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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Baskets is back tonight

Tonight at 7:00 on BET it's Through the Fire: The Legacy of Barack Obama.  Up at 8:00 on NBC it's the 1st season finale of The Good Place (how this even made it through a full season & hasn't been cancelled I have no idea).

On GSN at 9:00 it's the series premiere of Divided and Bravo has a 75 minute Top Chef.  At 10:00 on ABC it's a 20/20 Special that I refuse to give the name of, FX has the 2nd season premiere of Baskets, ID has the series premiere of The Detectives Club, GSN has the 4th season premiere of Idiotest and CNBC has the 6th season premiere of Secret Lives of the Super Rich.  WWHL will start at 11:15 tonight.

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