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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Friggin Dexter!

OMG, this season has been so impressive and it just keeps getting more and more intense!  There are only 2 episodes left and I'm on the edge of my seat and have been since the middle of the season.  Tonight was certainly no exception & all I have to say is thank God Dexter was able to complete part of his mission but that Trinity gets more and more creepy and smart every single episode.  Last week I was totally thrown to find out that the reporter chick is his daughter & learning more about the two of them tonight was definitely key info.  I cannot wait to see how this all plays out & I hope that next season stays on the same note & isn't boring like the 3rd season. Now I'm off to watch Californication, I'm totally loving this whole Rick Springfield storyline.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Ok so last night after work I got home & watched the AMA's & thank god I opted to DVR took me 46 minutes to watch the entire 3 hours because I skipped all the awards & annoying performances by Green Day & that hot country singer that's married to one of the weirdest women in showbiz, what is is name?  I paused just to see his face for a second (because it's a nice one)...oh yeah, ok, sorry there...Keith Urban is his name.  Anyway, Rihanna's performance was kind of blah, I started FF about half way through, I really enjoyed Jay Z's, Lady GaGa's, and The Black Eyed Peas.  Everyone else (including Whitney) was either blah, boring, or I just don't like them so I skipped it for that reason.

Now, we need to discuss J-Lo & Adam Lambert of course.  Let's start with J-Lo, first of all can I say that her song that she sang is reminded me of Womanizer, like I need to hear her say "Louboutin's" 30 times in one song?  I was really looking forward to watching her fall & was hoping that she might just bounce a little across the stage due to her large firm booty but no such luck!  J-Lo is a great performer in the fact that she just jumped right up & kept on cruising, like she should wasn't very noticeable that she had fallen, I was waiting for it so of course I saw it but I know some people who didn't catch it.  I can say for sure that nobody on the West coast saw it & that is bull shit...why is she so awesome that her flaws get edited out for everyone on that side of the country? 

Now Adam...who makes the gay Adams I know look like the Marlboro Man!  His performance was pretty whack to say the least.  I don't think it made sense first of all, I couldn't tell if the song was pop or 80's rock or maybe an amped up show tune!  Him having the guy look like he was blowing him, making out with that other guy, being groped by chicks & having a chick appear to be blowing him didn't bother me one bit.  I say have at it, do whomever you want but don't let it ruin your performance.  He was so focused on all the shock value that I think he lost site of the task at hand...when he jumped over that guy & was rolling all over the stage & you could hear the stage banging against his mic...not entertaining.  Trying to keep an eye on him as he moved all over in a quick motion...not entertaining & most of all, looking at his tongue hanging out every single time he held his mouth open...really not entertaining at all.  Given the title of the track "For Your Entertainment" I'd have to say that I was in fact not entertained at all.  For a second I kind of thought I was listening to Skid Row...which is fine, so long as it is in fact Skid Row!

Can I please ask, what is with Rihanna's tattoo down the center of her chest?  WTF does it say & who the hell would seriously put a tat there?  It's going to ruin her whole fashion icon image that she's been rocking, IMHO anyway!  Speaking of her fashions I really did enjoy this mohawk & Leeloo style outfit with the sweet ass lights in the shoulder pads.  How can I get an outfit with lights in the shoulder pads because I think that would be awesome!  What I wold like even more though is her banging body that can sport said Leeloo outfit better than Milla herself & the only reason I say that is Rihanna has curves & Milla doesn't.  Speaking of curves...what was with Gaga's gear?  I know she usually dresses awful but that costume did nothing for her at all, she looked worse than I have ever seen but her face didn't look as scary as it usually does.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Project Runway Finale!

