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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So many shows didn't air this week

Because of that bitch hurricane Sandy a ton of shows I watch didn't air this week & I'm sure a ton of others didn't either.  I missed the Monday night CBS lineup & then last night Private Practice wasn't on nor was The New Normal and I get that news coverage of the hurricane & its aftermath are important but the networks didn't indicate when we can expect to see the shows that didn't air.  In the past when shows have been preempted by the President or other news the shows end up being aired at like 4 am but that didn't happen so I don't know if the shows will air next week & then just continue from there or what.  I have asked CBS & ABC when we can expect to see our shows return but I haven't yet heard anything from them.

I just hope that whenever these things air that my DVR will catch them & record them...unlike the season finale of Flipping Out which was on last night & my DVR didn't record.  I'm kind of heartbroken by this because I absolutely adore Jeff & crew & I searched my TV Guide & it's currently not scheduled to rerun either which is just unheard of!  Since when doesn't Bravo air reruns like they are going out of style?  Ah well, I'm sure I wouldn't be so annoyed if I had anything else to look forward to or occupy my time during the week!!  If I hear anything from any of the networks about shows being replayed I'll let you know so make sure you follow @DVRslave on Twitter!!

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