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Friday, December 21, 2012

Dexter this summer?

So, Dexter producer Scott Buck has said that the next season of Dexter...season 8 is currently being written to be the last season but if Showtime decides that they want to keep it on the script can be changed.  Also I was very excited to hear that plans are currently to start airing Dexter in the summer rather than the fall so I'm not sure if it will be up against True Blood or if the plan will be to start it in say August.  Nothing has officially been said or hammered out but the sooner we get Dexter back the better, right?

As for the season 7 finale...can you say OMG?  I don't want to give anything away because people always get pissed when spoilers are posted...even when the episode aired a week ago so to read what Scott Buck has to say about the finale click here & be prepared for spoilers!!

I wanted to make a couple comments about how the show ended & hopefully won't be giving anything away but I was really bothered that Dexter didn't change his clothes & also bothered that Deb didn't have any blood on her when they headed back to the party, considering what had just happened she wouldn't have been so clean!

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