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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Howie Mandel Stand-up Gala

At 3:01 on Netflix was Alejandro Riano Especial de Stand Up.

Up at 6:00 on TLC it's a special My 600-lb. Life.  Up at 8:00 on CW it's The 3rd Annual Howie Mandel Stand-up Gala, Food has the 1st season finale of Iron Chef: Behind the Battle and TLC has the 6th season premiere of My 600-lb. Life and at 8:31 on Freeform it's the series premiere of Alone Together.

On SyFy at 9:00 it's the 3rd season premiere of The Magicians, ABC has the 200th episode of Modern Family, Bravo has the 8th season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, DIY has the 2nd season premiere of Restored, and on ID it's the 9th season finale of Unusual Suspects.  At 9:30 on CW it's the special The Animal Crackers.

At 10:00 on TLC it's the series premiere of Family by the Ton, OWN has the return of If Loving You is Wrong and on A&E it's the series premiere of Rooster & Butch.

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