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Saturday, June 30, 2012

True Blood...we MUST discuss!

I just realized that I haven't yet touched base on this killer season of True Blood!  This season really came out of the gate running didn't it?  Now that we are almost 4 episodes in I don't have to tell you that there will be spoilers so here we go...Tara is a damn vampire who was turned by Pam who is playing a larger role this season so far.  We saw her in a pale yellow sweatsuit with a kiddie design on the top that was a great way to kick off the season...I mean, come on, tough ass Pam in a Holly Hobby looking sweatsuit from a bargain mart, how could that not make your day?

So Tara's a vampire & currently furious with Sookie & Lafayette for turning her & in the last episode she was starving & went to Sam for help.  She cleaned him out of True Blood because she was starving & then he put her in the walk in cooler to sleep for the day & put a sign on it saying it was out of order & not to go in it.  Arlene being nosy of course went in & was added to the list of people who now know about Tara being a vampire & she freaked the hell out when she saw it too.  I cant wait to see what goes down tomorrow night.

Then there's Bill & Eric who are currently in prison for killing Nan & being held by The Authority which is a small committee that is led by Roman Zimojic who is played by Chris Meloni & the committee also includes Barb from Cougar Town!  Anyway, in the beginning we met Eric's sister whom he screwed like crazy so we saw some hot Eric ass which was awesome.  Sis, Eric & Bill were all taken & imprisoned with some other guy who was already there & the prison kind of sucks...Bill & Eric are being totured by these people via intraveinous silver & while in their cells they are occasionally hit with UV blasts as well.  The guys just recently informed Roman that Russel Edgington is still alive & the last episode ended with us seeing what he currently looks like which is freaking disgusting but he's repairing slowly.

Next there's Jessica, Hoyt & Jason to deal with.  In the first episode we saw crazy Steve Newlin at Jason's door as a vampire & he glamoured Jason to get into the house but just as he was about to take a taste of Jason, Jessica showed up & declared that Jason was hers so Steve left.  Jessica has been partying like crazy with the local college kids & having Rock Band parties & flirting & in general taking advantage of being single & of Bill being gone.  Granted she has no clue that he's in any kind of trouble nor does Pam know about Eric but Pam is distraught while Jessica is in the "when the King's away" mode claiming that she's in charge.  So during one of her parties Jason showed up & was obviously hurt when he saw Jessica making out with some guy & he tried to hook up with someone else but couldn't do it.  He told Jessica & she basically told him that she was just helping him out when she said he was hers & that she just liked hooking up with him & didn't want anything more.  So on the Jason side, he tried to repair things with Hoyt but he just dropped about 20 F bombs & basically ran Jason out of his mom's house so I'm not sure if Hoyt is living back there (him & Jessica has a house & she's back at the lair with Bill) or if he was just there helping mama out which he was complaining about doing a lot of lately.

So anyway, that was a ramble for sure but hopefully you get the point & now, what the hell do you think is in store for the rest of the season?  I can't wait to see what happens with Tara, I feel bad for Pam (we've also just started learning her "turning" story) & am wondering if she will go the route of Jessica eventually because someone has to run Fangtasia & Eric's chair just sits there empty.  Sam's girlfriend's daughter just turned into a wolf for the first time & they were hoping she'd be a shifter rather than a wolf so I'm also intrigued with that story line, oh, how could I forget, duh...Alcide said he killed the pack master so technically he's supposed to be the new master but he doesn't want the job.  So long as his hot ass stays on the show I'll be happy!  I'm honestly not that into the Bill/Eric story yet because I'm too confused by it...political intrigue & vampire laws are too much for my head to retain, it is already filled with at least 40 hours of shows per week and it's tricky keeping everything straight.  Tune in tomorrow for the next episode, I for one can't wait to see if Tara takes a shower.

What's on tomorrow, July 1?

Happy July ya'll!

1:30 - My First Place, HGTV
8:00 - Queen & Country, PBS
9:00 - BBQ Pit Masters, DA
10:00 - Shark Wranglers, History, Weeds, Showtime
10:30 - Episodes, Showtime

Friday, June 29, 2012

Anger Management...I watched it

So I tuned in to the back to back two episode series premiere of Anger Management last night on FX & also tuned in for the season premiere of Louie so first let me say that I was not disappointed with that at all and I'm really looking forward to this coming season of the show...poor Louie, it's just so honest, I love it.

Now, on to the point...Charlie Sheen's new sitcom Anger Management where Charlie plays a therapist named Charlie.  Is he always so wasted that it's in his contract that his characters must always be named Charlie or what?  Anyway overall I thought the show was funny but I was of course comparing it to Two & a Half Men...probably because I watched a marathon of it for 10 hours on FX prior to this starting & of course it had similarities.  The humor was very similar & raunchy but not quite as witty as Men but I did laugh out loud a couple times during the first episode which is a good sign but the second episode I kind of walked away from 10 minutes in & then missed a few mins in the middle.

The premise is that Charlie is a divorced dad of a tween daughter & he's on good terms with his ex-wife.  He's sleeping with a woman casually who is also a therapist & is played by Selma Blair & I won't share much more about that in case you haven't seen it.  Charlie is a former professional baseball player & he also has anger management issues as well as his patients who he's currently seeing at his home. He runs a therapy group and the people in it as well as Charlie's neighbor offer a lot of comedic variations that work well with Charlie & the rest of the cast.  The second episode was a little more "kitschy sitcom with a message" when a woman from Charlie's past shows up & this whole debacle unfolds & yada yada.  Basically, I'm planning on adding this to the DVR lineup to see how the season plays out & when it's over I'll report back again with my findings.  Until then, check it out for certainly is worth watching.

Chasing UFOs series premiere tonight!

Tonight at 7:00 on Reelz is the 1st season finale of True Justice, up at 8:00 on Disney is the 2nd season premiere of My Babysitter's a Vampire.

