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Monday, June 16, 2014

Louie season finale is tonight

Tonight at 8:00 on NBC it's the Stanley Cup Final - Game #6 (if necessary) and on ABCF it's the 3rd season summer premiere of Switched at Birth.  

On ABCF at 9:00 it's the 2nd season premiere of The Fosters and HGTV has the 9th season finale of Love it or List it.  Up at 10:30 on FX it's the 4th season finale of Louie and on MTV it's the 5th season finale of 16 & Pregnant.  And you know what...I think these "Teen Mom" shows are just absurd & I'm not going to post their premieres & finales anymore.  I can't be an accessory to the glamorization of teen pregnancy because there are enough grown ass people that have no business being parents let alone an army of teens having them because they might get on TV!

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