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Thursday, January 29, 2015

The series finale of Parenthood airs tonight

This was scheduled to post tomorrow afternoon but for some reason the site thought you needed it tonight! So, tomorrow night at 8:00 on NBC it's the 16th season finale of The Biggest Loser, ABC has the return of Grey's Anatomy.

Up at 9:00 on ABC it's the return of Scandal.  At  10:00 on Pivot it's the two hour series premiere of Fortitude, ABC has the return of How to Get Away with Murder, TruTV has the 4th season premiere of Impractical Jokers, NBC has the series finale of Parenthood (thank God, I am so happy this show is ending, it has more than run its course in my opinion)  and on SyFy it's the return of Wizard Wars.

At 10:30 on TruTV it's the series premiere of Breaking Greenvile and Food has the series premiere of Duff Till Dawn.  On SyFy at 11:00 it's the series premiere of Close up Kings.

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