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Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Houstons: On Our Own...oh hell no!!!

OK...we all know that Whitney Houston died earlier this year and we all heard all kinds of stories about the drama within the Houston family but now, we get to watch it all as they proceed to capitalize on the death of Whitney.  It's bad enough that this show is airing less than a year after her death but to make matters worse...they started filming 3 months after!  Whitney wasn't even cold yet & the family was signing contracts to start their own reality show, this to me is beyond tacky & I don't know who is more to blame...the Houstons or Lifetime for making & airing the show.

Anyway, Lifetime aired 2 back to back episodes of the show & I reluctantly watched them both & will not be watching further.  First of all, Krissy (Bobbi Kristina) is a mess & we get to see plenty of it starting with her damn can't tell me that she doesn't have the money to get that huge damn gap in her teeth fixed, I mean, it's big enough for another damn tooth!!  Then, we learned that Whitney's godson Nick who was like a brother to Krissy is now her boyfriend (in the second episode her fiance) so it's like incest but not really...regardless, it's gross.  Nick has huge eyebrows, he's a total mooch & she's obsessed with him.  

So aunt Pat is now Krissy's guardian & Pat is Whitney's brothers wife & Krissy doesn't listen to a damn thing she says but I don't blame her...she always says it to the camera rather than Krissy.  We see Krissy at dinner drinking & Pat whispering to her husband that she won't stand for that yet she doesn't say anything to Krissy.  She of course bitches to the camera about Krissy drinking saying that she won't be acting like that on her watch & in the next scene she's sipping wine in the kitchen with the rest of the family.  Sure, Pat tells her she can't be doing that & takes the bottle from her hand but that's not going to do was pretty clear that Krissy was already wasted on something when she arrived for the family dinner to begin with.

The whole fam went to see grandma Cissy in Jersey for mothers day and on the trip they visited Whitney's grave site (the tombstone is pretty plain & small & generic) & we watched Krissy sit there & weep & then learned that it was only 3 months since her passing that this was taking place.  The whole family also went to church that morning but Krissy & her boyfriend didn't show up & when Pat asked why Krissy said it was too soon to be in that church again because the last time she was there her mother was in a casket.  Pat said "oh yeah, you're right, I didn't even think about that, I'm sorry".  Seriously?  Are you effing kidding me?  She hadn't thought about it?  Right then I knew who must have been behind this entire show & everything else...aunt Pat, trying to make a buck.  

Pat's husband Gary & daughter Rayah are secondary on the show...I feel bad for Rayah because her mom is so focused on Krissy & getting her singing career going that she really seems to care less about her own daughter.  Speaking of Krissy's singing career...her mother had her working with a coach to get her moving in the right direction & Pat is trying to get her to work with someone else & Krissy isn't having it so she just doesn't show up for a meeting.  She instead spent the day with her man at the arcade...yep, sounds like she's ready for a career.  There isn't anything about this show that is good, I am appalled that I even watched it but I had to so I could report back to you & tell you all about it.  If this gets picked up for another season then James Cameron really might have to dive down to the bottom of the ocean to raise the bar (this is a South Park reference) because we all need to check ourselves.

I know this post is all over the place but I had so many thoughts going through my head that I was typing like my fingers were on fire.  Here's some of what was said on Get Glue by myself & other viewers:

@michl what does Nick DO?? he's 23 and it just looks like he's mooching of bobbi kris
@Darrell James I have no words for this child...
@Toni Varone Bobbi Kristina is SO high..This is like a repeat of her father in their last reality show!
@Sherrie Ann White Back again...I think Pat has a lot of nerve! I really believe that when she looks at Bobbi Kris , she sees $$$, just like she did w/Whitney. So sad :(
@DVR Slave "We're 2 people who stand each other up" uh, does he know what it means to stand someone up? What a fool & he needs an eyebrow wax too!
@Jasmine Suntrell Whitney didn't die for this...

As you can see...most people were horrified by this show, I'd say about 1 out of every 20 comments was a positive one or one calling out the other 19 for being so rude.

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