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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Garage Rehab premieres tonight


Tonight at 8:00 on CW it's the special Vixen: The Movie and Bravo has part 3 of the RHONY reunion.

At 9:00 on HGTV it's the 7th season premiere of Buying and Selling, Discovery has the 5th season premiere of Misfit Garage and USA has the 100th episode of Suits.

On ABC at 10:00 there's a special 20/20: City Under Water: Catastrophe in Houston, CMT has Crossroads with Backstreet Boys & Florida Georgia Line, Discovery has the series premiere of Garage Rehab, Velocity has the 4th season premiere of Garage Squad, Viceland has the 2nd season finale of Huang's World and on Science it's the 8th season finale of Outrageous Acts of Science.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

American Ripper season finale tonight

At 3:01 on Netflix, Ryan Hamilton: Happy Face premiered.

Tonight at 9:00 on TNT it's the 2nd season finale of Animal Kingdom and SyFy has the time slot premiere of Face Off.

Up at 10:00 on History it's the 1st season finale of American Ripper, OWN has the series premiere of Black Love, MTV moves The Challenge to a new time slot and on HGTV it's the 2nd season finale of Good Bones.

On Food at 11:00 it's the 3rd season premiere of Chopped After Hours and on MTV it's the series premiere of Dare to Live.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Fashion Police, VMA special tonight

E! Online
Tonight at 8:00 on E! it's the VMA Fashion Police special.  At 9:00 on Discovery it's the 3rd season premiere of Diesel Brothers, ID has the 1st season finale of Gone and on TV One it's the original telefilm When Love Kills.

Up at 10:00 on Discovery it's the 1st season finale of Carspotting, DA has the 2nd season finale of Ghosts of Shepherdstown and on DFC it's the 1st season finale of Reno, Set, Go!.  AMC moves Loaded to its new time slot at 11:00.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Game of Thrones season finale tonight

Tonight at 7:00 on VH1 it's a special Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and MTV has the 2017 MTV VMA Pre-Show.

On ID at 8:00 it's a special American Monster, MTV has the 2017 VMA's and on NBC has NFL preseason: 49ers at Vikings.

At 9:00 HBO has the 7th season finale of Game of Thrones, HMC has a special Garage Sale Mystery and ID has the special Drew Peterson: An American Murder Mystery.  At 9:30 on HGTV it's the 9th season finale of Caribbean Life.

Up at 10:00 on Reelz it's Diana's Death, on HBO Ballers will air at 10:25 and Insecure will air at 10:55.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Love Blows premieres tonight

At 3:01 on there was a Cake Boss special.  Netflix had the series premiere of Disjointed, 5th season premiere of Dragons & the special Death Note. Amazon had the series premiere of The Tick.

Up at 8:00 on Cooking it's the series premiere of Heston's Fantastical Food and CBS has NFL Preseason: Kansas City Chiefs at Seattle Seahawks.

On SyFy at 9:00 it's the 3rd season finale of Dark Matter, We moves Million Dollar Matchmaker to a new time slot, Showtime has Whitney. Can I Be Me and Oxygen has a special Snapped Notorious.

Discovery has the special Man Eating Python of Sulawesi at 10:00, We has the series premiere of Love Blows and on SyFy it's the 2nd season finale of Wynonna Earp.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Boy Band finale tonight

At 3:01 on Crackle the special Party Boat premiered.  

Up at 8:00 on ABC it's the 1st season finale of Boy Band, ID has the special A Killer in the Shadows and NBC has the 2nd season summer finale of The Wall.

On Cooking at 9:00 it's the 4th season finale of Carnival Eats, Discovery has the 1st season finale of First In Human, and ID has the series premiere of Kiss of Death.  At 9:30 on ESPN it's 30 for 30.

ID has the 2nd season finale of Bad Blood at 10:00, History has the 11th season premiere of Ice Road Truckers and on Spike it's the 1st season finale of The Mist.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Vanderpump Rules Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky
Tonight at 8:00 on Bravo it's The Real Housewives of New York City reunion part 2.  Up at 9:00 on Discovery it's the 7th season finale of Alaskan Bush People, HGTV has the 6th season finale of Buying and Selling, ID has the 7th season premiere of Homicide Hunter, Bravo has the series premiere of Vanderpump Rules Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky, and Food has the 11th season premiere.  At 9:30 on Bravo, Odd Mom Out moves to a new time slot.

On Velocity at 10:00 it's the 1st season finale of The Auto Firm with Alex Vega, CNBC has the 3rd season summer finale of Jay Leno's Garage and ID has the series premiere of Shattered.  At 11:00 on OWN it's a special Oprah's Master Class.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Black Girls Rock 2017

On Netflix at 3:01: Lynne Koplitz: Hormonal Beast.

Up at 8:00 on BET it's Black Girls Rock 2017.  On SyFy at 9:00 it's the 12th season finale of Face Off, ID has Night Shift Nightmare & on Cooking it's the 6th season finale of Man Fire Food.  At 9:30 on Bravo it's The Real Housewives of New Jersey: How They Got Here.

At 10:00 on SyFy it's the series premiere of Face Off: Game Face, CNBC has the return of The Filthy, Rich Guide, ID has the 2nd season finale of I Am Homicide, OWN has Oprah's Master Class and on Science it's the series premiere of The Planets.  TBS has the 2nd season finale of Wrecked at 10:30.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

I Cut the Cord!

