andrews, ESPN
Evan Lysacek, Figure skater
Jake Pavelka, from The Bachelor
Kate Gosselin, from John & Kate Plus 8
Nicole Sherzinger, Pussy Cat Dolls
Niecy Nash, Clean House
Pamela Anderson, Actress
Shannen Doherty, Beverly Hills 90210 & Charmed

Now I don't normally watch the show but I'm a huge Brenda (Shannen) fan & I'm honestly hoping that she beats up Kate Gosselin who I can't stand for a myriad of reasons so I'll likely watch the first hour but I'll have to bail for Gossip Girl!  Can I also say how nice it will be to have Niecy on a show where she doesn't talk much!!

Now for the shows premiering tonight that I've been waiting for.  First up at 10:00 is Nurse Jackie on Showtime followed by United States of Tara at 10:30.  So I will be watching both of those & Gossip Girl tonight & recording Damages.  Happy viewing folks!

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Welcome to the new site!!

You may not have even noticed but be sure to update your bookmarks with the new address to this blog, which is

Thanks so much for reading & hopefully this address will make it even easier for you to find me!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday TV

Well, not too much going on tonight...Flash Forward is returning to ABC at 8:00 and then the Archer season finale is on FX at 10:00.  I will not be watching any of this as I will be rocking out to Our Lady Peace at the Fillmore downtown!!  Aside from NBC Thursday the only other show I will be recording  is Real Housewives since Private Practice is a rerun.  I miss the days when reruns didn't air until the whole season was you remember that?  Shows would start in the fall & run their 15-20 weeks & then they were over & reruns were shown all summer but now that every season has new shows these other shows (like Private Practice & The Office) that aren't replaced in the summer end up having to show a few, then reruns, then a few more, then reruns & it's obnoxious!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

O'Hump day!

Ok so today is St. Patrick's Day & there's not much on TV.  At 8:00 on ABC Scrubs returns (woop de doo) then at 8:30 on CBS we have the season finale of Gary Unmarried which I've never seen a single episode of.  

I will likely tune in to Top Model at 8 & then finish up watching the shows I have on my DVR at the moment like this weeks episodes of Damages & Secret Diary of a Call Girl!  At 10:00 I will watch (or record) Being Erica but everything else I watch on Wednesdays is a rerun this week...of course.

So, did anyone catch Justified last night?  I recorded it & probably won't get to check it out until the weekend but I was curious how it was, I'm an Elmore Leonard fan so in my eyes it can't be bad with him involved!

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday shows

Tonight is the premiere of the show Justified on FX, starring Timothy Olyphant & introduced as: "This is the story of Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens of Kentucky, a character created by novelist Elmore Leonard."  So while I wasn't initially planning to watch it, how can I dis Elmore Leonard one of the coolest & most interesting writers from Detroit?  I'll at the very least have to catch the first episode!  To get the full description of the show click here.

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Monday, March 15, 2010


Come check out the video for Telephone by Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce, it's ace!

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My week of viewing

So last weekend I got a new TV & set it all up & fell in love with it of course!  Monday at work I just kept thinking about how excited I was to go home & watch TV & when I got there...the cable was out!  Imagine my utter irritation with this finding so I called my cable company & they said they could get out Wednesday so I agreed.  I figured there was no point in getting all pissed off when there was nothing I could do so I showered & got my stuff ready for work the next day & popped in the first 2 episodes of Twin Peaks.  I hadn't seen it since it was originally on & it was even better than I remember, it was funny & creepy at the same time & Kyle McLachlan was wonderful as Cooper, completely superb!  

Surprisingly Tuesday morning the cable company called & said they would be there that day (sweet) and when they arrived it was apparently an issue outside which they fixed right away & my cable was up & running within 5 minutes of their arrival :)  I had to sit down & find reruns of everything I had recorded for Monday & for those shows that didn't have reruns I caught up online.  Gossip Girl was finally back & I had to miss it but I only have to watch Damages from last week & I'll be totally caught up.  I skipped last night's shows to catch up on my Monday shows & I can watch last night's tomorrow after work.  Being a slave to my DVR really does have its flaws!!

