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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sister Wives season finale tonight

Tonight at 6:00 on Discovery it's the series premiere of Machines of Glory and then at 7:00 it's the 7th season finale of Football Night in America.

NGC has a one hour special of Drugged at 8:00, and on Discovery it's the 1st season finale of Machines of Glory...again, why don't they just call them a 2 part special rather than starting & finishing a season back to back.

Up at 8:20 on NBC it's the 26th season finale of Sunday Night Football and at 9:00 on TLC it's the 3rd season finale of Sister Wives followed by a one hour special at 10:00.  On DA at 10:00 it's the series premiere of United States of Bacon & at 10:30 on E! it's the special E! Investigates the Real 50 Shades of Grey.  On History at 11:00 it's the 1st season finale of Outback Hunters.

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