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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Whitney is too damn nice!

Ok so on the season premiere of The City we got to meet the new girl Roxy, this girl is like a mini Kelly Cutrone who needs to learn a lot still.  Whitney of course is too nice & told her friend Roxy that she can crash on her couch which is a really bad idea.  Whitney just got a new apartment that is tiny but has a rooftop patio & is cute & very New York which means small...her older apartment was bigger but it was also brand new & this one in the East Village has more character.  So anyway, Whitney agrees to have a party with about 10 people when Roxy invites tons of folks over & Whitney comes home to find a house full of people & then the cops come so Roxy throws everyone out.  Roxy is going to be working with Whitney at People's Revolution so that Whitney can have more time to design & work on her line with full support from Kelly.  Oh, Olivia has finally met her match, and I hope she gets fired!  She's so not as qualified as she seems to think she is & I am going to enjoy watching her unravel...if she makes it I'll be very surprised!
photo courtesy MTV & ps I hate ankle boots with anything other than pants!
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Holy Hills Kristin!

So, the honest & evil Kristin Cavallari is back on The Hills & she didn't waste any time jumping right into her role of instigator.  This season is going to prove to be quite a bumpy ride I think, considering that like 5 minutes into the episode she was already in a screaming match with Audrina & Stephanie but I will say to her credit that Stephanie should have just left the situation alone instead of trying to "fight for" Audrina.  Personally I think Kristin is crazy if she hooks up with Justin Bobby not because of the Audrina thing but because he's gross.  The thing I really don't get is how Audrina was saying that she couldn't believe Kristin would do that to a friend, "what about the friend code"? Seriously?  You don't even know her Audrina, she's not your friend and she doesn't owe you shit...there is no code there sister, get over it & find someone else.  These girls all kill me & I'm getting so sick of all the plastic surgery...what is with Jayde's lips?
photo courtesy of MTV
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Tonight's Premieres

Today we just have a couple shows.  8:00 Are You Smarter Thank a 5th Grader (MyNetworkTV), Shark Tank (ABC), Hells Kitchen (FOX).  10:00 The Hills (MTV), 10:30 The City (MTV)...I'm excited for these 2!!

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Weeds Season Wrap Up!

So I finally finished watching the most recent season of Weeds (5) over the weekend and this season was definitely better than last season.  Last season was kind of boring, depressing, and not funny but luckily this season was much more humorous & Lupita is back so that made me very happy.  In the middle of the season while Nancy was pregnant & Andy grew that awful beard I was pretty bored but since I didn't have to wait a week to watch each new episode I just kept watching & it got better though had I been watching during the season I may have dropped it.  Now, Celia is one of my favorite characters & she was great this season but my favorite character all season was her daughter...she's so damn funny!  Now, just when I thought that Shane couldn't get into any more weird shit he started having sex with 2 girls & contracted an STD & then he got shot & started drinking, then in the end he killed someone & I think he's like 15.  Silas on the other hand just keeps getting hotter & hotter as the seasons go by, me likey, not only for his sex appeal but also for his entrepreneurial thinking & I really wish that their pot shop worked out but with idiot Doug smoking all the stock I'm not sruprised they went under.  I really think that Alanis Morrisette did an outstanding job playing Audra & I hope she's on next season & considering that the season ended with her being held at bow & arrow point I'm sure she will be.  I really wish that Conrad & Helia would come back dammit!

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Desperate Housewives

So I knew it would be Susan but I'm the only one who did, every person I talked to thought for sure that it would be Katherine that married Mike.  I kind of wish that this were the last season because while I'm invested in the lives of these women I'm getting kind of sick of the "strange family" that moves in every season only to leave at the end of the season, I am glad that Drea De Mattaeo has joined the cast as the mother of the strange family this season because I loved her on The Sopranos & I'm digging the fact that her family is up to no good.  I'm happy Julie is back because she was barely even mentioned last season...I always love how these shows have kids & then seasons go by & we forget about them & then poof, they are back!  Anyway, I'm sure she won't die unless that's all she came back for was to die, who knows but I guess we'll find out next week.

Speaking of kids, poor Lynette, I feel so bad for her & in all honesty I hope she miscarries to save her from having to deal with having babies she doesn't want.  You think she'll abort them or maybe give them up?  