So yet again I'm disappointed in a finale.  Irina won Season 6 of Project Runway which was aired this season on Lifetime after spending the first five seasons on Bravo!  While I was happy that the show didn't change after switching networks there was one designer that had a really shitty attitude, was always bitching about everyone else & going on and on about how awesome she was & not in a cute way (like Christian Syriano) and that designer was Irina.  I do give the girl credit, she's a great designer but I was not very impressed with her entirely black & gray collection or her 13th look which is pictured left.  One thing
I will say though is that her model Kaylen was my favorite of all of the models so I'm happy that she won.
The other 2 designers in the competition were Althea & Carol Hannah & I really enjoyed both of their collections though I was really rooting for Althea.  I think that had she created a couple "red carpet" type looks then she may have won but with her collection being mostly knits & sportswear & separates her show catered to the general public & that's not the point of a fashion show unfortunately.  The look that Althea is working on to the right was one of my favorites in the show, I really enjoyed the way that it was cut & flowy & tailored at the same time.  Being a short girl I always lean more toward the short skirts & things that would compliment me & I think this dress would be flattering on most anyone.  I also really liked the blue knit cardigan that was structured with the big shoulders...I couldn't pull it off but I still enjoyed it.  So up next was Carol Hannah & I liked her collection but do agree with the judges that there didn't seem to be a common thread with the collection, it was more like a walking closet in my opinion.   Carol Hannah is a wonderful designer & she does amazing tailoring & makes beautiful
dresses & gowns but she doesn't really do much in the way of pants & for a competition like this you really need to pull out all the stops.  She did have a couple pairs of pants but it was mostly dresses & gowns though I will totally commend her on her choice of colors because Althea used all neutrals & then Irina used all black & Gray so it was nice to see Carol Hannah's models coming out in teal & maroon & I will say that her first dress (pictured left) was so effing cute & again, it's short but due to the draping on the bottom it would make my ass look way too big to wear it but it's still super adorable.
So my other complaint about the show as a whole is that Michael Kors & Nina Garcia were hardly ever there to judge so how can they be there in the finale to judge these collections & act like they've watched these girls grow when in fact they have hardly been around at all.  One more thing...the funniest thing about this episode was the guest judge Suzy Menkes & her "Something About Mary" hairstyle & noticeable mustache, how can someone who looks like this be a judge of anything related to fashion?
If you are afraid that you are going to go through Runway withdrawals don't worry, the new season is starting on January 17th!!
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Scrubs...

First of all let me say that I didn't like the first Scrubs & when I heard it was being canceled I was very happy that I would no longer be running across it when flipping channels during prime time. Well, last night I was watching Modern Family & saw a commercial for the new season of Scrubs with an all new class! Well, this annoyed me of course but I know that there are some people who like this show so if you want to check out "Scrubs: The New Class" (not actually called that but I'm a SBTB fan) then you will be able to find it on Tuesdays at 9 pm on ABC starting December 1, for more (it looks like some of the old cast will be involved) info click this!

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Top Chef is getting tight

Oh man, Top Chef is getting crazy now & I'm getting nervous for the remaining chefs.  My 2 favorites are still remaining and I'm rooting for Kevin to take it all...Bryan is 2nd & really I don't care much for Jen or Michael purely because of their attitude.  For me, food is a lot about attitude not just cooking & neither of those two ever smile or seem to enjoy what they are doing one bit so how the hell are people supposed to enjoy your cooking when you don't appear to enjoy cooking it or don't stand by what you cooked.  See, Kevin is often criticized for making food that is too simple but guess what?  It always tastes good and he's always happy to serve his food, to explain his food, and he always stands by his dish regardless of what the judges have to say.  I think Bryan is similar to Kevin in his attitude as well but the difference between these two is that Bryan makes more "fancy" food & has way more techniques than Kevin does.  What's more important taste or skill?  For me it's taste, I don't care how pretty your plate is because I'm going to demolish it when I eat everything on it!!

Jen & Michael both seem to get offended when the judges don't like what they made which is understandable but you can't let criticism ruin your style & craft, accept it, learn from it, and move forward.  I was sad to see Eli go mainly because I liked his personality, I don't remember any of his dishes really so obviously he didn't make an impact on me but I did enjoy his bickering with Robin :)  So, peace out Eli, we shall see you at the reunion!

