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Sunday, December 7, 2014

How I wish these celebrities would just go away!

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There are some celebrities I could do without in 2015.  Now before you go getting your panties all up in a fucking wad just let me say that I don’t want them dead nor do I wish them harm, I just wish they would no longer be “famous”.  The list is in no particular order though Taylor is definitely #1!

1.       Taylor Swift
2.       Kim Kardashian
3.       Kourtney Kardashian
4.       Kanye West
5.       Amanda Bynes
6.       Justin Bieber
7.       Beyonce
8.       Jay-Z
9.       The Duggars – all of them
10.   All “Teen Mom” moms

I used to have a Chrome app called "rather" and it would block any & all "news" about all of these people & due to lack of funding the site had to shut down.  Ever since I have been inundated with asinine "news" about these fools & it's really getting old.  So...bye Felicia!

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