I can't wait until Susan finds out about Carl & Bree, this will be good!!!
photo courtesy
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Tonight's Premieres

Not too much premiering today kids, just Trauma (NBC) at 8 and Lie to Me (FOX) at 9.  Nothing new for me, I'll be watching the CBS sitcoms, Gossip Girl & The Rachel Zoe Project.  If I have time I'm also going to sneak in a movie I rented too so I can return it & grab the next Mad Men disc of Season 2!!

I also need to catch up on the 3 shows I had to record last night because I was too busy watching Dexter & Cleveland (which I thought was quite funny).  I have to watch Brothers & Sisters which I might stop watching since every episode is make nice, make nice, have dinner and then a huge family fight during said feast. I will likely watch Entourage & Bored To Death right after work since they are only 1/2 hour each & maybe Bros & Sis tomorrow, we'll see.
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I'm like 15 minutes into the season opener of Dexter & can I just say that John Lithgow already creeps me out but the serial killer he's playing has me totally freaked out, he's a total effing whack job & I can't wait until Dexter kills him.

Wow, that first episode was awesome, I'm super excited for this season but I really hope we don't have to see John Lithgow's ass ever again, twice in one hour was way more than enough!!

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Today & Weekend Premieres!!

It's a busy weekend for: TV premieres kids & here's your list:

Friday- 8:00 Ghost Whisperer (CBS), Brothers (FOX), Smallville (CW), Law & Order (NBC) -
9:00 Medium (CBS), Dollhouse (FOX) - 10:00 Numb3rs (CBS)

Saturday- 11:30 Saturday Night Live with your host Megan Fox (NBC)

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday- 7:00 Extreme Home Makeover (ABC) - 8:00 The Amazing Race (CBS), The Simpsons (FOX) - 8:30 The Cleveland Show (FOX) - 9:00 Family Guy (FOX), Desperate Housewives (ABC), Dexter (Sho) - 9:30 American Dad (FOX) - 10:00 Cold Case (CBS), Brothers & Sisters (ABC), Californication (Sho)

See sidebar at left for links to the network sites for more information.  Happy weekend viewing everyone!!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today's Premieres

Tonight we have FlashForward at 8 on ABC and then at 9 we have CSI on CBS and Grey's Anatomy on (ABC), bringing in the 10:00 slot is The Mentalist on CBS.  I will be busy with the NBC lineup tonight & will not be watching any of this, I gave up on Grey's Anatomy last year and I'm so happy I did, that show has taken such a nose dive & I really wish they would just take it off the air already!!  Again, if you want more show info see the links to the network sites in the posts below.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lots of Laughs

So I checked out Modern Family and Cougar Town tonight and they were both very funny.  I really enjoyed Modern Family from start to finish, the "cool dad" is hysterical talking about text code and "WTF why the face?" I laughed out loud more than once.  The gay couple are a trip as are the dad & his hot young wife...when they were at the mall and he was told that the mall walkers stay to the right, I almost spit out my tea.  If you didn't get a chance to see it I suggest you check it out online & add this one to your viewing list, with a bullet!

As for Cougar Town I thought Courtney Cox looked like a million bucks and the first 5 minutes were so funny!  I think it's already pretty obvious that something will happen between her and the guy across the street at some point but he's more her age so that would kind of defeat the purpose of the show.  The other Realtor lady was your typical "cougar" and I loved it, when she was at the bar telling Jules to hit that was a riot.  Actually I thought the casts on both shows were really good & worked well together, I'll be looking forward to next week and I hope these shows stick!

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Lots and lots of premieres tonight!!

8:00 Mercy (NBC) & New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS)
8:30 Gary Unmarried (CBS)
9:00 Criminal Minds (CBS), Modern Family (ABC), Law & Order: SVU (NBC)
9:30 Cougar Town (ABC)
10:00 CSI: NY (CBS), Eastwick (ABC)

I’m definitely looking forward to checking out Modern Family & Cougar Town, they both look hysterical!!  For more info check the links for the channel on the posts below.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today's Premieres

Ok kids, not too much going on today & happily nothing new for me so maybe I can catch up on the CBS shows from last night that keep staying just out of reach for me!

We have NCIS & NCIS: LA (both CBS) and then The Forgotten (ABC) & The Good Wife (CBS). I considered watching Good Wife because I love Chris Noth but I loathe Juliana Margulies so I think I have to pass!!

