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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

We made it to 2012 & it's time for new shows, new seasons of old shows, plenty of awards specials & the ending of some old favorites too.  First, I'd like to know how in the hell I missed the season premiere of My Fair Wedding?  My DVR has a few episodes I recorded over the weekend but it's been on since November 20th, oops!  We do have a couple premieres on tonight, at 8:00 on National Geographic Channel we have the season premiere of Drugs Inc. (crack) and a second episode follows immediately and the topic is hash. Meanwhile over on VH1 is the season premiere of Mob Wives.

At 8:15 is the season finale (sweet) of Sunday Night Football on NBC with Cowboys at Giants.  At 9:00 on Food Network is Rachel vs. Guy on Celebrity Cook-off.  At 10:00 on HBO is the premiere of a new show titled Angry Boys which is a mockumentary comedy that I've never heard of & I have HBO.  Anyway, welcome to 2012, happy viewing!!
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