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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dexter and Homeland season finales tonight!

On FOX tonight at 7:30 it's the 4th season fall finale of The Cleveland Show and then at 8:00 on Style it's the 3rd season finale of Big Rich Texas and on FOX the 24th season fall finale of The Simpsons.  Then at 8:30 on FOX it's the 3rd season fall finale of Bob's Burgers and on CBS the 25th season finale of Survivor.

At 9:00 on ABC it's The Bachelorette, Ashley & J.P.'s Wedding, on DA it's the 4th season premiere of BBQ Pit Masters, on Showtime it's the 7th season finale of Dexter, on Style it's the 2nd season finale of Glam Fairy, on USA it's a special two hour special of Royal Pains and on VH1 it's the two hour special VH1 Divas: 2012.

On DIY at 10:00 it's the 1st season finale of Building Alaska, on Showtime it's the 2nd season finale of Homeland, on HGTV it's the 1st season finale of House Hunters Renovation and on ID the 7th season premiere of On the Case With Paula Zahn.  At 10:30 on E! it's the True Hollywood Story of Amanda Bynes and on CBS it's Survivor: The Reunion.

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