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Friday, June 25, 2010

Bethenny Getting Married?

I'm definitely watching the premiere season of Bethenny Getting Married? on Bravo! and I'm sure you aren't surprised by that one bit.  She is probably one of my favorite housewives out of all of the casts so I was very happy to see her get her own show.  Now that it's her show I have to say that I like Jason and I really didn't when I saw him on Housewives, he just seemed like an arrogant douche but I think that was because he was on so minimally it was hard to really see what he was like.

From season to season I always identified with Bethenny because like me she was guarded, set in her ways, open, honest, funny, perpetually single, and surrounded by couples everywhere she looked.  Now that she is successful & pregnant & married I don't identify with her anymore aside from the honest & funny.  Now that I see why she is guarded given her shitty upbringing I don't identify with that anymore either but I still adore her so much.  Seeing her with Jason made me realize that sooner or later I will find someone but I'll skip the whole baby part...that is not for me at all.  Anyway, this weeks episode stressed me out looking at how stressed out she was...who in the hell takes on that much when they are pregnant?  Who in the hell takes on that much when they aren't?

The wedding planner guy is kind of annoying but he's also pretty funny when he shows just how terrified of Bethenny he really is.  The whole cake thing next week looks intense but I totally get where the planner guy is coming from because Bethenny is too busy to plan a wedding & it's going down like tomorrow so she has to relinquish some of the details to him.  My favorite part of last nights episode was the book signing at Costco & the 3 people that showed up.  Watching them shopping at Costco was like watching myself!  Is there a Costco in Manhattan?  You can't buy anything from there if you are on foot!

Jason in the "Bride to Be" sash the morning after the bachelor/ette party was a trip. Watching her eat ribs at the party & hearing her talk about eating burgers the next morning makes me jealous that she's so thin!  I know she primarily eats healthy but they rarely show that on any of her shows.  I can't wait to see the actual wedding & I'm so excited that she got the venue she wanted!
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