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Monday, June 30, 2014

112 Weddings

Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Doug Block (51 Birch Street, The Kids Grow Up), has supported his career with a side business of videotaping weddings. After filming more than a hundred weddings, he decided to track down some of the more memorable couples to see how their marriages have turned out – yielding funny, insightful and deeply moving results. By juxtaposing present-day reality with wedding-day flashbacks, Block explores themes of love, commitment and life after the big day.

For the past two decades, filmmaker Block has helped support his documentary work by shooting the occasional wedding. Known for his intimate, fly-on-the-wall style, he repeatedly found himself bonding with couples on their big day, never to see them again once the video was completed. 

Having long wondered what became of some of these marriages, Block began to 
track down a few of his favorite couples. Juxtaposing rapturous wedding-day flashbacks 
with remarkably candid present-day interviews, the documentary 112 Weddings asks 
what comes after “I do,” exploring timeless themes of love, romance and commitment.  Tune in tonight at 9:00 for the premiere or look for reruns or catch it on HBO Go.

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