Up at 9:00 on TeenNick is the 1st season finale of Breaking From Above, on NGC is the series premiere of Chasing UFOs which also airs another episode after, also at 9 on Reelz is the series premiere of XIII.

In the 10:00 slot on Health is the 1st season finale of Embarrassing Bodies, on SyFy is the 1st season finale of Insane or Inspired and on HBO is the 10th season summer finale of Real Time With Bill Maher.

Real World...Paradise?

I tuned into the brand new season of The Real World: Paradise Found which takes place in St. Thomas about 20 minutes into the first episode.  At 30 minutes later I cannot wait for this to end...I used to love Real World & Road Rules but now I don't see myself continuing to watch this show.  I can't remember the last time I actually made a point to watch a season every week, I guess it was the Real Housewives of my youth but now, it's just idiotic.  These people have been here for 5 minutes & already some guy is in love with some girl, another guy is fighting with some other guy, 1 chick is obnoxiously wasted, some other chick took a dump & didn't flush & not one single person this season is attractive (well except maybe Trey, pictured above).  The house of course is amazing as it always is & especially being that it's in St. Thomas the scenery & property are breathtaking but they take this diamond & fill it full of assholes & all for our entertainment.  Thanks MTV, I'm sure I'll spend at least one Sunday afternoon watching a marathon once I get sucked in by some sex story.  Just by the previews for next week there are already 3 "couples" formed and then the guy with the big spacers in his ears is left all alone.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

What's on tomorrow, June 30th?

7:00 - True Justice, Reelz
8:00 - My Babysitter's a Vampire, Disney
9:00 - Breaking From Above, TeenNick, Chasing UFOs, NGC, XIII, Reelz
10:00 - Embarrassing Bodies, Health, Insane or Inspired, SyFy, Real Time with Bill Maher, HBO

Anger Management premieres tonight!

Tonight at 9:00 on FX the moment is finally many people have been awaiting Charlie Sheen's return to TV with his new comedy Anger Management.  Also in the 9 slot is the series premiere of Trip Flip on Travel, the series premiere of Twenty Twelve on BBCA and on ABC is the 5th season summer premiere of Wipeout.  

At 10:00 on Lifetime is the 1st season finale of 7 Days of Sex, the series premiere of Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell on Food & on FX is the 2nd season premiere of Wilfred.  At 10:30 on MTV is the 2nd season premiere of Awkward and on FX is the 3rd season premiere of Louie.

Russell Brand brings his show Brand X to FX with it's first season premiere up at 11:00 & then at 11:59 on Adult Swim is the 2nd season finale of Eagleheart.

Who's on Who, Friday June 29?

Fridays talk show guests are...

Ellen - Melissa McCarthy, Luke Bryan, Armie Hammer
The View - Jim Parsons, Robby Benson, Randy Fenoli
The Talk - Not yet announced
The Chew - Daphne Oz
Wendy - NeNe Leakes, cast of Single Ladies
Anderson - Kody Brown & Sister Wives

Letterman - Bill Murray, The Temper Trap
Leno - Andrew Garfield, Of Monster & Men
Kimmel - Anderson Cooper, Scott Caan, Metric
Fallon Denis Leary, Emily Mortimer
Chelsea - Zach Wahls

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Man v. Food

The newest show I've started watching on reruns and on Netflix is Man v. Food...I had never seen this show until it was on after an episode of "Best Sandwich in America" which is also hosted by Adam Richman who is the Man going against the food.  I never watched it before because I thought it was more similar to the show where Andrew Zimmern eats weird foods when in actuality it's nothing like that at all!  Adam goes to a city & hits up some local food & then also goes to a place in that city to eat something huge...kind of like John Candy eating the Ol' 96er in Great Outdoors.  

I live in Detroit so I made sure I fired up the Detroit episode on Netflix since I've never heard of any place in the area that serves some sort of giant anything.  First off Adam went to Lafayette & American Coney Islands as all food visitors do (there's history there, Google it if you are curious) and then he went to Slow's which is a newer & killer BBQ joint in a shadier area of Detroit that is now turning around thanks to them.  Last he went to a bar called Mallie's in Southgate where he & a team of 39 others attempted to break their own Guinness world record for the largest burger eaten in 2 hours.  As you can see by the photo the burger was huge, 190 lbs. to be exact & that pic doesn't even include the top bun, another layer of cheese, bacon, lettuce, pickles, onion and tomato!  Click here to see a video of the burger being made & built.  Unfortunately, food won this challenge...the crew of 40 left 30 pounds behind unfinished but I'm pretty sure that Mallie's has since broken their record more than once so they obviously found the right 40 people at some point.  I've never been here but they are known for their burgers...check out their site.

What's on tomorrow, June 28th?

9:00 - Anger Management, FX, Trip Flip, Travel, Twenty Twelve, BBCA, Wipeout, ABC
10:00 - Seven Days of Sex, Lifetime, Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell, Food, DUI, TLC, Wilfred, FX
10:30 - Awkward, MTV, Louie, FX
11:00 - Brand X, FX
11:59 - Eagleheart, Adult Swim 

I (almost) Got Away With It season finale

Tonight at 9:00 on ID is the 5th season finale of I (almost) Got Away With It while on NBC there is a special 2 hour episode of America's Got Talent.

At 10:00 on ID is the 3rd season finale of FBI: Criminal Pursuit, on ABC is the series premiere of Final Witness, PBS is offering up the 1st season finale of Inside Nature's Giants and last but not least is the 27th...that's right 27th season premiere of The Real World.  I remember when the first season was on, like it was yesterday...I wish that would rerun somewhere or be put on Netflix because that was the best season, well, it's the original season so of course it was the best.

Who's on Who, Thursday June 28?

Thursdays talk show guests are...

