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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Hip Hop Squares is back

The 3:01 on Hulu it's the series finale of The Looming Tower.

Up at 8:00 on Pop it's the time slot premiere of Hollywood Darlings and then on NBC it's a special The Voice.

At 9:00 on CBS it's a special Criminal Minds, CW has the 5th season premiere of The Originals, and DIY has the 3rd season premiere of Stone House Revival.

On MTV at 10:00 it's a special Catfish, CBS has the 13th season finale of Criminal Minds, VH1 has the 4th season premiere of Hip Hop Squares, Discovery has the 1st season finale of Twin Turbos and Ovation has the series premiere of The Wine Show.  At 10:02 on Lifetime it's the 1st season finale of Glam Masters.

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