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Friday, August 29, 2014

True Blood...Vulture had 9 questions...I have 1

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Vulture has 9 questions about the True Blood series finale...for that full article click here.  Here's my rundown & my only question.

1. Why was Bill not bloodthirsty? - I think it's because of the Lillith blood & or the face that he was like a gagillion years old & in general had more willpower...or the fact that he was "feeling human" and well, humans don't crave blood.

2.  Why didn't vamps use their blood to heal all bite marks? - I think this is because they don't want to be "attached" to everyone they bite forever...or feel those people aren't "worthy" of it.

3.  Why didn't medical science every exploit vampires for their healing properties? - This I have no clue...perhaps because it would put millions of scientists out of a job.

4.  If Bill's house is left to Andy, but Jessica & Hoyt live there, does only Andy have the power to invite vamps in? - I say no because they are technically renting so while they don't "own" it, it is their house.

5.  Is there any remaining body of vampire government? - I'm sure there is but clearly there wasn't time to get into all of that.

6.  Couldn't Jason Stackhouse have also been part faery? - Sure he could have BUT he wasn't.

7.  Who was Steve Newlin's maker? - Didn't this come up in an episode?  If so it clearly wasn't anyone important enough for us to remember & if it didn't then clearly whatever vampire did it we didn't know so why tell us?

8.  Who is the faceless guy Sookie ends up with? - From what I heard, a guy on the crew...he wasn't anyone we had met as of yet so they aren't going to show his face...5 seconds isn't enough time to give him a story, so to answer the question definitively, the guy was Sookie's baby daddy.

9.  Has no one in Bon Temps heard of condoms? - Jason sure has...he slept with the WHOLE town & didn't end up with any spawn until Bridgette came along.

My only question is...after only 3 years time, how in the hell does Jason have a brood of kids ranging from baby to about 5 years old?

All in all I was content with the ending although I kind of wanted everyone to die so people wouldn't immediately start with the "will there be a movie" questions!

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