Ellen - Kellie Pickler, Joel McHale
The View - Taylor Kitsch
The Talk - Not yet announced
The Chew - Denise Richards
Wendy - Joe Manganiello, Marissa Jaret Winokur
Anderson - Gloria Vanderbilt

Letterman - Drew Brees, Comedian Moody McCarthy
Leno - Tyler Perry, Rhys Ifans, Keane
Watch What Happens Live - Kylie Minogue, Katie Couric
Kimmel - Howie Mandel, Alex Pettyfer, Linkin Park
Daily Show - Tenacious D
Colbert Report - Aaron Sorkin
Conan - Mark Wahlberg, Billy Eichner, Infantree
Fallon - Courtney Cox, Anthony Mackie
Chelsea - Joe Manganiello

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Who's on Who, Wednesday June 27?

Wednesdays talk show guests are...

Ellen - Drew Barrymore, Octavia Spencer, Flo Rida
The View - Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon & Tito Jackson, Terry Caffey
The Talk - Not yet announced
The Chew - Mira Sorvino
Wendy - Romeo Miller, Jimmie Walker
Anderson - Dallas Cast, Sister Wives, Kelly Osbourne, Lady Antebellum

Letterman - Channing Tatum, The Gaslight Anthem
Leno - Mila Kunis, Jim Norton, Justin Bieber
Watch What Happens Live - Andrew Zimmern, Joe Manganiello
Kimmel - Matt LeBlanc, Selma Blair, Linkin Park
Daily Show - Andrew Garfield
Colbert Report - Melinda Gates
Conan - Chris Pine, Anthony Mackie, El-P
Fallon - Penelope Cruz, LeVar Burton
Chelsea - Oliver Stone

Craft Wars premieres

Tonight at 9:00 on SyFy is the 2nd season finale of Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files: Iceland worm monster/Stonehenge secrets.  On Bravo is the 7th season finale of Real Housewives of Orange County...I  cannot wait to see how this party & season both end because the previews I was watching last night during RHONY were cray cray!

On TLC at 9:00 is the new series premiere of Craft Wars which is being hosted by Tori Spelling.  I don't know how that woman finds the time to have like 3 different TV shows, multiple kids, a husband, a gagillion pets, books & on top of all that she's constantly pregnant too.  Mad props to her because this is my only job which I don't get paid for and I can't even find the time to clean my apartment!!  Also in the 9:00 slot is the 2nd season finale of Hollywood Treasure and o TV Land is the 2nd season premiere of Retired at 35.

Monday, June 25, 2012

On Tonight

Sorry guys, I didn't get a chance to formally post what's on tonight so please refer to yesterdays brief "what's on tomorrow" post so you don't miss anything! 

I am watching Laguna Beach & I still love it!

So I am currently out at the lake where my friend recently had cable & wifi installed.  He used to have a dish & no internet at all so if we were stuck inside there was nothing to do, especially after the dish got bumped in a storm & only 6 channels came in!  Anyway, I like to have some TV & coffee time in the morning to get my engine going & when I got up he was watching an Underworld movie but as soon as he went out I changed a Laguna Beach (the photo is off my lake "Laguna Beach") marathon. 

I miss this show...the drama of rich kids is like the drama of the Real Housewives franchise...its hilarious and enticing.  The drama between LC & Kristin & Stephen sucked me in instantly of course & watching it now is so funny knowing how they "ended up".  Well, actually I don't have a clue what happened to Stephen...I remember that he was on a TV show there for a while, who knows maybe he still is but its a show I obviously don't watch.
Back then we saw LC (now just Lauren) aspiring to be a Kelly Cutrone & now she's a full on fashion designer with a "good girl" reputation, she's not exactly the type to be showing her vag to the world in Us Weekly.  And of course there was Kristin who was the bad girl then and she tried a hosting career there for a while but as far as I know she's just a "Football Wife" in training now & pregnant as well.

I don't have a clue what folks like Polster, Jen Bunny & Morgan are up to & I haven't seen season 2 with that stupid girl who made terrible choices in guys & was always chewing on her lip in a long time...Netflix only has season 1 & I've only seen season 1 being rerun as well.  I'd like to see season 2 again to remind me of the antics there because all I remember is the LC & Jason drama as well as that dumb girl & all her man troubles that she was bringing on herself.  Anyway, I should get back to watching TV so I'll have more to share later about Man vs. Food which is my new addiction!   

Who's on Who Tuesday, June 26th

Tuesdays talk show guests are...

Ellen - Reese Witherspoon, Nathan Lane
The View - Rielle Hunter, Elizabeth Banks
The Chew -David Alan Grier
The Talk - Not yet announced
Wendy - Charlie Sheen, Shawnee Smith & Brett Butler
Anderson - Danny DeVito

Letterman - LeBron James, Andrew Garfield, Maroon 5
Leno - Matt LeBlanc, Capt, Sig Hansen & Capt. Keith Colburn, Robin Thicke
Watch What Happens Live - Tamra Barney, Denise Richards
Kimmel - Louis C.K., Zoe Kazan
Daily Show - Seth MacFarlane
Colbert Report - Richard Ford
Conan - Russell Brand, Big K.R.I.T.
Fallon - Michelle Pfeiffer, Cedric the Entertainer
Chelsea - Nelsan Ellis

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Who's on Who, Monday June 25?

Mondays talk show guests are...

Ellen - Julie Bowen, Josh Hutcherson, The Band Perry
The View - Marco Rubio, Maura Tierney, Shailene Woodley
The Talk - Not yet announced
The Chew - Tom Arnold
Wendy - Derek Luke & cast of Hollywood Exes
Anderson - DWTS Castoff, Co-host Rebecca Romijin

Letterman - Emma Stone, Jimmie Walker, Diamond Rugs
Leno - Louis CK, Delta Rae
Watch What Happens Live - Aviva Drescher, Heather Thomson 
Kimmel - Katy Perry, The Offspring
Daily Show - Marco Rubio
Colbert Report - Frank Deford
Conan - Mila Kunis
Fallon - Joan Rivers, CM Punk, Alabama Shakes
Chelsea - Erin Wasson

What's on tomorrow, June 25th?

