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Monday, July 29, 2013

First Comes Love premieres on HBO tonight

Next up from HBO Docs it's the latest chapter in Nina Davenport's autobiographical work, First Comes Love which chronicles her journey of becoming a single mother with some help from a gay friend's sperm and her best friend Amy.  The story doesn't end there though, we get to see her dating while pregnant plus all the mayhem that follows becoming a first time parent.  In 2000 Nina started her story with "Always a Bridesmaid" where she drew upon her experience as a wedding videographer & the terrible relationship she had with her noncommittal boyfriend to take a closer look at her generation's anxieties about tying the knot.  

This installment is honest, funny & moving as we look at her journey from hormone injections to the chaos that comes from becoming a parent.  First Comes Love premieres tonight at 9:00 on HBO with plenty of reruns to follow so check your local listings & get this on your DVR.  See below for a preview.

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