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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Breaking Bad...let's discuss!

I've been making notes since this half started & here is everything at once:

9/11 So…we are now more than half way through with the final season & each episode is better than the previous one so I can’t even begin to fathom where this show is going to take us in the last quarter.  Over the weekend I re-watched the first half of the season to see if I had missed anything because I always miss things but nothing that would give the end away stood out to me.  This show always does such a good job of surprising us & that’s what I love, it’s so far from predictable & that’s one of the main reasons I love it so much.  The writers are freaking geniuses…I always wonder “did they always have this in mind or did it just unfurl like this?”
When I watched Walt’s confession video my jaw was on the floor…I mean, did a writer just out of the blue say “we’ll do a confession & pin it all on Hank, it’s perfect, he doesn't know about the medical bills or anything” or did they know back when Walt & Skylar offered to pay for the medical bills that they would use it here?  As a writer I often ponder these things & know that while actors bring writing to life it’s the writers who tell the true story & the writers here have never once missed the mark…not one season, not even one episode has ended & left me thinking “that was lame”.  There are so many TV shows that I watch, I mean hundreds every year but Breaking Bad is by far the best drama that has ever been on television in my opinion.  There are a lot of dramas on TV that I don’t watch but even when I ask people who watch some of them that also watch Breaking Bad none of them compare.  People rave about The Newsroom & Homeland but they still like Bad better.

This season is killing me & honestly I thought I’d be pissed that the show is ending but I’m perfectly OK with it…I’m not happy it’s ending but I’m happy that it’s ending at the right time.  I mean, I watched The X-Files, Weeds, The Office, 30 Rock, Glee & so many more that I had to give up because they were overstaying their welcome in my house but this show, it’s stayed exactly as long as it should. 

So anyway, back to the show…personally I’m going to guess that Hank is dead & most likely so is Gomez but I feel like Jesse will make it.  Due to the insane gun fight at the end of the last episode I’m now thinking that in current time Walt is back in town with a trunk full of guns & picking up the ricin to kill Todd & his crew as revenge for killing Hank.  If Jesse ends up dead at the end of the series I will most likely cry, I've been rooting for him since episode 1 & sadly part of me is still rooting for Walt even though he’s such a dick, he’s killed so many people & has become a completely different person.  I also had a hard time accepting that Jesse is working with Hank & that he would turn Walt in even though Walt has done so many awful things to him but still, deep down I thought “traitor”. 

9/17 Well…Hank most definitely is dead & what a kill that was & now him & Gomez are lying in Walt’s former money hole in the middle of the desert.  Even though I knew that was all coming it was still hard to take, I will admit, I covered my eyes when he killed Hank & I covered them again when they were about to kill Jesse.  That whole scene in the dessert was very hard to take…when Walt collapsed in agony over what happened with Hank it was like a punch in the gut & I hate to even say it but I felt bad for Walt that he lost Hank even though it was ALL his fault.  I’m sure Walt blames Jesse for everything that has happened & that’s why he wants him dead…there is no way that Walt is going to take any accountability for anything.  When Skylar asked about Hank & said “you killed Hank?” & Walt said “I didn't do it” like that makes it OK & I think he honestly thought that Skylar would let it go!  I was happy that Jr. finally found out the truth & also happy that Walt called the house & laid it on thick with that speech so that Skylar wouldn't be accused of anything.  It was clear by the look on her face that she knew exactly what he was doing and she was happy he was doing it & I think at that moment she knew that she’d get Holly back. 

The person I felt the worst for was Marie…there she was telling Skylar that Walt had been arrested & was being booked & we all knew that Hank was dead & we also knew that if Hank hadn't stopped to call her he would still be alive & Walt would be in jail.  The chips clearly didn't fall in her favor & the fact that she heard Walt say that Hank was dead while she’s worried about Holly being kidnapped & wondering where Hank could be, I can’t imagine how that would feel.  I've never been much of a Marie fan but her & Hank were a good couple.
Everyone has been asking me if I’m still rooting for Walt & I mentioned earlier that I kind of still was & felt a little bad for it but I just pictured him in the first episode all wide eyed & excited about making some money for his family. So when this episode opened with the flashback to him & Jesse in the RV on that first cook and then it faded back to the shoot-out I knew this would be the episode that changed my mind.  When Walt told Jesse that he watched Jane die that was it because now he was just being spiteful & a dick & trying to get back at Jesse for Hank getting killed but when it all boils down to it everything that has happened from episode 1 is Walt’s fault because he’s the one who started the entire chain of events by asking to go on the ride along with Hank. 

I am desperately rooting for Jesse, he’s been tapping into his intuition a lot more as the seasons have gone on & I’m hoping that he has come into his own by now.  In the past I think he always looked to Walt for what to do but now that he’s on a tether like a freaking dog cooking with creepy Todd I’m thinking it’s high time he got his head on straight & pulled another “yeah bitch, magnets” moment out of his hat.  He looks so bad, he’s obviously not being well taken care of & is being held captive…just like those 2 guys from the beginning of the series but Todd, unlike Walt doesn't have a caring bone in his body.  Oh, speaking of him…how creeped out were you when he said “sorry for your loss” to Walt after Hank was killed?

So, I know I've rambled on for way too long at this point but I still am hoping that Jesse kills Walt in the end & here’s my current theory.  Walt is back with the guns & ricin to kill Todd, Lydia & crew & rescue Jesse but Jesse will kill him once he’s saved.  As far as Walt’s family goes I don’t know if they are in danger or not…I mean, Walt & Todd’s uncle agreed that they were straight but Marie still has everything that Hank was using to build the case right?  She’s pissed & hurt too & obviously wants Walt found but we all know that he called Saul!  Obviously this is all just speculation (my theories change daily) & while I can’t wait to see how this will all end I don’t want it to end either.

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