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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Real Housewives round up!

Atlanta premiered Sunday night & of course it kicked off with a bang named Kenya Moore crossing the line with Cynthia when they were doing a Jet casting at the Bailey Agency.  Kenya is a former Miss USA who thinks very highly of herself & she was making some rude ass comments to the girls who were auditioning for the Jet gig.  One of the agency employees said something to her & she got all up in his face calling for "security, security" and some dude in a suit came up & moved the employee which caused a problem as the employee clearly works there & the security guy was brought by Kenya who stated that people are always all over her so she has to have security.  I'm sorry but I've never heard of her & according to the cast she has absolutely no need for security because most people don't know who she is either.  I have a feeling she'll bring all kinds of insanity & drama this season.

We also learned that Gregg is trying to get back with NeNe & I think it's great...granted he messed things up but he clearly knows that & is really doing everything he can to get his woman back.  NeNe of course is blowing up in Hollywood with her new role on The New Normal & in the first episode we got to see Ryan Murphy & her have some dinner & drinks & try to call Tyler Perry who apparently changed his number.

Now miss Phaedra Parks is not only working toward her degree in mortuary science she wants to be the "Vera Wang" of funerals & also include animals in her practice & not just people...she cracks me up & while she's out there she's totally authentic & I can't blame her for that.

I need to touch on Kim as well, she's pregnant again & moving & so far it's not an easy venture for her after they were quoted $100,000 for the move she threw in the towel saying "evict me" but Kroy is much more level headed reminding her that they are just moving, not flying to the moon.  We did get to see Kim go to check out Kandi's new house that she bought with her man (he's cute & seems super sweet) & it is huge & gorgeous but it needs a lot of work & decorating too.  Kim of course said the house was in the hood & she was afraid when they got off the freeway even though Kandi reminded her that the Mayor lives around the block.  Kim is just one of those people who knocks everyone else for everything they have because it isn't as nice as hers but lets not forget that she's about to be homeless!  We haven't had an opportunity to meet the other new girl Porsha but I assume we will Sunday.

Beverly Hills was a great first episode with a party at Villa Blanca that Adrienne wasn't invited to.  Apparently Lisa is still not speaking to Adrienne after the shizz that went down during the reunion from last season...Adrienne accused Lisa of selling stories to the tabloids.  We saw Adrienne & Paul having dinner & Taylor called to ask Adrienne to go shopping for something to wear to the party & that's when the cat was let out of the bag...oops.  So Taylor & her went shopping...Taylor has gained a bit of weight & looks better & she seems to be getting better mentally as well after the loss of her ex husband.

Kyle & Portia made calls to invite people to Portia's 4th birthday party & she was so damn cute!  Portia called Lisa "dahling" and I about peed myself, she's adorable & growing up so fast...she also said "so annoying" after trying to reach her aunt Kim a few times & getting voice mail...full voice mail of course.  So speaking of Kim, she's been out of rehab & sober for I think she said 3 months or maybe it was just 1 month but she's sober & that's all that matters.  Kim & Brandi still aren't getting along because, according to Brandi,  Kim's problems are all her fault.  Brandi wishes they could move on but clearly Kim isn't ready for that although Taylor seemed to be less offended by Brandi than she used to be but they didn't interact much at the Villa Blanca party.  

Brandi & Lisa are BFF now so Brandi came to check out Ken & Lisa's new house & brought them a gift of tequila & rubber sheets.  She may be a vulgar trashy girl but she's grown on me & her and Lisa really are quite funny together, especially with Brandi always hitting on's all in good fun, I don't think she's serious especially after being cheated on herself.  Now back to the Villa Blanca party...Adrienne sent a flower arrangement that looked like an art piece that would go inside of a fish tank, a HUGE fish tank!  I swear the thing must have been 5 feet long & looked like driftwood adorned with bouquets of roses & calla lilies.  It was fugs in my opinion & a very calculated move on Adrienne's part...clearly, she wasn't invited so she sent the arrangement with a personal card saying congrats on the anniversary.  How petty!

This season is going to bring so much drama & excitement with Adrienne & Paul's split, the fire at Lisa's former home, Brandi has a face to face with one of Eddie's mistresses, the guys seem to get more involved with the drama this season too & I can't wait!!

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