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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Who will win Big Brother 18?

OK so tomorrow is the Big Brother 18 finale & this season has been pretty lame for the most part.  The final 3 are Paul, Nicole & James (I'm surprised 2 vets are left)...of these 3 I think Paul is the most deserving of the win however, I don't really want to see him win because he's not a fan of the show & doesn't need the money.  I still want Victor to win but obviously that won't happen!

Nicole spent 90% of the season whining & dry humping Corey while James spent 99% of the season doing absolutely nothing other than throwing comps, salting water & worrying about Natalie who clearly didn't give two shits about him once her game ended.

At the beginning of this week Paul was taking Nicole to final 2 but I don't know if that's still the would be a dumb choice since either one of them could beat James no sweat (but I know they don't want him to get the 50K).  I don't know if that's still Paul's plan but we sure did get to hear his effing speech about 100 times last night on After Dark so I plan on fast forwarding through that shit tomorrow!

It seems that they changed things up this year since normally we see the final HOH play out live during the finale but it's already been completed with Paul as the winner against Nicole. Correction...what I originally wrote is not right (I received some duplicate updates), things are continuing as normal & as of right this minute on After Dark, both Nicole & Paul still plan to take each other to the final two...and that is a bad idea. If I were in the jury house the only person who would get my vote is Paul...just listening to Nicole's voice is reason enough to not give it to her.  Then she was always walking around with no shoes on (with all of those ants), she was always screwing around with her hair & the way she says "but" and "Corey" nails on a chalkboard!  It doesn't help that she didn't actually start playing the game until the end either.

James wouldn't get my vote simply because he is an idiot who fell for the wrong girl and threw everything out the window.  Both him & Nicole got a second change at $500K and they both opted for a showmance instead?  F**k that...I don't care if Taye Diggs is trying to get with me the only relationship I'd want is with a big fat check.

So...who do you think will win?  Who do you want to win?  Who should win AFP?  Oh and one note to would be great if you only allowed fans (or even people who are familiar with BB) on the show, trolling social media looking for shit stirrers to mix in with people who know the game doesn't make for a good show.  Those of us who love the show for the game get really sick of hearing players say they've never seen the show or that they don't understand the game.  If you aren't dying to be there you shouldn't be allowed on the show!

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