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Sunday, June 18, 2017

I Tried PlayStation Vue

I did the free 5-day trial with PlayStation Vue on the Roku platform & I also accessed it via Windows. I'm going to warn you right now that usually my reviews generally consist primarily of things I don't like so I'm going to do my best to also comment on what I do. I wrote the review as I was using the service.

Right off the bat the things I can't stand about the service so far are: when you're done with something it goes all the way back to the beginning not where you left off. For example I check BBC and realize the movie I wanted to watch just ended and now it's going into Star Trek so I hit the back button and instead of going back to BBC it flips all the way back to the beginning of the channel list. FYI this only seemed to happen on certain channels. Navigating through the channels was fairly self explanatory so finding something to watch right away was easy.

Because it's internet-based there's a delay with everything and I move too fast so I start watching things I don't want to watch and then they start showing up as recently watched things & clog up my feed.

I don't like that when I'm watching something I can't just scroll up and down with the remote arrows to move to the next channels I have to go back to the list & search back through and find something else to watch.

I find the service to cater more to males or rather sports fans, there is a lot of sports content and I don't need any of it. It's really lacking the fluffy and/or female directed content that I require like Lifetime, Logo, Comedy Central and Hallmark.

You can't record something while you're watching it you have to go back to the channel screen to set it from there which is kind of annoying.

As I'm trying to navigate around the app I just keep getting sent back to the Roku home screen because of this annoying delay it seems to have. This is by far my biggest frustration with the app. I click nothing happens, I click again it happens twice it's very annoying. I think I recorded an episode of a TV show but now I can't find it.

Once you save a show to your shows that will always record new episodes but also dumps a bunch of random OnDemand stuff in with all your DVR shows so you keep having to filter through to find what you're actually looking for. I can't find a way to only see what I've dvr'd and what is scheduled to record.

You cannot fast-forward through new OnDemand shows but you can at least with the one I tried that was a week old.

The biggest issue I was worried about was only being able to ff 10 secs at a time. I'm guessing that's an Apple TV issue as I was able to ff as much & as fast as I wanted.

Every time I go to log into my account I have to wait for a code via text...this happened at least 4 times in the 5 days I had it & more than once it was on the same device.

When I'm scrolling through “All Live TV” it shows a show image w/ the episode name rather than the show name & I can't see the words on most of the images to know what the show is.

Sometimes when I click to watch a live show it takes me to a landing page first.

Pro/con based on preference, the app didn't close/ go to sleep all day.

I don't like that I can't see what else is on while I'm  watching something.

I can say that I never had an issue accessing the service on any device I tried it on, the picture on my television was clear as a bell and the app has a lot of potential. If you are into sports this might be a good option to at least test out. I know that the user experience varies by platform whether it's Apple TV, Roku, PlayStation, etc. so being able to try it is great I just with they gave it a full week.

I basically tried to record/watch everything on Vue via my Roku while I was recording everything with my cable to see what was lacking. For me, a lot was missing that I really rely on & I wouldn't want to miss out on these shows so even with hulu, channel apps & antenna and more this service doesn't give me enough to allow me to cut my cable.

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