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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

True Detective...True Confusion!!!

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Before I get going I need to preface this by saying that I started writing it before episode 5 & finished after episode 6.  So first of all let me just say that I was so excited when this season started because I could understand what everyone was saying but that still didn’t help in the confusion department.  I re-watched the first 2 episodes after they aired & it cleared up some of my initial confusion but now after 6 episodes I have new confusion & am not about to watch all of them again before the next one.  I’m guessing that I should have probably watched each episode twice from the get go but I digress…what the eff is going on & why are there so many stories crammed into such a short season?
  1. Do we really need the story about Ray & custody issues?

  2. Do we really need the story about Paul…like at all?  Yes his insanity which is brought on by his own terrors over actually being gay brings some excitement & yelling to every episode but aside from that he’s pointless right now.

  3. Do we really need the story about Frank & his annoying wife trying to have a baby? Honestly, is there any point to him even being married on this show?
Now back to my zillion other questions first of which is…what day/month/year is it?  In last week’s episode time seems to have jumped 2 months but we didn’t really learn that until Ray was asked about testing clean & he said he’d only been drinking now for 60 days & that was like 2/3 of the way through the episode.  So for the first 40 minutes I figured a couple days has passed & nothing was making sense…not that anything was once I realized at least 60 days had passed but still, a time clue at the beginning would have been beneficial.  Like, we tune in & everyone has different jobs because of the crazy ass shoot out? Why? What transpired after that to land everyone either at a desk or off the force?  Was this mentioned in the episode? Probably but I was too busy trying to figure something else out I’m sure!

Next…and this goes back to my question about time but Ani & Paul I think were heading up north & she made some comment about the fact that their used to be a commune near there…well, 2 episodes prior the commune was up & running so even if it had closed within the last 60 days that’s pretty damn recent that someone would more likely say “just closed” than “used to be”.  Ani’s sister says she’s no longer in touch with the girls from the webcam business but doesn’t say how long it’s been since she left it.  Plus Paul’s “girlfriend” is now 4 months pregnant…and a few episodes before it ends we meet his mom…why?  I mean, is it just me or do you guys feel like new stories are starting while the only story that matters…who killed Casper (or Caspere, or Caspar…it’s spelled all 3 ways on IMDB) is flying all over the place?  Once this show is over I hope that every story ends up having a point & not that they were created purely to distract us.

So last we have this new investigation taking place because of some fishy info that was received by whomever the woman with the mole is…the DA? None of what she said made any sense to me but because of that woman we learned that Ray’s ex-wife’s rapist was found & arrested & that upset Ray because he thought he had killed the guy who did it when really, he was just cleaning up something for Frank.

Anyway…I’m so effing confused by everything that is going on & I feel like we’re being distracted by the truth with all of these erroneous storylines.  Does anyone else think that the answers have been right in our face all along but we aren’t seeing them because of the stupid adoption/custody stories?  We were just talking at work about who we think crow man is & there’s some interesting theories going around & here’s the top choices, what’s your pick?

Who is the "crow" man? free polls

So another episode has passed & I’m even more confused now!  Ray went & met with the rapist of his ex-wife & I’m sorry but he didn’t appear to be a ginger either….the son is a fat 100% ginger kid & the only person on the show he could belong to would be Ray’s wife. 

Why did the show decide to tell us about Ani being raped as a kid now? The season is almost over & I don’t understand why they keep adding new stories!

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