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

New miniseries starting tonight!

I'm not that interested but I know plenty of people who are & it looks really good but tonight on HBO starts The Pacific at 9 PM...made by the same folks who brought you Band of Brothers.  Sons of Tucson to premiere at 9:30 on FOX & Celebrity Apprentice starts at 9 on NBC.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Corey Haim, Dead at age 38

Click here for the story on Honest To Blog.

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New show tonight

Apparently some new show called High Society is starting tonight at 9:30 on CW, I know nothing of this show, I haven't watched CW in a while & since I had no cable on Monday I missed Gossip Girl & they probably showed previews during that.  Prior to High Society I guess the new season of America's Next Top Model will premiere at 8 PM.  We also have the Psych season finale tonight at 10 on USA but I won't be watching that either (never have), it's Being Erica day & now that Nip Tuck is over I can actually watch it!

There is nothing new nor is anything ending tomorrow.

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Must have!!

Mattel is launching Mad Men collector dolls, I love it, but Joan isn't anywhere near as curvy as she should be!!!

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Big Love, Big Mess!

The way too early season finale of Big Love was on last Sunday & I of course tuned in for it & was pretty shocked by the whole outcome of it.  First of all, I'm so happy that creepy ass JJ & his freaky ass wife are dunzo...I was so sick of looking at him & when I found out that he was involved in the incest in Kansas I was even more creeped out.  So, basically JJ was taking his sperm & the eggs of others & placing them in women who could carry the babies & so this spread of cross breeding was taking place unannounced to these women.  These women thought they were pregnant with their own babies but really they weren't.  Nicki was trying to get pregnant & JJ was about to impregnate her with the egg of I believe her own daughter & JJ's sperm...JJ is Nicki's daughter's father!  Anyway, Nicki's mom took care of all of that by burning down the clinic with him & his crazy cancer wife inside.

So, Bill won the election for State Senate and really this whole plot line has me kind of annoyed...the family has so much on their plate & then he does this, runs for Senate & wins?  Let me clear that the only reason he won is because his opponent conceded for whatever reason (I'm sure we'll find out next season & I'm sure it involves Marilyn).  When Bill won he made his speech & announced that he's a Polygamist & introduced all 3 of his poor wives who had to stand up there on stage & pretend to be proud of who they are.  Once he made this announcement the room went silent & most people left while the ladies stood up there holding hands dressed appropriately one in red, one in white & one in blue.  Nicki cut her hair & modernized herself prior...probably because she didn't want people thinking she was "that kind" of Polygamist, you know, the kind who live on the compound!

I don't understand how they didn't get arrested, is Polygamy not illegal?  Bill thinks that just because he's Senator he can make it ok because I think he's in for a world of hurt.  He's got a baby on the way with Anna, Margie is married to Anna's boyfriend (but leaving the marriage), I guess Sarah is leaving the show not just the state, Barb told the press about Anna's pregnancy to try to get Bill to lose but Bill stopped it (thinking it was all Marilyn's doing), the casino is a disaster after Bill got rid of Tommy, Nicki doesn't want to share Bill anymore & Margie's business couldn't be better (but I'm sure it will fold now).  I can't wait to see what next season will bring but I can't believe I have to wait until January...WTF is with the short ass season? I'm irritated, maybe they will do a bonus season between this & the next like they did with SATC!  I won't be holding my breath waiting for that one but it's ok True Blood is back in a few months.
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Gossip Girl came back & I missed it

So I got home yesterday & my cable was out & then I realized that I'd be missing Gossip Girl & Kell on Earth...what a disappointment!  Once I get the chance to watch GG online I'll be sure to post...assuming it deserves it.  Hopefully I'll have my TV back tonight but thankfully I will no longer be watching 90210 or Melrose Place so I won't actually miss much if they can't fix it!

