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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bates Motel...I watched it

There are spoilers ahead.  So I watched Bates Motel on A&E last night and for the most part I liked it but of course I had issues as I always do.  First off I was very confused because I thought the show took place in the 50's or 60's just because of the movie and then when I saw how they were dressed I still assumed as such though I found it odd for him to have a TV in his room since they were such a commodity then.  When Norman was sitting waiting for the bus he was listening to his iPhone but it didn't really register with me until Norma's phone rang that the show actually took place now.  

My other issue was with Freddie Highmore's accent & the fact that it often came through in his speech...I'm sure people who don't know that he's British wouldn't even notice but I sure did.  Quite a few of his monologues would have a British word or two rolled up in there & threw me for a loop but really this was my biggest issue with this & hoping that over time he gets better at pinpointing the American accent.  Aside from this I thought the acting was good, Vera plays creepy mother very well and Freddie plays creepy Norman very well.  

We can already see why Norman was such a mess & where the idea for the shower murder stemmed from & while I expected more "creepy" in the first episode I think we will get plenty of it in coming episodes.  I look forward to meeting Norman's brother & seeing just how creepy he is...if at all & this woman with the needle marks that we saw at the end...who the hell is she & what's going to happen there?  Also of course, what's going to happened with the murdered rapist guy?  I was a little annoyed that they didn't just call the cops about that, I thought that was pretty stupid. Her logic that nobody would want to stay there if she called the cops was pointless because the issue happened in the house not at the hotel & he wasn't just some nut bag, he was a local & people obviously will be looking for him.  I thought Lost was one of the dumbest shows to ever be on television so I am really hoping that this doesn't go that route, keeps the intrigue & gets more creepy.  I'll keep tuning in for this season for sure & I'm hoping to wowed by future episodes & I want to thank whomever the sponsor was for last night & the lack of extensive commercials!!  

Tune in to A&E Mondays & check out Bates Motel for yourselves & let me know what you think.

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