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Today's Premieres

Busy busy day for TV premieres kids: House, Dancing With The Stars, How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, Accidentally on Purpose, Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, Castle, CSI Miami!!  For info & show times click the link of the providing network for your favorite shows below!!

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

And the big ones...

And best drama is Mad Men...this makes me so happy now that I watch it! I totally know why they are always nominated & why they win, great writing & acting, it's a great show all around & if you aren't watching it you really should! 

Best comedy is 30 Rock, no major surprise there. I would have liked to see Family Guy win just to be a cartoon & beat out the shows with actual people on it & not need a separate category.

Great joke about Weeds Bob Newhart!

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Drama drama drama

God, watching Michael J. Fox just breaks my heart, to grow up with someone basically your whole life on TV & then see them slowly becoming fragile, it sucks!

I always see so may people in these "let's remember" things that I had no clue died, how is that possible when I have a subscription to Us & the internet?

Cherry Jones won best supporting actress in a drama for 24.

Best supporting actor in drama goes to Michael Emerson for Lost.

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John Stewart won for musical or variety show.

Ok I think Jimmy Fallon is stupid but him doing the Daft Punk ish bit is quite funny!

Variety is up next and I liked the year in variety they just showed.

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Miniseries & cable stuff

Best miniseries goes to Little Dorrit.

Sweet Grey Gardens won for best movie, kick ass, I thought the movie was really good!

Jessica Lange won best actress for Grey Gardens, yay! I've loved her since Sweet Dreams!

Directing goes to Dearbhla Walsh for Little Dorrit.  From here on out I will only be posting the Actors & shows, my fingers are getting sore, lol.

Writing goes to Andrew Davies for Little Dorrit.

Brendan Gleeson won for Into the Storm for best actor.

Next we have the  supporting actor of course and the winner is Ken Howard for Grey Gardens! I really enjoyed this movie so this makes me very happy.

First up is best supporting actress in a miniseries or movie & I can't pronounce or spell the winner for this but it was for House of Saddam, this woman was in Traveling Pants 2!!

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It's reality time!!

That category went by quickly, now we are moving on to Miniseries & what not.

Ok best reality competition is Amazing Race...again, no shocker there!

First up is host for a reality show and I only watch 2 of the shows that are in the running so I can't say that I really have an opinion here but the Emmy goes to Jeff Probst.

I am enjoying the breakdown they are doing this year.  It's nice to be able to watch what you want & then come back later to see the big winners!

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Emmy's, Emmy's, Emmy's!!!

Best actor in a comedy, goes to...Alec Baldwin, no real big shocker there!!

Best actress in a comedy is my fave Toni Collette, I absolutely love United States of Tara & think she did an awesome job on the show, like for real.  That show is genius & she is genius in it, don't me wrong, I love some Tina Fey but this girl deserves this award for playing 5 characters on one show!

Oh kick ass JT, I love him!

Sweet, I'm super happy that John Cryer won for Two & A Half Men, I love that show & I'm glad that he won, he had some stiff competition!

OMG I can't believe Kristin won (loved her dress but short shouldn't be worn at Emmy's), I'm shocked, I didn't watch the show (Pushing Up Daisies) but I think she's really funny.  Her speech was too cute.  I was totally rooting for Elizabeth Perkins only because she is the main funny on Weeds & hasn't yet been recognized for it.  I would also like to comment that I'm loving NPH hosting so far!

John Hamm is so handsome, like for real & Tina Fey looks great.  Usually I think she looks kind of awkward all dressed up but tonight she's very well put together & I'm loving it!!

Ok everyone I will be commenting on the Emmy's all night long so if you give a flip what I think stick around!!  I am running about 15 mins behind currently but should catch up within the first couple commercials.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Parks & Recreation

Dudes I nearly peed my pants when those penguins started going at it!  This was the funniest episode this show has had yet & I really hope this season continues on in the same fashion.  The ep opened with Ron coming in to talk to Leslie who busted into a verse from "Parents Just Don't Understand" then said to him "what's up" and he told her that someone was on fire at one of her parks, lol.  Leslie later married 2 male penguins at the zoo who started going at it as soon as the i do's were done which was hysterical but there were some people who didn't appreciate this & wanted her to annul the union & resign from her position.  Of course the gays thought she was a freaking genius & threw a party in her honor at The Bulge gay bar and the story just got more & more funny from there.  The writers seem like they are finally in a groove which I hope sticks it's kind of hard to not be funny with Amy Poehler playing the lead role but you still need the jokes to pull it off.  