8:30 - Breaking from Above, TeenNick
9:00 - Hollywood Exes, VH1, Mobster Confessions, Discovery
10:00 - Diagnosis, Health, Extreme Couponing, TLC, Monster In-Laws, A&E

Who's on Who , Sunday June 24?

Tonight's talk show guests are...

WWHL - Jacqueline Laurita, Carole Radziwill
Chelsea - Kevin Nealon

The Newsroom premieres tonight

Tonight on DIY at 8:00 is the 3rd season premiere of Mega Dens with a "colorful basement surprise".  Then at 9:00 on TLC is the 3rd season finale of Sister Wives, on VH1 is the 4th season finale of Tough Love on VH1.  On TV Land also at 9:00 are the AFI Life Achievement Awards honoring Shirley Maclaine.

At 10:00 on Lifetime is the 6th season summer premiere of Army Wives, on TNT is the series premiere of The Great Escape and then on HBO is the series premiere of The Newsroom.  

I've seen previews of this show and a few of my readers suggested that I watch it and I hate to say it...especially being from Michigan but I can't stand Jeff Daniels.  Every time I see him in anything he's Flap from Terms of Endearment & I can't move past it...I also don't care for Olivia Munn or Emily Mortimer so I think I'll skip watching this one.  As I'm sitting here re-watching True Blood & Girls in HD from last week I've seen a couple different new previews for it I initially thought (a couple months ago) it was a comedy & was intrigued but then a few seconds into that initial preview I realized it wasn't & lost all interest.  These different previews don't change my mind either, it just makes me not want to watch it even more but from what I hear it's supposed to be really good...Alan Sorkin is behind it so I'm sure it isn't terrible!! 

At 11:59 on Adult Swim is the 9th season premiere of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

What's on tomorrow, June 24th?

8:00 - Mega Dens, DIY
9:00 - Sister Wives, TLC, Tough Love, VH1, AFI Life Achievement Award: Shirley Maclaine, TV Land
10:00 - Army Wives, Lifetime, The Great Escape, TNT, The Newsroom, HBO
11:59 - Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Adult Swim

Dog The Bounty Hunter series finale tonight!

Tonight at 8:00 on Lifetime is the original telefilm Tall Hot Blonde.  Then on CBS at 8:30 is the series finale of How to be a Gentleman.  SyFy is ripe with another new original telefim tonight at 9:00 called Arachnoquake & on Science is the series premiere of Oddities.

At 10:00 on A&E is sadly the series finale of Dog the Bounty Hunter...what the hell will we do without Baby Lyssa, Youngblood, Beth & the rest of the gang now?

Tonight at 11:59 on BBCA is the 3rd season finale of The Thick of It.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Deadliest Catch special episode tonight!

Tonight on NGC at 7:00 check out the 1st season finale of The Link.  Then at 8:00 head on over to Discovery and park it...first up is the Deadliest Catch Behind the Scenes special one hour presentation and following it at 9:00 is the 1st season finale of Deadly Seas.

Also on at 9:00 on DIY is the 3rd season finale of Turf War.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Snooki & JWoww premieres tonight!

Hey all, up tonight at 10:00 on PBS is the 25th season premiere of POV & on MTV is the series premiere of Snooki & JWoww.  At 10:30 on FX is the 2nd season premiere of Wilfred.  In the 11:00 slot on Lifetime is the 1st season finale of Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet.

Who's on Who, Friday June 22

Fridays talk show guests are...

Ellen - Sophia Grace & Rosie, Julianna Margulies, Kevin Nealon
The View - Patricia Heaton, Ellen Page, Greta Gerwig
The Talk - Joan Rivers
Wendy - Anthony Mackie, Noureen De Wulf
Anderson - Mystery guest

Letterman - Will Smith, Gossip
Leno - Chris Pine, Rachael Ray, Everclear
Kimmel - Tracy Morgan, Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis
Fallon - Adam Sandler, RecordSetter, Wii U Demonstration
Chelsea - Nelsan Ellis

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baby Daddy & Soul Man premiere tonight

Tonight at 8:30 on ABC Family is the series premiere of Baby Daddy.  More series premieres are on at 10:00 including Diamond Divers on Spike, Inside Men on BBCA, School Spirits on SyFy, The Soul Man on TV Land and then on Comedy is the one hour season premiere of Futurama.

10:30 brings us to the 2nd season finale of American Restoration and on TV Land is the 2nd season premiere of The Exes.

Who's on Who, Thursday June 21st

Thursdays talk show guests are...

Ellen - Jon Hamm, Michael Weatherly, Sara Bareilles
The View - Nadya Suleman 
The Talk - Scott Wolf
Wendy - Teresa Giudice, Robin Thicke

Letterman - Justin Bieber, Michael Ian Black
Leno - Katy Perry, Man Traveled World for Free, Need to Breathe
Kimmel - Anderson Cooper, Metric
Watch What Happens Live - Soleil Moon-Frye, Levar Burton
Daily Show - Steve Carell
Colbert Report - Lawrence Krauss
Conan - Seth Meyers, Jordana Brewster, The Avett Brothers
Fallon - Paul Giamatti, Patrick J. Adams, Madden 13
Chelsea - Zach Wahls

What do you think I should be watching?

I am currently watching the following in, they are set up as series recordings so I never miss them.  This list does not include shows I watch once in a while because there are too many to list!

Real Housewives of OC, NJ, NYC
Million Dollar Listing LA
Around the World in 80 Plates
Miss Advised
Watch What Happens Live

Pretty Little Liars
True Blood
Best Sandwich in America
Fashion Police
The Soup
The Kardashians
Being Erica
The Glass House
Push Girls

Note...I only have Showtime but I have access to HBO & Starz & I have cable so no dish related shows please. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 review

I wasn't sure how I would feel about this show but now that I've seen 2 episodes...I love it!! The salon is called AJ's & it's owned by AJ who is a lovely man that I really like & I think he's gay but I'm not sure. Next up we have Valincia the bitch who is always starting something & she's straight, has a huge Afro & has been working for AJ 20 years.

