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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Start-ups Silicon Valley...I watched it

I checked out this new show last night & I don't really know what to say other's not that great.  These kids...I call them kids because they are all under the age of these kids are all so annoying.  The girls are all very arrogant & superficial except for Hermione who is from England & lives with her brother Ben.  Their story is odd, their parents divorced when she was 2 or 3 & they each lived with a different parent so they really didn't know each other very well & had not lived together until now when they are living & working together on a new startup.  They are working on getting investors to help them create an app that provides real time life expectancy information...I don't know that I would want to know that honestly!  These two are the least annoying of everyone thus far.

There's a guy named Dwight that I can't stand, he's a drunken fool who is working on some other startup that I honestly can't recall the point of.  I think I've just gotten too old at this point because he drinks so much & acts like a freaking 5 year old, it's obnoxious.

Sarah is apparently a big deal in her world, she lives at the Four Seasons with her dog & everything is comped because she's working for them in some fashion.  Her dog gets room service daily, yep, room service.  Sarah is smart & makes things happen but she of course bugs me, she smiles while she talks & it drives me bananas plus she acts like she's too cool for school which I can't stand.  She is getting her makeup & hair done to go to a toga party & apparently it takes 3 to 4 hours...I don't even think it takes a celebrity that long to get ready for The Oscars!

There's a gay guy named David that I kind of like but he was only on briefly so I'm just guessing...he's BFF with Sarah so I'm hesitant to like him more at this point.  Last we have Kim who rubbed me the wrong way from her initial interview, I'm not quite sure why but again she acts like she's all that & I'm not against confidence but I am against arrogance.  When people allow their heads to get that big it ultimately ruins them because they can't see anything else other than their awesomeness.  I hate to say it but this is the third show I'm adding to the "sorry Bravo but I won't be watching" list.

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