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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This season of opinion

There are a couple spoilers in here so if you haven't caught up yet don't read this.  So this is the 7th season of Dexter that we are watching now and I hate to say it but so far after 3 episodes I'm not impressed.  As most of you already know I can't stand Deb & she has such a large role this season that it's driving me insane.  I don't like the fact that she knows about Dexter's dark passenger because it removes so much of the tension that kept me on the edge of my seat...all of the "oh no, he's going to get caught" is over & that's a huge part of the show.  Dexter is spending so much time trying to convince Deb that his work has a purpose and not enough time killing people and that's the whole point of the show.

The second line of intrigue that I was enjoying was that of Dexter & Louis but the Russians killed him off so there goes that...I couldn't wait to see what Louis was going to do to Dexter but now he won't be doing anything.  Now, speaking of the Russians, I'm really not liking this whole story with the strip club, the strippers & the Russians who own it's boring, it feels a little to Sopranos for me, I keep expecting Tony to come out of the back room telling Batista & crew to leave the Bada Bing.  I really hope that story line gets a little more interesting, more so than dipshit Quinn banging one of the stripper/witnesses which is nothing new.

Now...about this Hannah broad, I'm not sure if she's going to be a new love interest for Dexter or if she's going to end up just being connected to Mike, the cop who was killed in the first episode.  It's because of Mike that this whole Russian stripper thing is going of them killed him & then Dexter killed the killer which now that I think about it is a big waste of money.  Dexter kills these people while the police are wasting time, money & manpower to attempt to solve these cases...that's not cool!  So these Russians are on to Dexter & are looking to take him out for killing their guy and I don't think he knows yet so I'm looking forward to that exchange & also looking forward to seeing what happens to Harrison.  Dexter sent him to spend some time with his grandparents in Orlando which tells me that either he won't be in the rest of the season or something will happen to him & his baby-sitter while on their journey.

I have no plans to give up on Dexter but I'm about as into this season as I was season 3...basically, I'm bored & need more killing, more intrigue, more nail biting suspense and so far this season isn't giving me any of that.  Also, like every other season...I want Deb to die, I can't stand the way she talks & she's gotten on my nerves since episode 1!

Question, did Dexter send the hand to Masuka & note that it was from Louis or did Louis send it?  I could have sworn in the previous episode it was Louis who was drawing on the hand but then again Louis did send it to Dexter so maybe it was Dexter.  Clearly I was confused by that part & probably because I was on vacation so I had a week off to forget everything that had already happened.

Anyway, that's my take on this season so far...what are you thinking?

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