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Friday, May 2, 2014

Scandal...I'm binge watching it & not that impressed

OK slaves, go ahead & get all over me if you like but I recently started watching Scandal…I watched all of season 1 over the weekend & just started season 2 yesterday & I like it but I don’t find it as amazing as everyone says it is.  I’m hoping that as season 2 moves further along the show begins feeling less forced because that’s my biggest issue with it…the acting.

The show has a good plot overall and a different subplot in every episode which makes it nice if you don’t actually follow the show.  If you do follow the show it can get in the way because you are expecting it to pick up where it left off but a lot of times it picks up at the subplot until that story crosses the main plot & if the subplot isn’t all that interesting you’re kind of screwed waiting for the main story to show up.  For the most part there are interesting stories but I can tell this is created by the same people as Grey’s Anatomy which by the way I stopped watching after a few seasons because it became so repetitive & unrealistic.  So far I’m like 11 episodes in & I’ve found myself saying out loud “oh, as if” more than once & in the past when I’ve made that remark the show hasn’t lasted much longer for me.

So season 1 ended with a bang & picked up at the beginning of season 2 but there were inconsistencies like they showed the team rolling up the rug but when they were walking out it was still there.  They didn’t show them removing or disposing of anything & these “gladiators in suits” were cleaning up a bloody crime scene in said suits…I mean come on!  Also at the beginning of season 2 a staff member is missing & it’s barely mentioned why he’s gone & unfortunately he was one of the people on the cast that I liked!  I was happy to see Guillermo Diaz from Weeds is part of the team, I like him.

(A week after I started writing this) I’m now half way through season 2 & the story finally perked up some when the President was shot but that just caused me to say “as-if” even more.  Like when she crawled into the hospital bed with him…come on, it’s a hospital & there is absolutely no way that someone wouldn’t have photographed & leaked that to someone.  They are way too sloppy for the entire country not to know what is going on & it’s kind of annoying.  So why do I keep watching?  I like Huck’s story line.  I still think Kerry overacts too much & watching her hurriedly walking in heels constantly is enough to drive me insane with that hair bouncing & the overly dramatic look on her face.  Anyway, I know I’ll continue to watch & continue to be less than thrilled with the show but I’m currently at the point where I am finding out where everyone on the team came from & that’s interesting. 

I really like Cyrus & Huck & their 2 storylines but the rest of them I could do without & the person that bothers me the most is the main character…once I get through all 3 seasons I’ll decide if I will pick up in real time next season because as of right now that’s a no.

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