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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hannibal & How to Live With Your Parents...I watched them

First up new this week was How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life) which I recorded & was expecting to not like.  I'm not the biggest fan of Sarah Chalke to begin with but I do like Brad Garrett & Elizabeth Perkins so I figured I'd check it out.  I'm happy I did record this because I really enjoyed it...I even liked the kid which is just unheard of for me.  There were a couple things that I thought were stupid or confusing like at the beginning Polly (Chalke) and her kid arrive at the home of her mom & step-dad because Polly left her husband Julian so they need a place to stay.  They are in an old beat up VW Bug & both look a mess & they happen to catch the fun loving, always drinking, never serious parents in the middle of some one on one time.  The show flashes to 6 months later & Polly has a job at a smoothie place & a brand new VW Bug, the parents are exactly the same & the ex Julian is always at the house.  

If she can afford a brand new car then whey are they still living with the parents?  If she was leaving her husband then why he is always at the house?  It's only been 6 months & she's already divorced & dating...this was confusing to me because we all know that's never the case & if she is still so chummy with her recent ex-husband then why did they divorce?  It's pretty clear from the first episode that Julian still loves her & that she still has feelings for him too...not just because he's the father of her kid but because she always has.  All in all, this show is funny, the parents are the best part & I plan to continue watching it but it has the possibility of getting really old really fast.  I also wish the name were about 10 words shorter!

Next up is Hannibal...this show was beyond confusing for the first 20 minutes & well I guess was confusing all the way through.  First off I can't tell when this show is supposed to take place...theoretically it should take place in the 80's but I believe I saw a smart phone involved at one point so this must take place in current times.  I don't like these shows that are made from movies (which in this case were based on books to begin with) & change the time frame of things like Bates Motel...Norman Bates & Hannibal Lecter wouldn't have had iPhones...period.  So anyway, I thought this show was about Hannibal Lecter but really it's not, it's about a special agent/teacher named Will who has the ability to empathize with serial killers & put himself in their mind frame to figure out why/what they are doing.  This is the most confusing part because you think something is happening but really it's not, he's just thinking it so then the next time something awful happens you think he's just thinking it but it's really happening.  

In the first case they are on the trail of a cannibal & we see Hannibal cutting up lungs (which was unsettling & disgusting) & assume they are looking for him but no they aren't...they actually use Hannibal to assist with the case.  I"m assuming that he's not yet "Hannibal the Cannibal" or he would be in prison & not still seeing patients.  Apparently he's also being used to keep an eye on Will as a patient but it seemed to me like Will wasn't aware of this & neither were we.  As I sit here thinking about the episode I'm even more confused than I was watching it...I don't know why Hannibal is even on the show because it's not really about him, it's about Will.  Laurence Fishburne plays Agent Jack Crawford who in Silence of the Lambs was white & middle he's black & older than middle aged & it's 20+ years later?  Honestly, the time frame is the most difficult of all of this...they have taken characters we know & muddled them all together to make some TV show that doesn't relate to all of the other stories that we already read/watched decades ago!!  For instance, in Silence of the Lambs, Crawford was younger than Lecter and in this TV Show he's older...Silence was made in's now 2013 & as I said the show seems to take place in current times.  

I think I might just be too much of a realist for this TV Show...I will give it 3 episodes like I do every show I try but based on just the 1 I'm not much of a fan yet.  The show is full of creepy & gross & some scary too but overall it's just full of confusion.

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