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Monday, March 24, 2014

Ramblings about TV shows, most of which I'm sick of

As we’re moving through the spring season I have to take a moment to talk some TV.  I don't know if it's me or what but shows just really don't hold my interest as much as they used to...probably because they aren't Breaking Bad & nothing compares to that.  First up, I’ve dumped Bates Motel…the show just plain sucks.  The first season was good, we got to see where it all started with Norman & his mother except it’s in current times not when it should be & that has always bothered me.  Anyway, I watched the first episode & the after show & I recorded the 2nd but by the time the 3rd aired the 2nd was still hanging out on the DVR which tells me…you’re just not that into this show.

The next show I’m noticing that’s starting to spend more and more time on the DVR & less and less time pouring into my eyeballs is Revenge.  The first season of that show was so good but now it’s just getting more & more soap opera like with too many story lines to follow & it’s just plain dumb.  I find myself reading magazines or playing with my phone when it is on because I don’t really care…just kill the entire Grayson family (or Emily) & be done with it.  Half of the plot twists are just so unbelievable & unrealistic that I’m no longer entertained I’m just always saying things like “oh come on” or “as if” at my TV when I’m watching.  This brings me to my next thing…The People’s Couch.

The People’s Couch is freaking awesome & I want to be on it…sure, I live alone BUT I am always talking to the TV & or my dog.  The dog doesn’t offer much feedback but she’s still someone to talk to.  Long before this show started I said I was going to set up a webcam & let people watch me watch TV & then said “like anyone would, how dumb” and like 3 years later this show pops up!  My only peeve about the show is that you have to live in CA to be on it…not sure why though as that makes no sense to me at all.  The old ladies that were added this season crack me up as does the family who watches in bed, they are a trip.

Chrisley…dude…that guy is gay, annoying, controlling & funny…I hate this show; I watched the first 2 episodes & felt so bad for the family I couldn’t keep watching.  His one liners are not enough to keep me tuned in!

I’m still recording & watching Hannibal but it’s so gross I don’t know if I can keep it up…I spend so much time covering my eyes it’s getting a little pointless to watch not to mention that it confuses the shit out of me, I have no clue what’s going on half the time.

How I Met Your Mother…only 2 episodes left until I am free of this Godforsaken shitty excuse for entertainment.  Last season I watched every episode thinking “I can’t do this next season, this has run its course” and then they said this would be the last season so I opted to finish what I started & every week is like torture.  The show hasn’t been funny in many years, the story falters all the time as various points don’t connect in relation to the outcome & all in all, the only thing funny on this show is NPH.  Then in the last episode there was 1 funny joke & it warranted no laughs from the “audience”…when Lily made the remark about not wanting Marshall to have to look at her tattoo every year on his birthday.  Hello…she’s talking about him getting anal for his birthday as the tattoo was on her back…that’s the funniest joke the show has ever had & it fell completely flat which just tells me that the editors don’t even find it funny anymore!

Is anyone else shocked that Married to Medicine is coming back to Bravo? I sure am & I’m surprised any of those women are still doctors…you couldn’t pay me to see any of them & I would think that the show would ruin their careers.  This also reminds me that I'm glad to see Blood Sweat & Heels go...that one was awful but then again so was Married to Medicine so maybe it will be renewed but I hope not.

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