If you missed this or any of the other NBC shows I talked about check out to watch full episodes.

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Community = Hysterical!

OMG, Community was so funny, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  So this show is basically about the array of students at Greendale Community College & one in particular Jeff (played by Joel McHale) who pretends to be a "certified" Spanish tutor to hit on a hot chick from Spanish class.   Jeff was a lawyer but his license was revoked and now he has to go back to college to get it reinstated.  Anyway, Jeff lures Britta (hot chick) in to his study group by poorly speaking Spanish to her and Britta gladly agrees to join the "group" because she's doing so poorly in class.  Apparently she isn't the only one doing poorly because she tells Abed (another student) about the "group" and he shows, along with 4 other students from class as well.  This obviously screws up Jeff's game & the story develops with many laughs.  My favorite thing about the entire episode is Jeff wearing navy running pants with red stripes on the sides & a button down shirt with a sweater & sport coat over it, priceless!  Aside from Joel McHale this cast also includes Chevy Chase and some other people that look familiar but I don't know who they are.  I totally give this show a big fat pat on the back for making me literally laugh out loud more than once, I can't wait for next week & I hope this show lasts & stays at least as funny as the premiere episode!!

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Thursday is busy for TV!!

OMG The Office (ep Gossip) was actually funny!! Last season was kind of disappointing for me but tonight I was laughing quite a bit, Kevin has a person inside of him that runs him with controls, lol!! I love Andy questioning his own sexuality and Angela dating an 80+ year old billionaire guy!  My favorite though was Toby being a virgin & then he's like "I have a daughter, how could I be a virgin?"  Michael Scott is the most inappropriate person and I love it, he's like a 5 year old in a suit.  I really wish that they would have shown a snip of Stanley at the club making out with Cynthia, that would have been freaking hysterical.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

90210 Last Night

Ok, I'm getting really annoyed with this season of 90210 so far.  Where the hell is Kelly?  The main reason I watch it is to connect with the characters from the original series and none of them have been on yet this season!  I really can't stand Annie or the girl who plays her, I think she's a terrible actor especially when she's supposed to be upset (it's so fake) and I wish they would bump her off and concentrate on interesting characters.  I really like Silver but I'm curious (have been since ep 1) why she's a brunette, we all know that Erin had platinum blonde hair when she was a kid & it would take a lot of work to keep your hair that dark all the time without even showing a smidge of blonde roots.  I'm going to give this show 2 more episodes & if I'm not sucked back in I'm dumping it, it's getting too O.C. for me, ultra why doesn't Liam just I don't know text Naomi & say "hey, I banged your sister"?  What's with everyone dancing around & throwing out lie after lie, it's like an episode of Threes Company without the Regal Beagle!
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And the winner is...

Jordan is the winner of Big Brother 11, I can't freaking believe it! I was so hoping that Kevin would win but I'm glad that Jordan at least beat Natalie, I was actually hoping though that she wouldn't win a dime since she was so sneaky.  Yay I'm so glad that Jeff won the favorite house guest money, I voted for him...he can be my house guest any day! 
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Gossip Girl Season Premiere

Meh, I don't know about you guys but I didn't exactly think that this opener was all that.  I really didn't care for the long drawn out "what is going on with Serena" story.  She's trying to get her father to notice her by acting like a skank in Europe & riding a horse across the field at a polo match, I don't get it. 
So far I feel really bad for Vanessa, she's a really nice girl & all she ever does is get screwed over by guys. This new guy that she thinks is totally into her is just seeing her to try to get to Dan...his brother. 
The Nate story line is so Romeo & Juliet so I hope that fizzles soon because it's not original. 
I'm so looking forward to next week though, when Blair finds out that Georgina is going to be her roommate at school! Ha ha ha but what I don't get is that if all these kids are going to school locally why are they in dorms?  Also, why the hell do Blair & Chuck appear to be living together?  Isn't anyone aware that these kids are like 17/18 years old yet they are moving out, going to Europe alone, drinking at public's all so confusing!  I really hope this season picks up, I was so excited for the premiere & was pretty disappointed.
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Hung Finale

