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Sunday, August 16, 2015

True Detective wrap-up

Here's what I thought about the True Detective finale & this season as a whole:

Oh True Detective…there was so much unnecessary confusion this season & when the final episode ended & all of these things & people were shown I still had no idea what the point of any of it was.  I thought for sure that I would know what was going on this season because everyone spoke clear English but that wasn’t the case.  There were WAY too many characters, especially because so many of them were hardly on it but played major roles…well if they aren’t on enough I forget they exist because guess what?  I watch a zillion other TV shows & the story lines start to intersect...especially when the same actors are on multiple shows!

People were most often called by their last names but every once in a while they’d use the first name…well this is massively confusing because I was thinking that 1 person was 2 different people fairly often.  I had to keep IMDB open during the last 3 episodes just to look people up & see who they were but my biggest issue was that at the very end they showed Tony Chessani as the new Mayor but guess what?  I NEVER knew there was more than 1 Chessani to begin with…I often heard either “Tony Chessani” or just “Chessani” but nobody ever said “Austin Chessani” & that’s who was Mayor. 

All in all, there were WAY too many stories, WAY too many characters & WAY too much confusion every week.  If this series goes another round they really need to step back & think about it from a viewer’s perspective…we don’t want to be confused, we want to be able to follow the series & know who the key characters are & why they are key & be entertained.  I just kept picturing a team of writers in a room saying things like “yeah yeah, maybe we should do xyz” and throwing every good idea into the scripts & not worrying that the audience might not enjoy mass confusion.  Was the whole point of having the story line with Ray’s kid just to give him a distraction at the end?  Perhaps it was to show his soft side?  Or maybe just to prove that 2 normal sized brunette people could have a biological fat red headed kid!  And then what was the point of Ani having his kid at the end?  Oh, right, it was so Jordan could finally have that baby she wanted!

I feel like this season wasted a lot of my time (primarily because I watched most episodes twice) & I was confused more than I was entertained (even watching the episodes twice).  I also have to say that I was really disappointed that only the women survived & there was no relation to the first season at all until the very last minutes when we learned that Ani was telling the story to the reporter.  

I saw this article & it's probably the most awesome thing about this entire series that happened very early on & I completely forgot about it when it came to fruition...check it out!

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