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Monday, April 21, 2014

Cancelled TV shows update!

ABC - Mind Games, Killer Women, The Assets, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
  Hanging in the balance: Betrayal, The Neighbors, Trophy Wife, Super Fun Night

CBS - We are Men & finally, How I Met Your Mother is over!
  Hanging in the balance: Hostages, Intelligence, The Mentalist

CW - The Carrie Diaries is no longer cancelled just close to it like these below
  Hanging in the balance:  Beauty & the Beast, Star-Crossed

FOX - Raising Hope, Enlisted, American Dad final season airing now
  Hanging in the balance:  Rake & Dads is now hanging even though it was announced as cancelled early in the season.

NBC - Welcome to the Family, Ironside,  The Michael J. Fox Show, Sean Saves the World
  Hanging in the balance: Nothing

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