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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Farewell Joan...

I was a huge fan of Joan Rivers...seeing her do stand-up live was one of the maybe 3 things on my bucket list.  I had amazing seats to see her for my birthday this year in a small November.  It breaks my heart that I will never get to see her live and in person but my love goes out to Melissa & Cooper & those who worked with Joan every single day.  Joan Rivers was the hardest working woman in show business & she certainly made more of a single year than I will probably ever make in a lifetime & I'm not talking about money, I'm talking about life.  Her calendar was always booked, it was booked to make people laugh & damn that old bitch was funny!  I am selfishly pissed that I (by no fault of my own) will never be able to scratch that item off of my bucket list, especially considering that the other 2 things are expensive travel items. Realistically I kind of figured seeing Joan might be the only thing I would ever scratch off and now I'll just have to erase it.

Personally I think they should have filmed the funeral & had a Fashion Police special about it...with the team critiquing what everyone wore & someone greeting the grieving guests with an apropos "who are you wearing"?  Some may say that's tacky but come on...Joan would have loved it & I'm sure would have also loved to be able to name the best & worst dressed!  Anyway, I just wanted to say I'm pissed, my birthday has been ruined & I will forever miss Joan Rivers...some say she was a real bitch to work for while others say she was great.  I don't really care either way I just loved her work...she made me laugh all the time & for that I am grateful.  Here's a short montage I grabbed off of YouTube of some great moments with Joan...enjoy!!

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