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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Golden Globes are Here!

I cannot believe its already awards season & The Golden Globes are on at 8:00 on NBC & I'm actually surprised to find that other shows are on too, such as the 1st season finale of Glam Fairy on Style and over on NBC is the 3rd season premiere of Undercover Boss.  Up at 8:30 is the series premiere of Napoleon Dynamite on FOX which I sadly have to miss due to too much already recording on the DVR.

At 10:00 on AMC is the 1st season finale of Hell on Wheels, at 11:00 on E! is the E! After Party & then at 11:30 on Adult Swim is the 5th season finale of Robot Chicken.   


  1. I used my DVR to record Napoleon Dynamite, and it got all screwed up. The Fox schedule was off by about 15 minutes, probably due to the Giants - Packers game, but the Time Warner Cable schedule guide was not updated, so I got the second half of the Simpsons and the first half of N.D. I hope they are going to repeat it.

    1. Boo, that sucks! I'm going to see if it's available to watch online, if not, next week!

  2. Wow, sounds like a problem! If you're having a hard time keeping all your recordings in a row, or if you have to pick and choose between shows due to the lack of tuners or storage space, definitely take a look at the new "Hopper" from DISH. Some DISH coworkers and I got to try this new receiver out in the demo room yesterday, and this thing is amazing!! It has a 750 MHZ processor, making it the fastest DVR in the biz. It also has a 2TB Hard Drive, giving it the MOST storage space of any DVR. With the PrimeTime Anytime feature, it will automatically record all four major networks (ABC,NBC,FOX,CBS) each weeknight for three hours. It keeps it on a rolling eight-day block, so you never have to worry about missing a good prime time show. The Hopper connects to four TVs, and gives each one the ability to watch a different channel or DVR recording! This is a great new technology for DVR-lovers!!

  3. Thanks for the suggestion but I watch a ton of TV OnDemand & DISH doesn't offer the same OD services as my cable company, my parents have DISH & it's not for me so I'll stick with what I have.