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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Survivor Caramoan starts tonight

At 8:00 on SyFy Ghost Hunters moves to a new slot, on ID it's the special The Injustice Files, Hugh Jackman is on Inside the Actors Studio on Bravo and on CBS it's the 26th season premiere of Survivor.

On NGW at 9:00 it's the 2nd season premiere of Built for the Kill, on SyFy Ghost Mine moves to a new time slot and on TLC it's the 4th season winter premiere of Hoarding: Buried Alive.

Barter Kings has the 2nd season finale on A&E at 10:00, on Food it's the 1st season finale of Bobby's Dinner Battle, the Hot in Cleveland 4th season winter finale is on TV Land, on Discovery it's the 2nd season finale of Moonshiners, the 4th season premiere of My Strange Addiction is on TLC, on TNT it's the 5th season premiere of Southland and on Military it's the 2nd season premiere of Triggers.  The 2nd season finale of Happily Divorced is on TV Land at 10:30.

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