So I watched the finale of Hung last night & I think I expected more of a cliffhanger than we got.  I almost felt like the show wouldn't be back at all when it ended.  I really would have preferred it if Ray would have actually shown up at Jessica's room instead of seeing her arrive & deciding to be nice to her.  He must have felt bad for her since he was obviously aware that her marriage sucks if she's hiring a male whore but still, I think it would have been better if he would have called her out on it. 
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Monday, September 14, 2009

True Blood Season 2 Finale

OMG so last night at about Midnight I got to watch the True Blood finale & it was so good & of course they left us with quite a cliffhanger.  I will definitely have to watch this again to see if I pick up on anything though I doubt I will, I always think I can figure out shows like this and I can't!  I did know that when that white buffalo walked up that it was Sam, otherwise it would have been really stupid.  I got totally freaked out when Lafayette & Jason got turned though when Andy turned I thought it was kind of funny.  I don't know about you guys but I totally freaked out when Jason shot Eggs, he was so hot, I'm gonna miss his fine ass next season.  I'm really freaking out wondering who napped Bill, I mean they must not have been human or I would assume that Bill would have heard them come in.  I felt so bad for Holt when he went to apologize to Jessica & she was out eating a trucker because I really wish they would they would hook up, they were sweet together.  Oh and the Sam thing, I'm really curious to see where this leads, I think next season is going to be a trip, can't wait but now that it's over that only means one thing...Big Love will be starting soon!!! 
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West is obnoxious, shocker? Not really.

So I just finished watching the spectacle Kanye made of himself on the VMA's, WTF is his deal?  Jesus, so the girl beat Beyonce for best female video, he's a poor loser we all know that, but why assume that B would feel the same way?  She seemed pretty happy for the kid when she won, now I don't like her but she won and I'm not going to begrudge her that joy.  If he isn't in therapy he really should be, he's a freaking mess!  Can I also say one more thing?  WTF is with his hair, last year he was super 80's (even sported a fromullet) and now he's reliving the 90's with a maze shaved in his head...I still love his music but he needs to respect his peers, bottom line.  For anyone who didn't get to see this lovely display I have a video posted here, it's not quality but you get the picture!!
The video I had posted was removed from YouTube due to copyright issues so if you like, check out this's about 45 seconds in :)

This Weeks Premieres

Please keep in mind that I will only be posting this information for shows that I watch, not for shows that most people watch & I could care less about.  Let's get to it then!!
Monday: Gossip Girl (CW)
Tuesday: Nothing
Wednesday: Nothing
Thursday: The Office, Parks & Recreation & the new (and highly anticipated by me) Community! (NBC)
Sunday:  Bored To Death (HBO) - I'm super excited for this one given the insane cast including Jason Schwatrzman, Ted Danson, and Zach Galifianakis!!

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Melrose Place Premiere

Yeah I don't know if I'm going to watch this one.  I didn't really care for the original very much, too dramatic & I think I dumped it after the first season or maybe second but this does come on after 90210 so there is a chance that I may watch for shits & giggles.  I don't know any of the characters really yet so I don't have much to say but I'm happy that Sydney girl is dead (can't stand the girl who plays her, she was Sophie on the old 90210) & curious as to why Ashlee took her photo.  Anyway, I guess we'll find out soon or later but I really hope this doesn't turn out all night time soap like the old one was. 


I watched this show last season so I'm going to continue to watch it this season but I'm not totally into it. I honestly think that this show would be way better if Shenae Grimes wasn't on it. Her character Annie is way too "goodie goodie" for me, she's nothing like Brenda was on the original show & that's kind of what I expected...the good girl, gone bad. It doesn't help that she isn't a very good actor either. During this season opener Annie was upset because she killed a guy, so she got drunk & hooked up with some guy from school & he apparently took video of said hook up with his phone. I find this funny to be perfectly honest & I really just wish that they would get rid of her character so I hope she ends up in jail for murder or I may have to stop watching. I really hope they get back to the Kelly, Donna, Brenda stories because that's really the main reason I watch.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And So It Begins

I am a TV junkie, I do not deny it & without my DVR I would be stuck at home all the time or screwing around with a VCR...however did I live prior to this amazing invention? Tonight I am watching the season premiere of 90210 & the series premiere of Melrose Place as well as Big Brother & Flipping out. I will report my opinion of all of these shows tomorrow so stay tuned!!