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Monday, May 4, 2015

The's getting to be SO unrealistic

So I've been watching The Following since the first season & I loved the first season because it was new & nobody could be trusted & we never knew what to expect.  Then the 2nd season happened & I started getting discouraged because it was so different from season 1.  I was hoping that Joe was in fact dead & wouldn't be on season 2 & that Team Ryan would be hunting a new cult serial killing group which they kind of were but with Joe's was kind of odd but whatever, it kept me entertained for a season.

I did start to notice during season 2 that Ryan wasn't having the running issues he had before nor was he having any other issues related to his pacemaker nor was it ever mentioned.  I also began my frustrations during the scenes where Ryan would arrive somewhere with like 20 people yet he would always end up alone with the killer...none of the other people were anywhere to be found until the killer got away without being caught!  This BS has continued on big time this season & it's driving me insane...every time he heads out to look into a lead the team splits up & he's being chased by the killer & then when they capture him another team member shows up & shoots them.  It's getting to the point that I don't even need to watch it, I know what's going to happen.

Ryan gets a tip, he runs out to see what's up, he enters some pitch black vacant building & starts poking around, we see a shadow watching him, he spots the shadow...a chase ensues, a shot is fired & then Mike & Max run to the sound & then 1 of 3 things happens.  The bad guy gets away unscathed, Mike/Max shoot & injure the bad guy & run to Ryan's aid as the bad guy escapes or they kill the bad guy.  You could probably make a really good drinking game out of this show to be perfectly honest...I might have to make that a summer project if the show is renewed for another season.

So...finally, 2 weeks ago, Ryan's pacemaker was mentioned as he was chasing someone in the woods & started to run out of energy but that's the first time since season 1 it had been brought up & that weakness was a major point of season 1 so that's driven me batty ever since.  But then in the episode last week he was tased & somehow that didn't effect the pacemaker at all.  

Anyway, I'm happy Joe is finally effing dead but his death scene was so stupid...granted, I've never seen someone actually receive a lethal injection but in other true story movies there is no struggle with the injection, it's like they are given anesthesia, one second they are there & the next they aren't!  Everything leading up to his death scene was stupid too...I mean come on, there isn't a chance in hell someone who is about to put to death would have 2 free hands or 2 free legs at any time during their transport to the death chamber let alone the opportunity to string up a bunch of people.  And don't even get me started on the so called's what my tweets had to say during the airing.

"Queuing up last night's episode of #TheFollowing can't wait to see how much "oh come on, as if" shit goes down in this one!"

"Joe breaks free...LAME! #TheFollowing"

"Just because joe's watching doesn't mean other guards wouldn't still be working their post guarding the remaining prisoners! #TheFollowing"

"And seriously what kind of prison would be that sparkling white...I mean really? Come on, this is drama not fantasy! #TheFollowing"

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the remaining killers are captured at the end of this season & the show is cancelled.  The thought of a new season with Ryan's girlfriend & baby being kidnapped forcing him to go on the hunt to find them & protect them from some other serial killer trying to get revenge sounds like a real snooze fest.  Time for something new FOX...this shit is lame but in the meantime I'll enjoy the eye candy that is Michael Ealy.

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