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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ravenswood premieres tonight

Tonight at 8:00 on Animal Planet it's the special Ultimate Swarms, TVGN has the series premiere of Mother of all Talent & on ABC Family it's a special Pretty Little Liars.  Up at 9:00 on TLC it's the 7th season finale of 19 Kids & Counting and ABC Family has the series premiere of Ravenswood.

On NGC at 9:30 it's the 1st season finale of Snake Salvation and then at 10:00 on TLC it's the 19 Kids & Counting special Josh & Anna: Our Story, History has the series premiere of American Daredevils, A&E has the 4th season premiere of American Hoggers, CNBC has the 2nd season premiere of The Car Chasers, on Lifetime it's the series premiere of Chasing Nashville, TNT has the 1st season finale of Cold Justice, Military has the special What If...? Armageddon 1962 and on MTV it's the 3rd season premiere of Snooki & JWoww.

Awkward is back with it's 3rd season fall premiere on MTV at 10:30 and TBS has the series premiere of Trust Me, I'm a Game Show Host.  The 1st season finale of Fangasm is on SyFy at 11:59.

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