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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another Season of Biggest Loser Starts Tonight

You can check out my Twitter to stay posted on all of the shows that are returning for the winter half of their seasons but all new shows & season premieres & finales will still be posted here.  Tonight we have yet another season of Biggest Loser starting at 8:00 on NBC.  At 8:30 is the series premiere of Work It on ABC which in my opinion looks to be a terrible attempt at recreating the old classic Bosom Buddies except this show doesn't have Tom Hanks & these men aren't very dainty.  At 9:00 is the series premiere of Jane by Design on ABC Family while over on National Geographic Channel is the season premiere of Taboo: Secret Lives.  At 10:00 is the season premiere of Campus PD on G4 & United Tastes of America on Cooking & the series premiere of Jamie's American Road Trip on BBCA.    
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