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ANTM Winner is...

So I watched the finale of America's Next Top Model last night and like I said in the previous post, I would be cool with whomever won but I totally lied.  I was extremely disappointed with the outcome, which was Laura losing.  I think Nicole is a good model in photos but her walk is awful and the girl has zero personality & those are 2 of the 3 most important things in modeling.  Laura on the other hand is amazing in photos, has a great walk, and she has the best personality I've ever seen, her only flaw is the way she dresses.  Well, I guess my pick can't win every season but this really bums me out!  I wonder if next season they will do all plus size models?  When is this show going to end?  I mean, how many out of work top models can she keep creating?  I do see some of the girls in the occasional ad, commercial, or movie/TV show, but 95% of the time it's girls who didn't win.  I never see the winner in any Cover Girl ads even though they supposedly have a contract with them but whatever, I'm sure I will be seeing Laura all over the place!!  So, congrats Nicole, you grew a lot but I still don't think you deserve it so make sure you really work it & earn what you won.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

ANTM Final 2!

OMG, last night's episode was kind of scary for me...I haven't been too impressed with this season of America's Next Top Model but with a cast of short chicks I couldn't pass it up!  So, from the get go I've been rooting for Laura, the southern girl who lives on a farm & castrates bulls for a living (that's her in the photo) and I'm so happy that she's in the final 2.  The 2 girls I couldn't stand went home & the 2 girls I liked the most are the top 2 for the finale this coming week so regardless of who wins I'll be happy although I still hope it's Laura.  The other girl Nicole is kind of awkward & her personality in person is kind of meh but then there's Laura who has a thick southern accent but is super bubbly & friendly in person.  When it comes to photos it's a toss up because they both take beautiful pictures and judging by the preview for the finale they both appear to struggle with their Cover Girl commercials so I'm guessing the final straw is going to be the runway show.  

They are doing a runway show in Hawaii for a designer that I can't recall at the moment but it looks like a good show with water & wind & fire & all that fun stuff so I hope Laura can rock it but if she doesn't win I won't be totally upset.  The finale airs Wednesday the 18th at 8 pm on The CW, for more info or to watch full episodes check the link to the CW on the left side of the page.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

9021 Oh this is getting stupid!

I would like to complain about how the first season of 90210 lured all of us fans of the old series in with Kelly, Brenda, Donna, and Nat and now none of them are on it.  I've been watching this show every week and I have no idea why...well, currently it's just to see Jackie die but it seems that's right around the corner so it's about time I give up.  There are too many characters, the show is too overdone with drama that is more annoying than anything else, and every time I get into a story line it turns into something else.  The whole adopted Dixon thing is pretty stupid if you ask me, he doesn't fit with their family at all, he shows no signs of his previous life & he was adopted way too late in life to just become some goody goody & Brandon Walsh he is not! 

The girl that plays Annie is not a good actor nor is her stupid boyfriend...he reminds me of a serial killer with his crazy eyes!  I like Silver, Naveed, Kelly, and the principal but other than that this show sucks donkey balls.  Once Jackie is dead I'm done unless they show me more Donna, Kelly, Brenda & I mean it this time!

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Mad Men Season 3 Finale

So this season of Mad Men ends with mixed emotions for me.  First of all let me say that I'm happy with how the company ended up, everyone back together working for themselves & each other the way they used to.  It's good to have Joan back with the guys, Peggy standing up for herself, Don realizing what a prick he'd been, and him & Roger repairing their bond.  I will say that Don & Betty actually splitting up doesn't sit well with me...sure he's a lying cheating son of a bitch though almost all of the guys were & their wives just looked the other way but even though he had affair after affair I still always loved the way he loved her.  If I were her I'd leave him too, given not only the infidelity but more so his lies about who he really is, not emotionally but literally...that would really bother me to be married to someone & not even know their real name!!  Still, for shows sake, I prefer them together dammit probably because I don't like this other guy (Henry) she's about to shack up with & though I don't like kids I feel bad for them.  Speaking of kids, can I just say that their kids are so well behaved the majority of the time, they listen when spoken to, do what they are told & don't talk know why?  Spanking & honestly, I really wish people still practiced it because too many kids know there are no actual consequences to their actions so they just behave however they want & mom can shake a finger & say no but I'll bet if she slapped them upside the head they would actually stop.  Kids no longer fear their parents!  Anyway, that's off topic but I needed to make the point.

