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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Big Brother...expect the expected

Sweet baby Jesus tonight is finally the finale of Big Brother 17...the WORST season of Big Brother that I have ever watched.  They had more house guests than ever & I liked less house guests than is that possible?  Well, considering the fact that the majority of the "cast" didn't actually try out for the show & was chosen off Tinder & other places ruined the vibe in the house.  When you have people playing a game they know very little about it kind of takes away from those playing the game who are all about it & those of us watching who want to see it played.

This whole season it was like "let's be friends" when it should have been "let's align & then stab each other in the back".  Are they not aware that it's not about NOT getting blood on your hands but rather your hands always being can't politely win $500,000.  Well, I guess you can but it's not entertaining & speaking of entertaining, I felt like CBS was asleep at the wheel after the 3rd week & that the tagline for this season should have been "expect the expected".

CBS played this as the season with the most twists yet but there were far less than ever before.  It was supposed to be the summer of takeovers & they did 2...2 stupid takeovers & then after the twin twist week 5 (which wasn't much of a twist since everyone figured it out) there wasn't another twist at all.  There were 2 double evictions & someone came back from jury, neither of those are twists, we expect them.  And as boring as this season has been After Dark has been even more boring if that is even possible...these people never go outside, they constantly eat (and they do so extremely loudly), they sleep as much as cats & pot ball is the worst!

We are down to Vanessa who they should have evicted many many weeks ago, Steve who is annoying & Liz who is annoying to listen to both for how she talks and how dumb she is (and there are 2 of them which is scary)...I don't want any of them to win.  I am super excited for the finale tonight though so I can stop being annoyed by these people & find other people to annoy me for a while.  I suppose I'm hoping that Steve wins but I'm sure Vanessa will & I don't care what they say, CBS has way more of a hand in this than we think.  So on that note, thanks CBS...for the lamest, snooziest, most uneventful summer of Big Brother! 

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