The salon manager is Niki & the sales manager is Q & I like these ladies as well but they haven't brought any drama so I don't know much about them yet. This brings us to Katrell who is a makeup artist & Valincia hates with a passion. It's the Olivia/Tracy dynamic with these 2. The other makeup artist is Austin & she is so cute, she's really little & the only white girl but she's pretty hood for a white girl. She reminds me of Taryn Manning but way more conservative & this week she went out with a Chicago Bears player on a first date that was kind of wah-wah.

This brings us to Macray, the hilarious & feminine gay guy who took Austin shopping for her big date. There is another guy...he's a barber & the football player was in seeing him when he spotted Austin & had to take her out. I of course forgot the barber's name & he & a date also went out with Austin & the baller.

This show has drama, stylists, and style like Jerseylicious but it doesn't have the stupid phrases & crazy Jersey clothing that I jut adore. I will definitely keep watching this one but I really prefer Gayle, Ant & the crews in Jersey.

Bristol Palin's show starts tonight

At 3:30 on TLC is the 1st season finale of Big Brooklyn Style.  MTV offers up a special presentation tonight at 7:30...Bieber Live.

At 9:00 on NGC is the 1st season finale of Amish Out of Order, Weather has the 3rd season premiere of Braving the Elements and then TruTV has the 5th season finale of Hardcore Pawn.

On Lifetime at 10:00 is the series premiere of Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp & on Velocity is the 5th season finale of Chasing Classic Cars.  At 11:00 on History is the 1st season finale of United Stats of America and at 11:30 is the 1st season finale of Savage U on MTV.

Who's on Who, Wednesday June 20

Wednesdays talk show guests are...

Ellen - Steve Carell, Brooklyn Decker, Bobby Brown
The View - Michelle Pfeiffer, Senator Marco Rubio, Snooki & JWoww
The Talk - Jack Osbourne
Wendy - Piers Morgan, Tahj Mowry

Letterman - Alec Baldwin, Michael Kiwanuka
Leno - Andy Samberg, Seth MacFarlane, Joe Henry
Watch What Happens Live - Josh Altman, Josh Flagg, Madison Hilderbrand
Kimmel - Not yet announced
Daily Show - Denis Leary
Colbert Report - Daniel Klaidman
Conan - Governor Mitt Romney's Sons, Shinedown
Fallon - Ice - T, Lena Dunham, The Last of Us
Chelsea - Kylie Minogue

Monday, June 18, 2012

What's on tomorrow, June 19th?

3:30 - Big Brooklyn Style, TLC
9:00 - Amish Out of Order, NGC, Braving the Elements, Weather, Hardcore Pawn, TruTV
10:00 - Bristol Palin, Lifetime, Chasing Classic Cars, Velocity
11:00 - United Stats of America, History
11:30 - Savage U, MTV

Miss Advised is finally here!!

Tonight at 8:00 on Bounce TV is the series premiere of Family Time and on VH1 is the series premiere of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta.

At 8:30 is the 3rd season premiere of Pair of Kings, on Bounce TV is the series premiere of Uptown Comic.  

In the 9:00 slot on Science is the series premiere of Danger by Design, Food has the 1st season finale of Invention Hunters and Logo has the 3rd season premiere of Rupaul's Drag U.

Discovery has the 1st season finale of Kurt Sutter's Outlaw Empires at 10:00 and Bravo brings the series premiere of Miss Advised to us finally!  Up at 10:02 on CBS is the series premiere of The Glass House which I will be watching and writing about since I watch Big Brother & they were fighting to try to keep this show off the air due to similarities.

Who's on Who, Tuesday June 19th

Tuesdays talk show guests are...

Ellen - Sam Worthington, Michael Strahan, Seal
The View - Justin Bieber
The Talk - Adam Carolla
Wendy - Cedric the Entertainer, Kate Flannery

Letterman - Jeff Daniels, Benjamin Walker, Walk the Moon
Leno - Matthew McConaughey, Natasha Leggero, Grouplove
Kimmel - Game Night Prime Time w/Mark Wahlberg & Mila Kunis. Night - Sally Field, Kevin Love, Waka Flocka Flame
Watch What Happens Live - Gretchen Rossi, Niecy Nash
Daily Show - Marco Rubio
Colbert Report - Olivia Wilde
Conan - Sharon Osbourne, Ashley Fiolek, Chad Daniels
Fallon - Maggie Gyllenhaal, Andy Cohen, Halo 4
Chelsea - Cat Cora

Bunheads...I watched it

I watched Bunheads...well sort of watched it.  I was baking cookies & it was on TV so I caught enough of it to know if I would like it & certainly enough to form an opinion because that only took 5 minutes.

I don't like it...the show has potential but it's trying way too hard to be Gilmore Girls & the leading lady is no Lauren Graham.  Sutton Foster (formerly on Broadway) plays Michelle Simms who was a Vegas showgirl who married a man on a whim & moved to his small town with him.  She met his mother Fanny Flowers played by Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore) who is a dance teacher and then I think he dropped dead or was in a car accident or something...I'm pretty sure he died let's put it that way.  After this Michelle decided to stay in town & also teach dance so I guess I missed the middle but I saw a couple parts & that's what I didn't like about the show.

There was a scene where Michelle walks into a party (for her & her husband I think) and she's late but heads straight for the bar area & grabs a glass of wine, she takes a sip, makes a face & spits it out saying how gross it is.  This was not funny, comical, cute...this was forced & this Sutton Foster just isn't Lauren Graham (I got a very strong Lorelei Gilmore feel from the character) & it was pretty obvious to me that they should have cast this show better or not made to so closely resemble Gilmore Gilrs.  