So, do we think that Roger & Joan will hook back up?  Do we think that Betty will actually Henry?  Does anyone else have a sneaking suspicion that Henry is abusive?  Do we think that Don will get back with Miss Farrell?  Is anyone else pissed that they didn't leave Pete Campbell behind on the new firm deal?  Oh man, how am I going to make it until next season?  I'm already going crazy & it just ended last night!!

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Friday, November 6, 2009

A few of my favorite things!

I love Rock Band, I love Poker Face, and I love Eric wonderful is this!!

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Don't Be Tardy!!

So tonight is the big night where we get to watch Kim perform her hit song Don't Be Tardy for the Party for the very first time.  Now this song was a very controversial topic of this season & I'll be very curious to hear the comments from the rest of the cast after she's done.  I did see in the previews that Kandi obviously admits to using the auto-tune but I'm dying to hear her answer Andy's question "do you think Kim is tone deaf", Kandi isn't the lying type so I'll be curious to hear her response.  They should also be talking about how all the gay men in the ATL seemed to be rocking high heels & I'm very curious about that as well.  If you haven't seen the first half of the reunion it's on at 8:00 before this part 2 airs at 9:00 and after that is over you can catch the first episode of the new season of Real Housewives of Orange County at 10:00.

On this new season of OC crew we have a new lady named is Alexis (who looks like a soap star with her plastic surgery & mask of makeup) joining the bunch but unfortunately for all of us Vicki is still on the show though I'm hoping that her husband has finally grown a pair & left her because he could do way better.  Speaking of Vicki's husband Don that brings me to Jeana who appears to have gained back all of the weight she odd that it takes forever to lose weight but about half the time to gain it back!  Oh yeah & if you haven't heard, Gretchen is now dating Slade, who used to be with Jo back on season one...interesting!
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz & THE Cute Guy Axed

For those of us who unfortunately watch the disaster that is Melrose Place there is a slight glimmer of hope...Ashlee (Violet is her character) has been booted from the show.  The copy I have of Us Magazine says that she was only put on the show to attract viewers because of who she is which makes no sense to me because after the SNL fiasco her career has been in the shitter.  Anyway, the copy I have says that the producers thought she was awful & planned to write her off the show from the get go & obviously having her on didn't work for ratings because they aren't that good & all they keep doing is bringing back old characters one after the other.  I'm sorry but if all of these actors are so eager to get back to the show why the hell did they end it to begin with?  Back to Ashlee, now the producers are saying it was always intended that she be written off & they were very happy with her acting & loved watching her.  I call bull shit...nobody is enjoying watching her, she's terrible!  Her costar Colin Egglesfield is also being written off & I don't know why...he's the ONLY cute guy on the show but whatever...there is no info on why he's been evicted as well but I guess we'll see the last of their faces in January...if I can keep watching that long.  With Heather Locklear back I don't know if I can do it, she's the reason I stopped watching the original series!
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V is Back

As if the first round of V wasn't freaking creepy enough ABC has decided to remake it.  I have no plans of watching it but far be it from me to stop you.  I vaguely remember the first round of this show & those memories are creepy ones, but I thought it was initially a mini-series & not a full on TV drama but I could be wrong.  I haven't read anything about this show (it does have a decent cast) so I don't know if they are remaking it or basing this off the first one & nor do I really care but if you want to know more about the show click here!  The show premieres tonight at 8 EST on ABC.
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