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Monday, March 8, 2010


So, what did ya'll think of the biggest night for movies?  I thoroughly enjoyed myself from 8:30-9 & then bailed to watch the season finale of Big Love which will require a separate post.  Anyway, let me tell you how awesome DVRing & then skipping an hour of the Oscars is.  At 10:00 I went back to where I'd left off of the Oscars on my DVR and began fast forwarding through everything I didn't care about (which is a lot) so I'd watch Steve & Alec & then the presenter & after they announced the winner it was FF time.  I didn't watch any speeches or categories that I wasn't in to & really I'm just there for 6 awards, possibly up to 10 depending on costumes, animated movies, music, and documentaries.  I did stop to watch the dance performance to the nominated scores, the tribute to John Hughes & the tribute to all those who passed this year.  At about 11:15 I caught up to the current timing of the awards & just in time...the big 4 awards were given just after that.  I want to say yay for Bigelow for being the first female director to win an Oscar.  I am curious though that since the screenplay writer won what's going to happen with this court case against him & the director, see link for info on that.  I mean, with all the notoriety & cash that will come with the awards this guy suing them stands to win quite a bit of cash.

I was really happy that Sandra Bullock won for The Blind Side, indifferent about Jeff Bridges because he creeps me out.  He's "the dude" all the time & I can say for sure that I'm happy awards season is over for the pure fact that I don't have to hear him say "T-Bone Burnett" ever again!  That T-Bone guy may be amazing at what he does but he looks like James Cameron posing as a cool guy...don't ya think?

I was happy that Avatar didn't win best picture only because I don't think movies like that deserve it, everything is done behind the scenes since most of the movie is shot on a green screen, so aside from acting & special effects/makeup, and editing those movies don't deserve nominations.  You know, I'd like to see James Cameron make a low budget, honest movie rather than all of this fantastical crap!  Speaking of Avatar, I liked Ben Stiller's little snippet when he presented for makeup.

Well I don't really have much else to say about the night except that I can't wait for next year & hopefully there won't be 10 movies nominated again!  Over the next few weeks I fully intend to check out Precious & Inglorious Basterds.  I will post my favorite fashions on my other blog later today or tomorrow, chime in on your thoughts.
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Friday, March 5, 2010

Cecilia Halpert arrived!

Jim & Pam had a girl & named her Cecelia which is one of my favorite names for a little girl.  The episode was a good one, even without the baby part.  Let's recap the fun!

Kevin cooked his way through the Julia Childs cookbook & then moved on to the Twilight cookbook & Pam was more than happy to eat everything he cooked.  Michael thinks he's a matchmaker & tried to set up Erin & Kevin & watching that date made me feel like I was on one.  

Erin: Are you from around here?
Kevin: Nope
Erin: So you're from somewhere else then?
Kevin: Yep

And of course Kevin thought the date went awesome!  At least finally in the end Andy got up the courage to ask Erin out which totally made her day.

While Michael was driving Jam to the hospital he called Dwight to go get Pam's iPod from their house which he of course broke into even though Pam was trying to tell him where the key was hidden, anyway, once inside he started tearing the place apart looking for the iPod but all he found was mold.  He got his friends over to the house & ripped out all the cabinets & started replacing them, priceless!  Speaking of priceless Dwight...he asked Angela to have a baby with him & they drew up a contract & he doesn't think that adults are supposed to get their teeth cleaned.  Oh yeah, he also slept in Jam's bed with no pants (of any kind) on while he was waiting for the crew to arrive to help with the kitchen, I laughed so hard when they showed him getting up & had it all fuzzed out.

Pam accidentally breast fed her roommates baby while she was half asleep which was quite humorous though she had a hard time getting her baby to latch on it finally happened at the end & Jam was super happy but with a bunch of tickets on the car.  When Michael pulled up at the hospital he parked in the ambulance lane & when the guy outside said "sir, you can't park there" he threw the keys over the fence & said "I just did" which was hysterical until I realized it was Jim's car he was driving!  If you didn't get a chance to see it, check it out here.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nip Tuck ends. Forever.