I did it, I finally cut the cord & for the most part it's not affecting me at all.  I have had so many people ask me about it that I wanted to share my experience & knowledge & detail my setup.

So as you know I'm a TV junkie so I never thought I'd be able to cancel cable considering how much stuff I watch.  Just to put it into perspective, I record everything & when I was going to cancel I went through & deleted all of my series recordings so after I removed everything that I dumped or was cancelled after last season there were 99 series recordings left.  That's a lot of shows to still watch when you don't have the convenience of cable, or so I thought but I know now that's not the case.

Obviously I record a lot of TV, I record everything really so that I can skip commercials & watch more shows in less time.  I did all kinds of research because I knew there had to be DVR's that work with an HD antenna and I was right.  Of course you've got Tivo which has always had a great reputation and they have a couple of different options for OTA (over the air) DVRs with varying prices but my biggest issue with Tivo is that I could only watch my shows on the TV that the Tivo is connected to.

I did more research and I ended up going with the 4 Tuner Tablo.  The Tablo is very unique in that I can watch my DVR anywhere, anytime and here's how it works.  I connected the Tablo to the TV in my guest room which gets the best HD antenna reception.  The Tablo is connected via wi-fi to my network & then I have a 2 TB portable hard drive connected to the Tablo.  I can access not only the DVR but the live TV feed from that antenna through the Tablo app on my Roku, phone, computer, etc.  Being a 4 tuner means that I can record 4 shows at once which is great...come prime time in the fall that's certainly a possibility!  So sometimes I will have some spotty playback or buffering but I know it's because of the wi-fi so come the fall season I'm sure I'll be dealing with it more & might add a powerline adapter to my setup.  Basically I plug one into a wall outlet & hard line it to my router & then I plug another one in the wall near the Tablo & hard line into it which creates a hard line connection from the DVR to the router.  One other thing I really like about the Tablo is the guide that it offers and it's free for the first 30 days but you have an option to purchase.  I went ahead & purchased the lifetime guide for $150 ($4.99/mo, $49.99/year) as it covers every Tablo you may ever own on your account & having the guide makes life so much easier.  Here's some photos to show you what Tablo looks like (on Windows 10 though all apps are very similar).

Prime Time Guide

Live TV Guide

Well that covers all of my local stations and the big networks but what about the insane amount of Bravo, Hallmark, Logo, A&E, AMC, FX, TBS, TV Land and more that I also watch?  Well, I went through my options on Hulu and they just weren't enough, obviously I'm willing to jump through hoops or take extra steps to watch some shows but having to use 10 different apps a night just seems a bit cumbersome.  As you saw in my previous posts, I tried PlayStation Vue and I also tried Sling and opted to go with Sling primarily for the channel options & pricing.  Both of these offer a free trial so I suggest you give them both a whirl to find out what's for you.  Believe you me as any other competitors show up I'll be going with a free trial on all of them.  Below are a couple of screen shots of the Windows 10 Sling guide & DVR.  When watching on Roku the guide can also be toggled to a grid version rather than the channel view guide.

Sling Guide (By Channel)

Sling My TV (shows DVR, My Channels & favorites)
For those few shows I'm not able to get from Sling, Hulu, other app I pay for, or antenna I can record it to my friend's DVR from my phone & watch it when I'm at their house or online when I can cast it from my phone to the Chromecast that is connected to my TV.

So basically I had to buy a good antenna ($25+, I had a hand me down that gets slightly better reception than what I bought), a Tablo ($190-276), an external hard drive ($55+), Sling TV service and bump my internet service up a notch while I already had a Roku ($40+) on every TV and Hulu service.  All in all it was a large investment up front but luckily for me I had an Amazon card & was able to get 95% of what I needed there so I was able to start saving from day one where some folks might be waiting upwards of 10 months to recoup their expenses.  Obviously I watch more TV than the average person so you might not need so much when it comes to your setup and might be able to cut the cord for less. 

There is a good chance that I've provided information you don't need & haven't touched on something you do want to know so feel free to comment & I'll reply best I can as it relates to my experience.

The Nineties season finale tonight

At 7:00 on NBC it's the U.S. Gymnastics Championships.  Up at 8:00 on Science it's How the Universe Works, A&E has a special Storage Wars while MTV has 2 episodes of Teen Wolf tonight.  

Up at 9:00 on PBS it's the 4th season premiere of Endeavour, HBO has a special Game of Thrones, HMC has Garage Sale Mystery, Food has the 8th season premiere of The Great Food Truck Race, History has The New Age of Terror, Smith has the 1st season finale of Inside Windsor Castle, TNT has the 4th season premiere of The Last Ship and on CNN it's the season finale of The Nineties.  Science has the special Great American Eclipse and at 9:30 on E! it's Reunion Road Trip: Return to the Jersey Shore.

On Hallmark at 10:00 it's the original telefilm At Home in Mitford, Travel has the series premiere of Caribbean Pirate Treasure, Showtime has the 5th season premiere of Episodes, Animal Planet has the 1st season finale of I Was Prey, ID has the 15th season finale of On the Case with Paula Zahn, Starz has the 4th season premiere of Survivor's Remorse and on E! it's the 2nd season premiere of WAGS Miami.

On HBO, Ballers is pushed back to 10:15, Insecure pushed to 10:45 and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver will air at 11:15.  On Comedy at 11:30 it's the 2nd season finale of Legends of Chamberlain Heights.