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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lots of Premieres on Thursday!!

So this stupid calendar I use for premieres & finales sure seems to be missing a crap load of shows!  First of all, The Colony started last night on Discovery as did Masterchef on FOX.  Tonight we have the premiere of Plain Jane at 9 PM on CW.  Tomorrow I'm not going to know what to do with myself...Jersey Shore premieres at 10 PM on MTV and Project Runway premieres at 9 PM on Lifetime!  I will be watching Big Brother at 8 & then Runway at 9, I will not tune in for the Shore (I'll catch a rerun, I'm not gonna lie) because I can't miss  Bethenny Getting Married & have to wait until next week to watch it.  I'm heading up north this weekend so I won't likely be able to catch any of my shows then & if I have time Sunday when I get home I want to try to catch up with an old friend.  Since I'm obviously watching Big Brother that really cuts down on my viewing of everything else & it's kind of annoying but I can't stop watching either!!
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