So last night was the finale of Nip Tuck, the final finale...forever & I wasn't that impressed with it. I liked the episode, but thought that it had a little too much pointless fluff.  I know why they did it, like the story line with the old man & his porn was just a look at Christian in 30 years pretty much.  Sean & Christian & the Asian broads basically told us that yes, Sean made himself believe that he needed Christian but really he was just a bad influence what with the cocaine & all. 

I was really happy that Liz was made a partner, she totally deserved it & in the end I was very happy that Christian manned up & let Sean go because Julia was right...he's a soul sucker.  Speaking of Liz, if she's trying to keep herself & the baby away from Sean so he doesn't feel like a parent why would she have stayed at the firm where Sean can easily find her anytime he wants?

On a side note...did anyone else notice that Sean's son Connor had 2 normal hands rather than the lobster hand & normal hand?

Matt is an idiot & really, I think the show would have been better had he never been on it but I'm happy that he took off with Ava & Jenna though because Ava appears to have money & Matt is a loser so maybe Jenna will have a somewhat normal life. 

I'm going to miss the show but I'm glad it's over, that's one less thing for me to have to watch & these last 2 seasons were hit or miss every week.  I loved this show back in the Carver days well actually I loved it when they were in Miami, after that it was too all over the place, didn't have enough focus & left me wanting more substance. 

Peace out to McNamara / Troy.

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The Baby is coming!!!

Tonight is the night, from 9-10 (NBC) Jim & Pam are having their baby on The Office, I'm so excited...granted I don't like kids but I love Jim & Pam & it's TV so I don't actually have to hang out with the kid!!

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Parenthood has Potential

Last night was the premiere of Parenthood on NBC & I tuned in for it...yes, I skipped Millionaire Matchmaker to watch this show.  First of all I want to say that I really enjoy the cast though every time someone called Lauren Graham "Sarah" I was confused because she is & always will be Lorelei Gilmore...maybe it's because the characters she plays are always Lorelei-ish, you know, quirky, humorous, honest, and when needed a mom who rules with an iron fist.  It may have had something to do with the fact that I watched 2 hours of Gilmore Girls prior to watching this show but that's beside the point.  It was good to see Peter Krause again, while I get to enjoy Michael C. Hall on Dexter I haven't liked anything that Krause has been in since Six Feet Under.

Dax Shephard plays Dax Shephard...this guy has made himself famous by playing himself just with a different name in every movie/TV show he's ever done, he's like a white Tracy Morgan & it's kind of annoying to me.  Aside from all of that, the rest of the cast was good and I hope will start to gel more as the season goes on.  When I saw commercials for this show it appeared to be a good old comedy but it's not...bring on my disappointment.  While I'm ok with it being a dramedy I would have preferred that it be portrayed that way rather than getting me all excited to be laughing my ass for an hour only to get a few giggles out of me.
Of course we have a story line with a kid with "issues" that are looking to be Asperger's at this point, we've got the troubled teen kids of Lore, sorry Sarah, and then we have Coach & his wife though Coach has condoms in his desk drawer so I'm sure that will mean something sooner or an affair.  I don't remember Coach's name on this show so I will refer to him as Coach until it sinks in (kind of like the Lorelei thing).  I have a feeling that with all of these characters things are going to get jumbled or forgotten kind of like Sarah's daughter & her niece were arrested for something involving pot but nothing was explained.  One minute Krause & Monica Potter are at the school talking about their son with the issues & the next minute they are at the police station with Sarah picking up their explanation of any kind was given & that bugged me.  Then Sarah's son is gone & he's run away to hang out with his dad (because he saw him mom in her underwear in the kitchen with a dude in his underwear), a musician loser so she went & picked him up & brought him back so basically...way too much stuff was shoved into an hour but I think once they get their groove the show will be great!

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Nip Tuck Series Finale is tonight!

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Parenthood Premieres

It's finally here...I've been waiting for this show to start since I saw the first preview back around Christmas & today is the day that Parenthood finally premieres!!  Tune in to NBC at 10 PM tonight to check it out for yourself.  If you want to know more about the show you can check out my previous post regarding my excitement for the show to start & it also has a link to the site for the show if you want to watch a preview or find out more about the cast & characters.

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