I won't be watching this one & I've not yet heard if it has been picked up by the network as it's only been on for a couple weeks but I have a feeling it will last.  Moms can watch it with their daughters & dancers will like it I'm sure but it's too fluffy for me & too poorly acted.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

What's on tomorrow, June 18th?

8:00 - Dance Academy, TeenNick, Family Time, Bounce, Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, VH1
8:30 - Pair of Kings, Disney XD, Uptown Comic, Bounce
9:00 - Danger by Design, Science, Invention Hunters, Food, Rupaul's Drag U, Logo
10:00 - Kurt Sutter's Outlaw Empires, Discovery, Miss Advised, Bravo, Glass House, ABC 

Who's on Who, Monday June 18th

Mondays talk show guests are...

Ellen - Meryl Streep, Ricky Gervais, Snow Patrol
The View - Jimmy Fallon, Niecy Nash, Mario Cantone
The Talk - Carmen Electra, Sasha Alexander
Wendy - Meghan McCain, Tom Joyner
Anderson - Bayou Billionaires, Renee Graziano

Letterman - Denis Leary, Olivia Wilde, The Pierces, Matt Cain Top Ten
Leno - Steve Carell, Mayor Cory Booker, Glen Hansard
WWHL - Ramona Singer, Kate Flannery
Kimmel - LA Kings, Martin Short, Cee Lo Green, Goodie Mob
Daily Show - Parmy Olson
Colbert Report - Paul Krugman
Conan - Martin Short, Aubrey Plaza, The Spring Standards
Fallon - Keira Knightley, Eric Andre, Call of Duty Black Ops 2
Chelsea - Kevin Nealon

The Killing, Nurse Jackie, Big C & more finales tonight!

At 9:00 on TNT is the 2nd season premiere of Falling Skies, The Killing ends its 2nd season on AMC, Mythbusters has it's 10th season finale on Discovery, Nightmare Next Door has its 3rd season premiere on, ID and then on Showtime is the 4th season finale of Nurse Jackie followed by the 3rd season finale of The Big C.

Up at 10:00 on Showtime is the 2nd season finale of The Borgias, the 1st season finale of The Client List is on Lifetime, the 1st season finale of Girls is on HBO, Head Games has its 1st season finale on Discovery, My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding has the 1st season finale on TLC, and also on is the 9th season premiere of Taboo on NGC.

At 11:00 Watch What Happens Live returns to Bravo for its 7th season.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

What's on tomorrow, June 17th?

9:00 - Falling Skies, TNT, The Killing, AMC, Mythbusters, Discovery, Nightmare Next Door, ID, Nurse Jackie, Showtime
9:30 - The Big C, Showtime
10:00 - The Borgias, Showtime, The Client List, Lifetime, Girls, HBO, Head Games, Discovery, My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, TLC, Taboo, NGC.
11:00 - Watch What Happens Live, Bravo

Piranhaconda premieres tonight!

At 8:00 on Lifetime is the original telefilm Blue Lagoon: The Awakening.  On Hallmark is the original telefilm Operation Cupcake.

At 9:00 on Science is the 3rd season finale of Oddities.  Over on SyFy is the thrilling new original telefilm...Piranhaconda!!

At 10:00 on NGW is the 1st season finale of Fish Tank Kings, on TVGuide is the series premiere of Standup in Stilettos & then on DA is the series premiere of Super-Duper Thrill Rides.

Up at 11:00 on A&E is the 1st season finale of Flipped Off.

Friday, June 15, 2012

What's on tomorrow, June 16th?

8:00 - Blue Lagoon (original telefilm), Lifetime, Operation Cupcake (original telefilm), Hallmark
9:00 - Oddities, Science, Piranhaconda (original telefilm) SyFy
10:00 - Fish Tank Kings, NGW, Standup in Stilettos, TVG, Super-duper Thrill Rides, DA

Randy to the Rescue premieres tonight

Tonight at 9:00 on ID is the 4th season finale of Cold Blood, on USA is the 2nd season finale of Fairly Legal and on TLC is the 8th season premiere of Say Yes to the Dress.

At 9:55 on Disney is the series premiere of Gravity Falls.  Up at 10:00 is the series premiere of I Evil on ID and on TLC is the series premiere of Randy to the Rescue.  Up at 11:30 on Comedy is the 1st season finale of The Half Hour.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What's on tomorrow, June 15th?

9:00 - Cold Blood, ID, Fairly Legal, USA, Say Yes to the Dress, TLC
9:55 - Gravity Falls, Disney
10:00 - I Evil, ID, Randy to the Rescue, TLC
11:30 - The Half Hour, Comedy

Burn Notice is back

Tonight at 9:00 on USA is the 6th season premiere of Burn Notice & on Bravo is the 1st season finale of Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding.

At 10:00 on Velocity is the series premiere of Graveyard Carz & on USA is the 2nd season premiere of Suits.  At 10:30 on MTV is the 1st season finale of Pauly D Project, on TLC is the 1st season finale of Tattoo School.

Dawson's, 90210, Roseanne, My So Called Life...

These are the kinds of shows I grew up on & TV is nothing like it used to be...I'm sure my parents would say the same thing.  I used to watch TV with my mom growing up so I enjoy shows like Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda, All in the Family & a lot more but obviously my key shows are those like Party of 5, Melrose Place, Family Ties, Growing Pains, Webster...the list can go on forever but since I'm currently unemployed I've been watching a lot more TV that I wouldn't usually watch so I can better blog about what's on but I find myself going back to Netflix, my DVD collection & reruns.  I spend the majority of my free time lately watching 90210, Dawson's Creek & Roseanne...I watch at least one of these shows every day but some days I'll catch all 3.  Dawson's is on Netflix, Roseanne used to be but now it's on Oxygen most days, it's on WGN & TVLand weeknights too & then 90210 is on SoapNet daily plus I have every episode on DVD.

