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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Originals premieres tonight

On CW at 8:00 it's the time slot premiere of The Originals.  At 9:00 on Golf it's the 20th season premiere of Big Break, Travel has the 2nd season finale of Extreme RVs, Spike has the two hour 3rd season finale of Ink Master, on CW it's the 9th season premiere of Supernatural and NGW has the 2nd season premiere of World's Deadliest.

At 10:30 on Discovery it's the series premiere of Skunk Ape then at 11:00 on Spike it's the series premiere of Criss Angel Believe, SyFy moves Fangasm to a new time slot and then at 11:30 on Golf it's the 4th season premiere of Big Break Academy.

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