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Monday, June 28, 2010

New Big Brother!!

Coming up next week on Thursday July 8th at 8 PM is the premiere of the new season of Big Brother!  My mom got me hooked on this show & I'm now a bit of a junkie.  I just hope this season has someone as yummy as Jeff to stare at or I may get a little bored.  This is now the 12th season of this show & I didn't start watching faithfully until a few seasons ago maybe like season 8 or 9 so I often feel left out when they do games & have trivia going back to season one but I'm not the one who trying to win a bunch of money so I guess it doesn't matter.  I am happy though that in a couple weeks I have to add Showtime back so I can watch Weeds & Showtime 2 shows "Big Brother After Dark" from midnight to 3 am so I like to DVR that and skim it to see if anything good happened over night.
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