Yes I'm thrilled that True Blood is on, Breaking Bad is coming back...etc, but I guarantee that when the season premiere of Breaking Bad is over I'll probably put on Dawson's Creek or Roseanne after.  With these shows that I watch all the time...I've seen each episode multiple times already.  I have seen 90210 beginning to end at least 18 times, Dawson's probably 5, Roseanne...shit, probably 25, My So Called Life about 6 & just now I've started re-watching Melrose Place again to add some variety.  Now Melrose I gave up on pretty early in so I will most likely not continue on past the point that watched it originally but that one I've only seen the once so it's kind of new again which I'm's like dating an old boyfriend from high school again in your 30s.

Anyway, my whole point is that now, TV isn't all it used to be.  Seasons have gotten shorter, characters have become less identifiable, sitcoms have nearly disappeared & most of the good shows are on cable channels that you have to pay for...what the hell is that all about?  I miss the fluffy with a lesson learned drama of shows like My So Called Life & 90210 & the outright humor based on real life in shows like Roseanne but now that technology has taken over (clearly, I'm currently watching TV through my blu-ray player) there is nothing left to identify with other than a house full of people in different rooms using different gadgets.  I guess this is why reality TV has become so popular & even legitimately scripted shows like Modern Family are filmed as though they are reality shows.  I love reality TV like crazy but, I'll take Roseanne the sitcom over Roseanne's Nuts any day!!

Who's on Who for Friday, June 15th

Friday's talk show guests are...

Ellen - "Diddy", Kate Upton
The View - Maggie Gyllenhaal
The Chew - Olivia Newton John
The Talk - Kevin McKidd
Wendy - RHONJ stars Kathy & Melissa, Ted Williams
Anderson - Steve Harvey

Letterman - Betty White, Former Marine Cpl. Moses Maddox, Best Coast
Leno - Salma Hayek, Adam Brody, Olly Murs
Kimmel - The Kardashians, Adam Carolla, K'Naan
Fallon - Adam Sandler, Record Setter, Wii U Demonstration
Chelsea - No guest announced yet

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dallas is back!

Tonight at 7:00 on NGC is the 2nd season finale of Shark Men.  At 8:00 is the 3rd season finale of H2O on TeenNick.

Up at 9:00 Dallas returns on TNT with a 75 minute series premiere which is followed by a second episode at 10:15.  Don't miss classics from the original cast like Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy & Linda Gray as well as some fresh faces like Jesse Metcalfe & Jordana Brewster.  I can't wait to see what these Ewings are up to now!!  On Encore is the second and last part of the miniseries Thorne.

On DIY at 10:00 is the 1st season finale of Good, Better...Best, on MTV is the 7th season finale of America's Best Dance Crew, on Food is the 3rd season finale of Restaurant Impossible & on BBCA is the 1st season finale of White Heat.

Who's on Who for Thursday, June 14th?

Thursday's talk show guests are...

Ellen - "Diddy", Kate Upton
The View - Maggie Gyllenhaal
The Chew - Grace Potter
The Talk - Surprise celebrity father
Wendy - Ice-T, john Walsh
Anderson - Amish: Out of Order, Marilu Henner

Letterman - Lenny Marcus, Elizabeth Cook
Leno - Penelope Cruz, Rick Harrison, We Are Augustines
Kimmel - Game night special airing in prime time, on the show, Jada Pinkett Smith, Matt Kemp, The Temper Trap
Daily Show - Maggie Gyllenhaal
Colbert Report - Steve Coll
Conan - Adam Sandler, TJ Miller
Fallon - Paul Giamatti, Patrick J. Adams, Madden 13
Chelsea - No guest announced yet

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What's on tomorrow, June 13th?

7:00 - Shark Men, NGC
8:00 - H2O, TeenNick
9:00 - Dallas, TNT, Thorne, Encore
10:00 - Good, Better...Best, DIY, America's Best Dance Crew, MTV, Restaurant Impossible, Food, White Heat, BBCA

Teen Mom is back

Tonight at 9:00 on A&E is Barter Kings & on ABC the NBA Finals start.  Also at 9:00 on Encore is the first part of a two part miniseries called Thorne.

At 9:30 o DirecTV is the 2nd season finale of Pete Versus Life.  Up at 10:00 on Discovery is the 1st season finale of The Devils Ride, on ID is the 1st season finale of Reel Crime/Real Story, over on Spike is the series premiere of World's Worst Tenants and on MTV is the 6th season premiere of Teen Mom.

Up at 11:00 on Oxygen is the series premiere of The Next Big Thing.

Who's on Who for Wednesday, June 13th

Wednesdays talk show guests are...

Ellen - Randy Jackson, Natasha Bedingfield, Justin Theroux
The View - Tyra Banks, Meghan McCain, Kori Cioca & Ariana Klay
The Chew - Josh Duhamel
The Talk - "Dallas" cast
Wendy - Adam Carolla, ladies of "Dallas"

Letterman - Adam Sandler, Jerry Douglas
Leno - Terry Bradshaw, Turtleman Ernie Brown Jr., Neal James, Terry & Rachel Bradshaw
Kimmel - Edward Norton, Leighton Meester, Dead Sara
Daily Show - Maggie Gyllenhaal
Colbert Report - Gregg Allman
Conan - Johnny Galecki, Kids These Days
Fallon - Ice-T, Lena Dunham, The Last of Us
Chelsea - Nelsan Ellis

Monday, June 11, 2012

What's on tomorrow, June 12th?

9:00 - Barter Kings on A&E
9:30 - Pete Versus Life on Directv
10:00 - Devils Ride on Discovery, Reel Crime on ID, Teen Mom on MTV, World's Worst Tenants on Spike
11:00 - The Next Big Thing on Oxygen 

Tia & Tamera return tonight!

Tonight at 8:00 on ABC Family is the 5th season premiere of Secret Life of the American Teenager and on Style is the 2nd season premiere of Tia & Tamera on Style.

