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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the very tardy review

So Gilmore Girls a Year in the Life…I have many thoughts.  First, where the hell was the damn theme song?  Second I think my favorite season was spring & my least favorite was summer even though I assumed it would be my favorite but that stupid musical sucked up half the episode & the ending was terrible.  Summer just felt out of place to me…like they needed content so enter a musical.  They also suddenly have a community pool?  I don’t ever recall (though it’s been a while) a pool being in Stars Hollow & while I enjoyed the clothes & parasols, them going to the pool to do nothing but complain about the heat while young boys wait on them just seemed moronic.

I did like Rory saving the paper & Jess stopping by but he really should have had a larger role.  Perhaps I just feel this way because I don’t (and never did) like Logan, perhaps I just didn’t like that Rory was having an affair for a year & acting like she wasn’t…or maybe it’s just because Logan reached his “Ace” quota with me half way through winter…not really sure but I would have definitely liked more Jess.

At the end of summer Lorelai decided that she was going to head out into nature & do “Wild”…this was beyond dumb & a good sign that fall would be underwhelming as well.  Spoiler alert…Lorelai didn’t do “Wild”.  She bought too much shit that wouldn’t fit in her backpack, she met some other broads also doing “Wild”, 2 of her Parenthood costars played Park Rangers & due to the over packed pack she couldn’t find her permit & therefore had to go home.  The only good thing that came out of it was her decision to marry Luke.

Other than the wedding (which I was pissed only half happened) the Dragonfly expansion and Sookie’s return this was not the best episode either.  For starters I thought it was completely absurd that Lane was present for the unplanned last minute vows but Sookie wasn’t…Sookie wasn’t…WTF is up with that?  I thought the life & death brigade bit was stupid, mainly because Logan was involved but then the ending of the whole thing was the WORST part of all 4 episodes.  I find it even worse that there won’t likely be another season of this so why end with a cliffhanger?  Will she have the baby?  Whose baby is it?  If it’s Logan’s will he tell his soon to be wife?  Assuming Rory even tells him.  Is it Paul’s?  That would actually be funny…he was beyond forgetful but certainly left something behind!  

My favorite character of the whole thing was Emily.  She had the chance to completely reinvent herself even though she was doing it with an entire family that she couldn’t even understand.  I think Emily finally understood the Lorelai way of life & realized that it’s really not all bad when you allow yourself to get past appearances, expectations & being proper all the time.  My second fave was Paris…I loved her, she didn’t disappoint once!

All in all I’d like it to come back & just give us closure in some sort of way because it didn’t & that was really the only thing I wanted from the return since we didn’t get it the first time around!  I’m sure I could share a million more opinions but I’ll end it here for now.

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