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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Real World reruns

Last night on MTV they reran season 1 of The Real World which took place in New York & I remember how "cutting edge" this show was when it began.  I was so in love with Andre who oddly enough is from where I live & used to shop at a record store I worked at (a few years after the show ended) but I was too much of a pussy to ever say anything other than "can I help you find something".  So anyway, I watched 1/2 the season & remembered how much I loved Heather B & her catchphrase "breakout" & Julie's southern innocence.  I liked everyone in the house except for Kevin who really seemed to have way too much beef with everyone saying that all issues were black/white issues, that black people can't be racists & that every issue he had in the house with a white person was a race issue.  Heather didn't seem to have any issues and she's black so I feel like he was the one with the issues & he needed to get over them which clearly didn't happen since he got into it with Becky & Julie pretty hard core.  He had problems with everyone in that house & blamed them all on the other person & generally when people do that they need to stop & look at the common denominator which is them.  

Now back to the good stuff...I loved that they had their pets there, the goofy looking dog they found & were able to return to its rightful owner, Julie spending the night with  Darlene the homeless girl was a great episode, Heather B meeting Larry Johnson & saying "I heard you wanted to meet me" was freaking classic & of course I loved all the 90's fashions.  Heather was wearing full on Cross Colors when she went to meet Julie's parents, Julie was always wearing such baggy pants & who can forget Becky falling for the director with the mullet which caused him to lose his job?  The second half of this season reruns again early this morning starting at 4:30 and then at 8:00 the 3rd season (San Francisco) reruns in full so we can see Puck in all his dirty glory, Cory's constant crying & who can forget Pedro?  It was so sad to learn that he lost his battle with AIDS but I think it was great that this show took the opportunity to again be "cutting edge" and show such a real story & open people's eyes to so much that they had only heard about.

Right now they are showing season 12...Las Vegas (the first run) and by this point the show has taken a not so real tone, they live at The Palms with 24 hour access to pretty much anything they want.  Back in season 1 the loft was nice but the walls were all white & pretty bare bones as far as decor which is the polar opposite of the places they live in now that are all decked out with an insane amount of color & lighting & everything else you can think of.  Believe it or not this show has been on for 28 seasons with the newest beginning next week & it takes place in Portland.  Personally I think this show stopped being "real" after Miami which was season 5 I think...I don't know what they are paid now but for the first season they were paid $2,500 for their 12ish week stay.  Season 5 is when they had to start working together (they had to start their own business this season), previously people had their own jobs and after season 5 they were given jobs.  

I think the last season of this show that I watched was New Orleans which aired back in like 2000 & I have no plans of watching the new season either.  This show has gotten so unreal & is just full of fights & drama & it's gotten pretty obnoxious really & I get enough of that on The Real Housewives.

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