Up at 9:00 on ABC Family is the series premiere of Bunheads, on Style is the series premiere of Chicagolicious, on Nick is the series premiere of Hollywood Heights, on Weather is the series premiere of Hurricane Hunters and also, over on BBCA is the 2nd season premiere of Top Gear.

At 10:00 on Logo is the 1st season finale of Eden's World, Golf has the 2nd season finale of Feherty, TruTV has the 2nd season summer premiere of Lizard Lick Towing.  Over on NGC & NGW is the miniseries finale of Untamed Americas.

Who's on Who for Tuesday, June 12th

Tuesday's talk show guests are...

Ellen - Ellen's birthday show, Jimmy Kimmel, Melissa McCarthy, Earth, Wind & Fire
The View - Kevin McKidd, John Walsh, Nik Wallenda
The Chew - Clyde Drexler
The Talk - Denise Richards
Wendy - Jenny McCarthy, Josh Henderson
Anderson - Julianna Margulies

Letterman - Jack Hanna, Patti Smith & Bootsy Collins sitting-in
Leno - Patrick Duffy, Linda Grey, Larry Hagman, Meghan McCain, Meiko performs
Kimmel - Game night special airing in prime time & on the show, Martin Short, Cee Lo Green, Goodie Mob performs
Daily Show - Colin Powell
Colbert - Will Allen
Conan - Andy Samberg, Eric Hutchinson
Fallon - Maggie Gyllenhaal, Andy Cohen, Halo 4
Chelsea - Giovanni Ribisi

The wrong I had to watch it!!

So the other night I DVR'd The Choice (hosted by Cat Deeley) on FOX just to see if it was as terrible as I thought it would be since the show claims to have the world's most eligible celebrities & Paulie D was on the first episode.  If Paulie D is considered a most eligible celebrity we have problems!!  Anyway, this show is modeled after The Voice since the bachelors cannot see the ladies when they come out, they can only hear what the ladies have to say during their 30 seconds on stage.  Dudes...there wasn't a single girl that came out that was larger than a size 8 & the ones who to me were the most annoying ended up getting the dates!  The other celebrities that were up were Romeo, a guy from GH & some skier guy...yup, definitely most eligible, I don't even know who they are & I'm freaking single!!

Anyway, in the first round ladies come out & give their "pick me because I'm spicy" ramble for 30 seconds & the guys turn around if they like what they hear.  Then the lady picks the one they want out of the guys who turned.  Next round is a quick question round where the guy asks the girls questions for like 30 seconds, then the next girl, then the next...etc.  The guys then eliminate a girl or 2 & have another round where the girls on each team are each asked the same question from their picker.  After that the guys come up & pick the one they want to take out on a date that night.  Next episode we get to see the date & meet the next 4 bachelors (Joe Jonas & then 3 guys I've never heard of) & group of attractive thin girls that they get to choose from.  This show will definitely be a hit but it's just so wrong I think it passed right half way through the first episode.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Who's on Who for Monday, June 11th

Talk show guest for Monday, June 11th are...

Ellen - Bethenny Frankel, David Spade, Groupon Giveaway
The View - Gretchen Carlson, Gladys Knight, Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, Jesse Metcalf, Julie Gonzalo
The Talk - Tom Arnold, Molly Ringwald
Anderson - John Cusack
Wendy - Bethenny Frankel, Tyler James Williams

Letterman - Mark Wahlberg, Sebastian Vettel
Leno - Elizabeth Banks, Dan Patrick, Brandi Carlile
Kimmel - Andy Samberg, Snigdha Nandipati, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros perform
Daily Show - Boris Johnson
Colbert Report - Martin Sheen
Conan - Jack McBrayer, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
Fallon - Jason Schwartzman, Angie Harmon, Glen Hansard performs
Chelsea - surprise guest host

Push Girls...I watched it

So I checked out the series premiere of Push Girls on Sundance earlier in the week & I ended up adding it as a series recording.  The show felt very much like The Real L Word which airs on Showtime but it's about girls in wheelchairs rather than lesbians.  

There are 4 girls that the show is focusing on, first up is Tiphany who is blonde & very pretty is also sexually open...she had/has a boyfriend but she is also dating a woman.  I cannot recall what Tiphany does for a living or if that was even discussed yet but she is in a wheelchair because of a car accident that she had when she was younger.  She seems like a firecracker, she's outspoken & works out & all in all seems like a lot of fun to hang out with.  I really should have more information but I'm writing from the road today & left my notes at home so please bear with me.

Tiphany has a roommate, Angela who is a model & is in the chair because of a terrible accident that made her a quadriplegic where the other girls are all paraplegic so Angela has limited use of her arms & little dexterity with her hands so she needs assistance & her aunt is currently helping her out at home.  Angela is currently trying to get back into modeling & was having some head shots done in the opening episodes & she was also dealing with her husband who is the Asian guy from 21 Jump Street...the TV show.  He might be her ex-husband now but I can't say for sure...again, it's in my notes.  I do know that she needs to make money to pay for help & rent so she wanted to get back into modeling which she had done before & was wonderful at it...she's tall & thin & very exotic looking & she photographs really well.

Next up is Mia who works in an office (not really sure what she does) and at the beginning was dating an able bodied guy who she later broke up with after a year and a half.  Mia is really strong willed & isn't willing to settle for anything in any situation...not work, not men, not anything so it makes her a little hard & closed off which kind of reminds me of me, LOL.  Mia is the only one in a chair because of something other than an accident, she had a spinal embolism or some to that effect when she was a teenager I think...God, I really should remember this but's in my notes.

Last but certainly not least is Auti...she also was in an accident & broke her back in half which put her in the chair.  Auti is a hip-hop dancer & also now a ballroom dancer & in one of the first episodes we get to see her compete in a big ballroom competition & win her category which has nothing to do with wheelchairs.  Auti is married to a hot guy who is really supportive of her & puts up with her stubbornness as well, they are really cute.

All in all this is a great show & since the information I gave you is pretty poor I think you should check Sundance for reruns & start watching the show yourself!