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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Yukon Gold premieres on Nat Geo tonight

Yukon Gold is a new series from National Geographic Channel that lets us take a look at the grueling lives of four family-run mining camps as they attempt to strike it rich searching for gold.  Some will get lucky while some will not but every morning is a new day that brings new excitement of the ultimate!!  

The show is set in Dawson City, Yukon where the historic Klondike Gold Rush all began and delves into the lives of the mining crews & shows all the challenges they face from relationships to bank accounts and reputations.  They have genuine gold fever and are hoping to get their next fix and hopefully hit the mother load worth potentially millions of dollars and are banking on finding 1,000 or more ounces of gold this season.  The costs of mining don't seem to end & are higher than ever yet the miners have spent the past two years & nearly a half billion dollars exploring many minerals in the Yukon & are hoping it's all worth it.  

Tune in Thursdays at 7:00 and check out this new series on National Geographic Channel!

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